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Jun 16 2017

To Guest on S/V “Blue Moon” – Part 3

May 21th 2017

It was 07.30h when I woke up and I heard Patrik in the galley, preparing coffee.

The sun was shining and – ready for action – I got up, did our very comfy bed and after getting dressed joined my “captain” in the cockpit.

We enjoyed our orange juice and coffee, waved “Buongiorno’s” to others and planned our first day – around 10.00 we wanted to leave the marina. Also, we both couldn’t believe how deep and sound we’ve slept. Very unusual for a first night in a foreign “water”-bed!

Unfortunately, shortly after eight o’clock the winds were picking up again and became quite strong. Not the ideal sailing weather….(especially not for beginners).

Therefore, we suddenly had plenty time to do the dishes, brush our teeth and get ready. I even went and picked a bunch of wild fennel, for our cooking. I put it in a vase and – as it turned out during the week – it stayed fresh and tasty until the last day.

In between, we listened to the radio and weather forecast and they promised that the winds should calm down around midday. Otherwise, a sunny day was awaiting us, around 23° C, with some gusts, which apparently are typical for this area.

And sure enough, after ten o’clock the sea and winds have calmed down and we decided to leave.

Meanwhile, Enzo and Constantino had also arrived and Constantino came to help us, in order to manoeuvre “Blue Moon” safely between the other yachts and out of the marina.

This showed to be trickier than we thought! Mainly, because Patrik relied too much on a mark on the steering wheel, which he believed to be the centre (well, it wasn’t, as we later found out). Everyone, got a bit nervous – especially Constantino looked a bit worried – but finally we managed and we waved “Good Bye”! Gosh, what a start !!!

We were motoring for a while, leaving Cannigione behind us and tried to get used to “our” yacht. Patrik played a bit with the engines, back and forth, turning around our own axis and he found out where the centre of the steering wheel REALLY was!

Then we decided to hoist our mainsail, killed the engines and – Man! – this was a hundred times better! The quietness, hearing the waves and the creaking of the boat only – awesome!!

Soon we took up course – our aim for today was to reach a nice and sheltered anchor spot at “Isola di Tavolara” – a massive chunk of granite, south-east of Olbia. The north-easterly part of the island is a military zone, whereas the south-westerly part has a few good anchoring sports.

I made myself comfortable on the trampoline, looking down, hoping to see dolphins. Unfortunately, we never saw any, maybe it was the wrong area, or the wrong time of the year….who knows?!

Patrik joined me every now and then, the autopilot steering the “Blue Moon”. We both smiled and laughed and assured each other, what a fabulous life we had!

Later in the afternoon, we saw another suitable anchoring spot, not as far as “Isola di Tavolara”, but according to Patrik’s “bible” (called “Italian Waters Pilot”), it was an even nicer bay – called “Nodu Pianu” – so we decided to go there instead. The island “Porri” lay just beside.

It took us a little longer than we thought, it was almost 5 o’clock, but it was worth it! A lovely sheltered bay with a sandy bottom for anchoring and hardly any other boats.

We dropped anchor and it took us a while, measuring and waiting, until we were sure that we picked the right spot! Patrik also activated the anchor alarm on his iPad – better be on the safe side, right?!

Finally, it was around 6 o’clock, we opened our prosecco and toasted to our successful and wonderful first day on board a catamaran!

Furthermore, we were more than pleased how good everything was working: All the instruments onboard (Raymarine, as most boats have) and the yacht as itself. But especially Patrik’s navigation software, which was installed on his iPad. It surely helped us a lot **.

Then we started to get hungry and I was very excited, testing the galley and its gas stove for the first time! We planned to do “One Pan Pasta” tonight, with a nice salad, some bread and a glass of red wine!

One hour later we sat outside and enjoyed our fantastic meal, accompanied by the best view one could wish for!

After doing the dishes we realised how tired we were and soon went to bed. We were even too tired to read….never mind….Good night everyone and sweet dreams!

** iSailor is the name made by a company called TransMarine, world leader on nav software for commercial vessels.