10th Wedding Anniversary

Congrats to us – on Wednesday, the 24th of July, Patrik and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!

We, therefore, decided to take the week off (Patrik as from Wednesday) in order to enjoy a few days together! It was a wise choice, since the temperatures this week rose well over 30 deg. C! So, instead of being in a hot office, with people complaining about the heat, it was much nicer, to enjoy our garden and getting a few things done – celebrating our wedding day, for example!

Patrik had already booked a table at the restaurant at the Kartause Ittingen (an old monastery, which lies nearby) for the evening. So that part was settled.

For the day we wanted to do something special and drove to the Lake Constance. There we wanted to test/rent a stand up paddle board (SUP)! Why? Well, why not?! Lately, we became more and more interested in that kind of activity – not least did we fancy the idea, of having one in Italy, while sailing!

But first, after we arrived at the lake, we ate a small lunch in a lovely little restaurant by the waterfront, a fresh sallad suited us perfectly.

Afterwards, we strolled to the SUP shop close by, which sells and rents out all kind of boards and water sports equipment. The guy there was very helpful and answered patiently the many questions we had. Luckily, two boards were just available and after a short “dry introduction” on land, Patrik and I were off to the lake (100m from the shop).

Well, as mentioned, it was the first time for both of us and just getting into the water (without looking too silly) was a small challenge. But then we quickly adjusted to the new feeling and dared to stand up (aaahhh….therefore the name, haha!) – more or less successfully. The water temperature was around 23 deg. C and, compared to the air (approx 34 deg. C), it was a welcoming cooling down, voluntary or not!

We rented the boards for one hour only, so too soon the time was up and we had to return to the shop – together with a few more questions and a wide happy grin pinned on our faces!

All in all it was much more fun than we had expected and we came to the conclusion that we probably should buy our own ones….

But first, we had drink at the same little restaurant and discussed the new experience and how much fun we’ve had this afternoon!

Time went quick and suddenly we had to hurry, in order to get home and ourselves ready for the evening! With a delay of five minutes, we arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a table outside. It was a lovely spot, directly beside a little pond. Even a black cat visited – probably in the hope of getting some food.


Patrik and I spent a wonderful evening together, accompanied by a delicious dinner, nice wine and our mutual company!

The long day in the sun took it’s toll in the end and as soon as we were home again, yawning was unavoidable. We enjoyed a last glass of wine though, but then it was definitely bedtime…..

Good night, my darling, thanks for an amazing day and the 10 years being married!


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