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Jun 03 2017

To Guest on S/V “Blue Moon” – Part 1

May 19th 2017

Finally, the long awaited day has arrived: Today we will drive to Livorno, take the ferry to Olbia/Sardinia and start our holiday on a catamaran, Leopard 384! How exciting is that?!

As planned, sharp just after 10 o’clock we left our home and (sadly) Odin. The weather wasn’t too prickling with clouds and rain. Whereas the forecast for Sardinia was sunny and between 25°-30° C! Also the winds were promised to be around 10-15 knots – good for us.

We took the road via Chur – in the eastern part of Switzerland – and drove over the St. Bernard pass. Since the weather still didn’t improve, we actually found ourselves alone on the road to the mountain top, which is 2066 m high. With thick fog, rain and the snow, we felt like, this could be the beginning of a horror movie…… a little bit scary indeed. 🌫🌧

On the way down, towards Ticino (the Italian speaking canton of Switzerland), we surprisingly met “Bernie”. A friendly little snowman. He even hopped on our car and we chatted for a short while. Mostly about the weather and how much he liked it that way.

Soon we said our Good Byes and Bernie left, disappearing behind a mount of snow, waving! ☃️

Driving southwards, the rain stopped and we could finally see some blue patches in the sky!

Further we went, stopping after Lugano for a short lunch and filling up our car. There it was sunny with 20° C and – after the break – driving further south, the temps went up to 24° C! Yeah!! ☀️

Then we passed the Italian border, driving towards Milano, were we somehow “lost” the motorway and found ourselves in the city….bugger! Luckily, and thanks to a IKEA sign, we found the way out and to the motorway again. Why IKEA? Well, usually IKEA shops lie next to a motorway, so we followed these signs. Clever eh?! 😜

We passed Genova, where we caught a glimpse of the sea, and heading for Livorno.

Luckily, we had no bottleneck or other problems on the way. So we arrived in good time at the harbour terminal in Livorno. At around five o’clock we drove on board the “Moby Dick” ferry.

After we checked in, got our cabin key and showered, we went to the bar and had a well deserved prosecco and a beer. Later on we shared a bottle of red wine and watched the ferry leaving the harbour at 22h. Our favourite topic of conversation was, of course, the week ahead us!

Just before eleven o’clock we went to our cabin, tired and looking forward to Sardinia. Good Night World 😴