August 11, 2017 archive

Aug 11 2017

URGENT – Dolphins in Taiji need our help!

An urgent cry for help reached us this week from “Australia for Dolphins” (AFD), wherefore we decided to to postpone the last part of our Sardinia report (again….sorry).

This is the message we received:


Can you please take a minute and sign this petition to stop thousands of dolphins being hacked to death?
I’m sad and outraged at dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan. It’s not a “tradition” – it just makes a few greedy hunters and middlemen rich. The dolphins suffer horribly before they die a slow and agonising death.
Please help with this important issue. Sign the petition to pressure the one man who can stop this season’s hunts:
Add your name to the global petition to #StopTheBloodBath now.
Thanks very much.
There are only a few weeks left, until the brutal slaughter will start – therefore, it’s important to sign and spread this petition asap!
By supporting AFD and/or Sea Shepherd you show compassion and that you care about marine mammals!
Thank you so much for your help – in the name of the dolphins!