Feb 17 2018

Me, Home Alone!

Hello my furiends! I realized it was time for me to write a new post…..although, nothing new had happened.

I could update you about the weather (always an excellent topic): We generally had everything possible this week, from snow, ice, minus 9 degrees C (!), and we even caught a glimpse of spring! I personally prefer spring and summer, as those of you know who read my posts regularly (alright, autumn is also OK, as long as it keeps dry and sunny).
But winter definitely is the worst for me!

Not only is my mum constantly complaining about me, cause in her eyes I’m growing bigger (ok, she means fat). She also reduced my food portions and I get less goodies! I’m starving, folks!!

Feb 10 2018

The Right One

Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, we are currently looking for a suitable monohull.

The plan is to have it moored in a marina “close” to us – which means the north Italian coast. From there we would like to rent it out to tourists, who are looking for a unusual accommodation. You know, instead of an apartment or a hotel room, one enjoys the feeling of living on a yacht. In case someone has a sailing license, the boat could even be rented as a bareboat.

Feb 03 2018


This week I’ve had my second session at Good Stuff Tattoo, on Thursday February 1st, to be precise.

I caught the flu last week, that’s why I had to move my original appointment, which was on January 23rd …..what a bummer!

Naturally, I looked forward to this week, to get further. We only had two hours, so I knew Lorenz couldn’t finish it yet, although he works fast.

Jan 27 2018

Looking forward to Easter

No, not particularly because of the bunnies and the chicks….although, they are cute!

No, Patrik and I are planning to drive to Loano, Italy, which lies approx. 60 km west of Genoa. There lies the beautiful “Marina di Loano” and that’s the object of desire!

It all started a few weeks ago, when a new idea appeared. Since we cannot buy a catamaran yet, but somehow want to get started with our plans, a new idea popped up. Why not buying a monohull and rent it out to tourists? Like an apartment, or – if desired – rent it out as a bareboat charter.

We found “Beds on Board” and it seems to be a type of holiday accommodation that people love. Well, we certainly would prefer that, instead of staying in a hotel or rent an apartment.

Jan 20 2018

Happy Birthday, darling!

It’s Patrik’s birthday today – so my best wishes and good luck to you, älskling!

How old? Well, 25+, as usual, when you ask him 😉

During the day we will take it easy, go grocery shopping and do a little household stuff. Perhaps we’ll open a bottle of prosecco and treat ourselves to a glass or two. Patrik probably will be busy answering congrat phone calls and – who knows – maybe someone comes around for a spontaneous birthday-hug! Around 6 p.m. our dear friends Michaela and Michael are coming to our place and after a short aperitif we will visit the restaurant close to us, called “Frohsinn”. There we’ll enjoy a delicious dinner (never been disappointed there) and surely, will have a great evening together! Time will fly by, that’s for sure!

Jan 13 2018

Gone with the Wind

We almost forgot to tell you about the mighty storm we’ve had last week, particularly on Wednesday 03 of January!

The media and weather forecast sent out warnings and – basically –  the safest place was to stay inside. They promised wind speed up to 140km/h – which is a lot for Switzerland!

We have a beautiful, approx. 10 meter high fir in front of our house. It has a lot of habitants, different kind birds, squirrels, martens (yeah, those again) and I bet many more animals made it their home, or they seek shelter in and under it.

Well, you know where this story is going…..

When Patrik and I drunk our coffee in the morning, one minute the tree was there, the next is was gone! OK, not gone gone, but its position suddenly was horizontally! Honestly, it was a shocking sight, but luckily, it didn’t hit our car, the house or the small road beside it – or even a living being! The tree fell into our neighbors garden.

Jan 06 2018

31st December 2017

Hi furiends – purrs, and welcome to 2018!  =^.^=

I hope all of you made it to the new year and have a more or less positive memory of last weekend.

Ha! I certainly made the best of it! The 31st of December was such a beautiful, sunny and even unusual warm day, I felt like for a hike! By my own, it would have been quite boring, so I had to persuade someone to follow me – my mum and dad seemed to be suitable. It took me a little while, though, but on the end we were outside and ready for some fresh air!