Dec 09 2017

Diana on Koffermarkt

Today is the day for Diana and her exhibition at a Koffermarkt in Frauenfeld.

She regretted that she got a table there to start with, She started a new job last week so she is right now quite full with that. That ment that she fought that the exhibition was little to much right now.

Anyway we went there this morning at 8:30. On the way changed money so she would have some changes in case someone would buy anything. We said both with change no one will buy, with no change everyone would want to buy.

Dec 02 2017

Our week in Malta – Part 3

The last day has arrived – well, to do something useful, I mean . Tomorrow afternoon we were flying home again.

Shamefully, we had to admit that we never visited the Three Cities (called Senglea, Cospicua and Vittoriosa) plus Kalkara which also lies there, at the Grand Harbour.

So, we decided to take the bus to Birgu/Vittoriosa. There were a few museums (as rain was predicted for the afternoon), restaurants and the marina with the yachts and super yachts! Of course we had to go there and have a look!

Just before lunch we arrived at our destination and before we knew it, we found ourselves inside the little Parish Church Museum. The friendly volunteer was eager to tell us some historical stories and explaining some artefacts shown behind glass. Of course, we donated some Euros, since the entrance was free.

Nov 25 2017

Our week in Malta – Part 2

Wednesday, November 08th 

It’s my 50th birthday today! *gulp*

However, my wish was to spend a day in Valletta, shopping, one or two glass of prosecco, a nice meal….

Said and done, at 11 a.m. we caught the bus into Valletta, enjoying another sunny ride! We first crossed the road over to the “Sir Luigi Preziosi Gardens” (a part is still under construction, but nevertheless, so far beautifully done), to have a look at the Valletta Cruise Port. An oversized cruiser was sitting there, disturbing the view of the amazing city with its harbour, looking ridiculously out of place. Well, that’s my own opinion…..

Nov 18 2017

Our week in Malta – Part 1

Saturday, November 04th

Luckily, our plane wasn’t leaving Zurich airport before 17.40h. That gave us plenty of time to pack, organise Cony – our neighbour – to look after Odin and get ready to leave our home.

Cony was so kind to drive us to the train station in Frauenfeld and at 14.42h our train left! Arriving  at the airport just after 15h, we headed strait to the check-in and further to security. Everything went smoothly and we had a look around at the duty free shop (of course, that’s simply a must, if you need something or not).

Afterwards (I bought a lovely body lotion ;o)), we went to the same restaurant as last year with our friends M&M’s, for an early dinner.

Nov 12 2017

We’re home again!

Our week in Malta is already over….can you believe it?!
We had a blast, exploring and discovering the island yet again! Combined with excellent food, an amazing B&B and better weather than expected!
Yesterday evening, around six p.m. we came home, greeted by our darling Odin. The temps were around eight degrees C and raining – what a “warm” welcome!
Today we’ll begin to sort out the photos and start writing the text for the following post(s)!

Nov 04 2017

…and we are off!

Why? Mostly to celebrate my *erm* 50th birthday on the 8th of November! Yes, it’s my turn now, after Patrik celebrated his in January this year.

Some of my friends say, that I finally  become an adult….I doubt it! Hey, I mean what’s better than being childish and laughing about yourself?! hehe….

However, after being back in Switzerland again, we will meet my parents and closest friends to clink glasses! I just didn’t feel like to have a big party with loads of people. You know how it is, you are busy organising the whole thing for a start (it would definitely be easier during the summer months, instead of grey and cold autumn). Then you want to be the perfect host, which is more stressful than running a marathon and before you know it, the day is over and you are ten and out….

So, spending a relaxing week in Malta seems to be the perfect vicinity to celebrate a “special” birthday!

Oct 28 2017


As mentioned last week, yesterday evening was the big moment – it was finally time to see the tattoo artist!
After an hour of intense discussion and a couple of laughs he gave me the go-ahead! GREAT 😜
Ta-daa, and this will be the cover-up: