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My 10 Years …….

………of Misery Anniversary !

Well, as you all know my mum and dad have forced me to write a post this weekend.

After being threatened with deprive of food (especially goodies), drink (especially oat milk), and sleep (by being locked out), there was nothing else for me but to obey – poooooorest meeeee !

Gosh, where to start then? Ten years ago I was kidnapped from my original home and…. (ops, just caught a stern glance from mum…)

OK, OK here it comes: Ten years ago – in March 2009 – me and my brother Thor were actually rescued from a faraway place called Thun, in the canton of Berne. We both were 1.5 years of age and it wasn’t a horrible home actually, but the people there didn’t want us anymore and sought a new home for us.

Yes, I had a brother whose name was Simba (mine was Minou), here are a few pics of us.


Our mum and dad changed our names to Odin and Thor, which were Nordic Gods! That was kind of cool and we got used to them in an instant.

We also adapted quickly to our new home, which is a big house with garden. Of course we had our very own doors and could choose, being outside or inside. OK, not the first month, though. My mum wanted us to stay inside, so we would learn where our home is…as if we wouldn’t have known it *phh*

However, we were more than glad (and our mum and dad too, believe me!), when we finally were allowed to go outside and discover our new kingdom! That was really exciting and we soon got to know our furry neighbors…. It didn’t take long until they stopped intruding our garden. *hehe*

We truly had a lot of fun together, Thor and me, and on sunny days we sometimes even went for a walk with our mum and dad.

That was apparently kind of special, since only dogs go for walks with their humans, so they say. But hey, who is the clever species? We cats choose, if we can be bothered going for walks.

Well, usually, after a while we didn’t want to walk anymore, and mum and dad had to carry us home…That caused a few smirks, mostly from other people we met…. It must have looked hilarious!

Another fun thing was when we chased each other around the garden and up the trees! Haha, you should have seen our humans…. especially mum always looked a bit uneasy, when Thor and I were stuck highest up in our maple tree! And boy, it was even more fun when it was stormy outside!

Some days we went mice hunting and tried to beat each other about who would catch more or the biggest mouse! Mum and dad weren’t very amused when we took our prey home…..they still aren’t…

I didn’t like the winter or rain, though. Thor didn’t mind, he did his rounds albeit it was snowing or pouring down. (I bet he hated it too, but had to show off!). But I was the one laughing at the end, when he got rubbed off, after he came inside, soaked….haha, sorry bro!

When mum and dad went away sometimes, we always had Cony, our catsitter, who lives just across the road. She and her three kids made sure we wouldn’t miss our humans too much and she spoiled us rotten!

Yeah, we really had a great time together, even when we were fighting sometimes. Never serious, though, but it happened every now and then. That’s common, isn’t it?

Then, in July 2015 Thor had a terrible car accident and left us all devastated and heartbroken…..although it’s been four years soon, it still seems unreal sometimes that he isn’t with us anymore – we miss him daily!

I’m glad and proud though, that I had such a cool brother. He showed and taught me lot and I still remember him very clearly.

He will always have his special place in our hearts. His urn with a photo is sitting on the sideboard, beside Gulliver’s ashes. He was the cat who lived his last 2.5 years with mum and dad, a couple of years before us.

Gone but never forgotten, as one might say….

Nevertheless, live must go on and so did mine too. My humans are much more worried about me after what happened, and I have the feeling, they would rather keep me inside permanently…Well, no way! Who would keep the other cats away from my garden, if not me?

And, actually, I became a bit older too. I love to sleep a lot nowadays and am always surprised, when my humans come home after work….A whole day gone again…?! *whoops*

But hey, I’m a cat and that’s what we cats do: Sleep (a lot) and getting spoiled (even more)!

In this spirit, I wish you all a purrful life and take care! You never know what’s awaiting you around the corner…   😺

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