October 14, 2017 archive

Oct 14 2017

Ready for a change?

Doing laundry…..not everyones cup of tea!

But everyone has to do it…..some daily – some weekly, if you like it or not. And since you can’t get rid of if, why not do it the smart way?

A while ago, I found the perfect solution: DIZOLVE!

I’m sure some of you know these laundry detergent strips already. Apparently it’s a Canadian product and as far as I know, it can be purchased all over the world (even here in Switzerland, haha… 😉).

Actually, I don’t know where to start to enumerate all the positive sides….Here are the (my) top ten:

  1. Practically no waste
  2. Eco friendly
  3. No animal testing
  4. Vegan
  5. Palm oil free
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. Saving money
  8. No measuring
  9. No more heavy carrying
  10. No storage room

Honestly, I’m wondering why this kind of laundry detergent is an exception. This should be the norm, in my opinion!

However, maybe some of you are ready for a change 😺