January 13, 2018 archive

Jan 13 2018

Gone with the Wind

We almost forgot to tell you about the mighty storm we’ve had last week, particularly on Wednesday 03 of January!

The media and weather forecast sent out warnings and – basically –  the safest place was to stay inside. They promised wind speed up to 140km/h – which is a lot for Switzerland!

We have a beautiful, approx. 10 meter high fir in front of our house. It has a lot of habitants, different kind birds, squirrels, martens (yeah, those again) and I bet many more animals made it their home, or they seek shelter in and under it.

Well, you know where this story is going…..

When Patrik and I drunk our coffee in the morning, one minute the tree was there, the next is was gone! OK, not gone gone, but its position suddenly was horizontally! Honestly, it was a shocking sight, but luckily, it didn’t hit our car, the house or the small road beside it – or even a living being! The tree fell into our neighbors garden, which wasn’t good either, especially since we didn’t know what the possible damage was. So, of course, the tree had to be removed asap! Unfortunately, the rootstock was half in the air and the rest still in the ground. Therefore, it was too dangerous for Patrik, trying to chop the trunk in pieces by himself, you never know what the tension might be.


Therefore, plan B came into action:  To contact our gardener, who doesn’t life far away. Thank God, he answered but told me that he was in France, visiting his parents! GREAT!

He then suggested that I call a friend of him, who also is in gardening business, in order to remove the fir.

Said and done, I called that guy and even reached him! But, as expected he had so much to do, getting calls with similar emergencies, it was impossible to arrange an appointment for the afternoon, so we had to wait until the next morning. Yeah well, understandable – plus, it was too dangerous for him as well, with the storm still going on, working on such a big tree.

After that, I’ve visited our neighbors to inform them that we are working on it and help is coming. Then I talked to our insurance company, hoping they would take part in this mishap. Yes, they would, and not only part of it, but pay for the whole damage! How cool is that?!

Meanwhile the poor fir has been removed and the place looks terribly empty. Patrik and I are considering now what we want to plant in the spring. There are so many beautiful ideas on the market…..let’s see!