May 4, 2019 archive

It Was A Short Week

Hi everyone!

We hope you also had a pleasant week! Ours was very short…..hmm…OK, mine was, as I took last Monday off, “poor” Patrik had to work!

But I wasn’t lazy, on Monday I did the remaining laundry from our week in Loano. Which was – as usual –  a lot (not only our clothes, but also towels and bed linen).

I even had the time to devote myself to my hobby, doing jewellery and key rings – a brand new design, by the way!

Tuesday was a working day, but on Wednesday it was 1st May and we weren’t working. Each canton in Switzerland handles it differently actually. We are lucky enough and life in one where the 1st of May is treated as a holiday!

The weather improved slowly since last weekend, so on Wednesday it was pitch-perfect! Patrik and I only had to decide if we would visit Hausammann’s, “our winemaker”, who had an open house, or work in our garden and finally get things done…..Well, the latter won!

Luckily, we decided in favor of the garden, because the weather changed during the rest of the week. It didn’t only start to rain from Thursday to Friday, but the temperatures dropped continuously from almost 20 deg. C on Wednesday, to 7 deg. C on Sunday!! The weather really is on a rollercoaster, just crazy!

So on Saturday, we visited my parents quickly and then went home and stayed inside for the rest of the day. I bet we won’t leave the house today either….Not even Odin starts any attempts to go outside! We can’t blame him, why should he want wet paws…?!

We wish you all a cosy Sunday, ta ta!


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