May 2017 archive

May 29 2017

A Little Appetizer….

….from our fantastic week in Sardinia!

Unfortunately, the holidays are already history 🙁



May 19 2017

So Long…


Finally we are leaving Switzerland, ready for our long drive to Livorno!

Already yesterday we started loading our car and this morning the last couple of items were added, like water bottles and some fruits.

Ten o’clock tonight the ferry will leave the port towards Sardinia, hopefully with us on board….

At 06.30h tomorrow morning we will arrive in Olbia, preferably after a good nights rest and some sunshine 🌞

Then, we will have the whole day for us, to have a look around. Which is nice, as we won’t be able to explore the island itself later on. The last grocery shopping will also be done, I guess. Around five, we hope, the boat will be ready for us.

So, our next post will be in about two weeks, filled with exciting stuff, like photo’s, movies and surely a lot to tell you!

We wish you all a great time and fair winds to us! Take care and so long…..


May 13 2017

One Week To Go!

It’s unbelievable, but in only one week Patrik and I already left Switzerland, heading for Sardinia and our sailing vacation! Marvellous!

After all these months of planning, looking forward, being excited and maybe drive each other and others almost nuts…..sorry folks…

Finally it’s only one week left to our sailing adventure! We are so happy and can hardly wait!

Patrik kept himself busy by doing the chart work for our daily sailing routes. Looking for suitable anchoring spots and decide which night we will spend in a port.

Meanwhile, we also roughly decided what we’ll take with us (and what not), such as bedding, kitchen stuff, what to load in the cooling box.

Put aside the clothes, we want to have with us – washed, ironed and ready to go.

Last important things have been bought, like new sailing shoes for Patrik for example.

The final payment for the boat has been made.

Odin’s cat sitter, Cony, has been organised (no sitter for “our” beech martens, though).

The driving route to Livorno has been decided and the hours to get there calculated. That’s pretty important, because the ferry to Olbia will leave on Friday, 19th May, 22.00h and the check-in is 90 minutes before.

So, now we are more than ready to set sail and find out what life could be on board a Leopard 384 catamaran.

How exciting is that?!



May 06 2017

Views from our surrounding

Last weekend we took a walk around the area where we live.
When we was doing so. I tested our new camera which is a Nikon Coolpix B700.
Why we chose this model was because of the compact design. The objective which is mounted is Nikkor 60X wide optical zoom 4.3 – 258 mm.
So we never need to change objective.

As most probably everyone knows there exists much better cameras but on the other hand we are no professionals.

We need a camera for quick operation and then without zoom as well as for far away objects.
As you can see on some of the pictures here below, the quality is in my eyes quite impressive.
Bare in mind that I am a 100% amateur and have just started the interesting journey within photographing.