February 10, 2018 archive

Feb 10 2018

The Right One

Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, we are currently looking for a suitable monohull.


The plan is to have it moored in a marina “close” to us – which means the north Italian coast. From there we would like to rent it out to tourists, who are looking for a unusual accommodation. You know, instead of an apartment or a hotel room, one enjoys the feeling of living on a yacht. In case someone has a sailing license, the boat could even be rented as a bareboat.

How everything will be organized – like cleaning the boat, making it ready for new guests, maintain it, etc. – will be another challenge. I mean, we cannot drive to Italy every weekend and do it by ourselves. Therefore, we would need someone trustworthy who does it for us – preferable through the marina, where our boat is. Well, that – and a lot more – we’ll find out over the Easter weekend, when we’ll drive to Loano/Italy and check out the marina.

But, first of all, we do need a yacht!

Meanwhile, we settled on brands called Beneteau, Jeanneau or Bavaria. They are known as reliable and comfortable boats, easy to handle too. The size we are looking for varies from 41 to 47 foot with 3 cabins, if possible. The boat shouldn’t be older than from 2000 and the price limit is around EUR 80’000.-, VAT paid. Of course it always depends, on what state the boat generally is, how new are the sails and rigging? Does it need new upholstery, new mattresses, new water pipes? How does the hull look? How the instruments? So of course, much has to be considered.

Probably the safest way would be to consult a broker, but that will be then 😉

Right now, we are concentrating on boats lying in the Mediterranean, cause that would be easier for us to travel there and have a look.

So honestly, Patrik and I are pretty busy with combing through the net and looking for a suitable object – it’s also fun of course!

We both wonder how our future boat will be…..