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10th Wedding Anniversary

Congrats to us – on Wednesday, the 24th of July, Patrik and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!

We, therefore, decided to take the week off (Patrik as from Wednesday) in order to enjoy a few days together! It was a wise choice, since the temperatures this week rose well over 30 deg. C! So, instead of being in a hot office, with people complaining about the heat, it was much nicer, to enjoy our garden and getting a few things done – celebrating our wedding day, for example!

Patrik had already booked a table at the restaurant at the Kartause Ittingen (an old monastery, which lies nearby) for the evening. So that part was settled.

For the day we wanted to do something special and drove to the Lake Constance. There we wanted to test/rent a stand up paddle board (SUP)! Why? Well, why not?! Lately, we became more and more interested in that kind of activity – not least did we fancy the idea, of having one in Italy, while sailing!

But first, after we arrived at the lake, we ate a small lunch in a lovely little restaurant by the waterfront, a fresh sallad suited us perfectly.

Afterwards, we strolled to the SUP shop close by, which sells and rents out all kind of boards and water sports equipment. The guy there was very helpful and answered patiently the many questions we had. Luckily, two boards were just available and after a short “dry introduction” on land, Patrik and I were off to the lake (100m from the shop).

Well, as mentioned, it was the first time for both of us and just getting into the water (without looking too silly) was a small challenge. But then we quickly adjusted to the new feeling and dared to stand up (aaahhh….therefore the name, haha!) – more or less successfully. The water temperature was around 23 deg. C and, compared to the air (approx 34 deg. C), it was a welcoming cooling down, voluntary or not!

We rented the boards for one hour only, so too soon the time was up and we had to return to the shop – together with a few more questions and a wide happy grin pinned on our faces!

All in all it was much more fun than we had expected and we came to the conclusion that we probably should buy our own ones….

But first, we had drink at the same little restaurant and discussed the new experience and how much fun we’ve had this afternoon!

Time went quick and suddenly we had to hurry, in order to get home and ourselves ready for the evening! With a delay of five minutes, we arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a table outside. It was a lovely spot, directly beside a little pond. Even a black cat visited – probably in the hope of getting some food.


Patrik and I spent a wonderful evening together, accompanied by a delicious dinner, nice wine and our mutual company!

The long day in the sun took it’s toll in the end and as soon as we were home again, yawning was unavoidable. We enjoyed a last glass of wine though, but then it was definitely bedtime…..

Good night, my darling, thanks for an amazing day and the 10 years being married!


About Sunshine, Moonshine and Never Forgotten Stars

Purrs everyone! Since my mum and dad were quite busy this week, I decided to take the reins in my paws and write this weeks post!

The summer is definitely back again, after a short break the week before. We are having between 27 – 32 deg. C again and it’s fine with me! I do enjoy the nice and sunny weather, as one can clearly see….my once black fur gets reddish brown. I’m bleached, bloody hell!

Well, others pay a lot of money for changing their hair color, I get it for free!

I was very busy lately with catching mice at the newly cut field across the street. My mum still doesn’t appreciate it, but at least she lets me eat my prey in peace. In return I promised not to take any of them inside (anymore) and that seems to work! My dad is still very proud of me, though, when he sees me with a big fat mouse between my teeth!

Of course, I also spend a huge amount of time sleeping under bushes, while listening to the birds around. Always ready to strike, in case one of them is a bit too cheeky!

The nights are different, naturally! Since I’m allowed to be outside (since a while), I have so much fun roaming Uesslingen by night….Although, nowadays I don’t go too far and always come home before dawn. Not least for my mums sake, otherwise she’s worried sick about me.

So usually, when she gets up in the morning she always starts looking for me first. Then she finds me sleeping deeply in my beloved basket – or another of my favorite places (just to keep the excitement up…hehe).

After she greeted me, we go inside, were I receive my goodies an my beloved oat milk *yummy* . A bit later dad also comes to the kitchen to get his coffee, so I also let him pet me but then it’s definitely time for my nap outside or in our winter garden, depending on the weather.

Hey, by the way, this week – on Tuesday night – the moon was disappearing!! Have you seen it? I even took some pics…..WOW, that was really exciting and I enjoyed it a lot!!

Last but not least, today is my brofur’s fourth day of death….Thor died on the 20th July 2015, by being hit by a car….I still miss him every day! My mum and dad also are still sad when they are talking about him. Sometimes they light a candle for him an Gulliver – the marvelous cat who was our predecessor.

Well, today there will definitely be some candles and maybe even some tears will be shared.

Nevertheless, life must go on…so in order to have some happy words for you at the end of this post: I wish you all a purrfect weekend and don’t forget to every now and then peek at the starry sky!    =^.^=


Planning Our Next Sailing Trip

Patrik and I have scheduled our big holidays for week 35-37! *YEAH*

Although, it still takes a while until then, Patrik (mostly him) has been looking for a suitable port for Luna Azzurra. We need to haul her out the water, in order to clean her hull and paint it with new antifouling.

So, sadly, we won’t have three joyous sailing weeks, but also some duty to fulfill.

At first we thought, we would sail her to Savona and do the job by ourselves. But since we have never done that before, we didn’t know exactly, how many days we needed to book. And every day on the dry dock costs money of course. Plus Savona itself (the harbour area at least) wasn’t very tempting to stay a week or so. There was no hotel nearby, nor a restaurant. Which means we would have needed a car there.

Therefore, we started to look around, which ports are offering to do this service and what does it cost. Loano itself would have been perfect, of course. We could have rented a lovely apartment or country house somewhere close, plus we would have our car.

The problem was that we didn’t get a clear reply about costs and the time they would need.

Meanwhile, we received an offer from the Marina di Scarlino, in Tuscany. A beautiful place and marina, which provides all kind of services – also the one we were looking for. It also lies very close to Elba, so even a trip to this island would have been possible (before or after the work done on Luna Azzurra).

But when we saw the prices, we quickly discarded this plan. Too expensive (for us at least)!

So in the end, we started to settle with the Marina Cala de’ Medici, in Rosignano Solvay, which also lies in Tuscany! The quotation is absolutely moderate and it specifies clearly the costs for each service. Another plus is that we always got a quick reply, when sending a question to the responsible person (and we had a few, believe me). Luckily, they still have capacity for our boat in week 35, which suits us perfectly.

The funny thing is that Patrik and I have been to this harbour in spring 2018, when we were looking for a sailing boat. We really much liked the marina with its wooden promenade, the nice little boutiques, cozy bars and nice restaurants. Not big, but comfy!

So this week we were checking the last details with the guy in Rosignano Solvay and figured out, what the costs for a rental car would be (absolutely OK).

So that’s our plan, so far: On Saturday, 24th August (when our vacation starts), we’ll drive to Loano. Then, on Sunday morning we shall leave the marina and head for Rosignano Solvay, the trip should take between 17-22 hours – depending on the weather of course. Naturally, we hope for fair winds and sunny summer weather (the average for this time of the year is around 30 deg. C and approx. 15 knots wind).

We agreed with the marina Cala de’ Medici, that on Monday morning (24th August) Luna Azzurra would be handed over. Patrik and I will grab our little bags, get our the rental car (a Fiat 500 maybe??) and head south, discovering the coast line, its surroundings and see how far we come. To see Naples would be nice of course…Or we stay in the area and travel around Tuscany. Visiting Florence and the Leaning Tower of Pisa….Well, we’ll see!

Hopefully our boat will be ready again until Saturday, 31st August. Then we need to buy all the needed groceries for our trip and enjoy (almost) two weeks of sailing, exploring Elba, maybe Corsica and heading back to Loano.

Well, that’s the plan so far….. We still have to find a competent cat sitter for our darling Odin. Sadly, Cony and her kids are moving away this summer, so she won’t be able to look after him. But we already have a possible successor.

We still have to plan some details and different possibilities about the sailing route, but so far it looks like a straight line from Loano to Rosignano Solvay. Wo-hoo, night sailing again J

For those who are having their vacation now or soon: Happy holidays everyone!


Trunk Market – a Review

First of all, let me tell you, it was a VERY VERY hot day!

I, therefore (or more likely everyone), didn’t count on many visitors….who wanted to be in a sticky building, when you have the chance to cool down in a lake or river? Frankly, I would have chosen the latter….

Anyway, at 08.45h Patrik and I arrived at the Casino in Frauenfeld, where the market was. There we were friendly greeted by the organizers and they offered to help to find my table – which was upstairs. Lucky it was, cause there we had an AC running!

I started to set up my booth and arranged everything neatly, with the help of Patrik. It took a bit longer than I thought, but in the end I was happy with the result and he said good bye. He would be back around three, in order to pick me up again.

Still a bit shyly, me and my nearest neighbors introduced ourselves and admired each other’s work. During the day, we turned out to be a funny bunch and had a few good laughs!

Just before ten o’clock the doors opened and – surprise, surprise – we had visitors, despite the already built up heat outside! And they were even in a buying mood! A good friend of mine surprised me with her visit and an order for a necklace! Thank you, Sabine !

Suddenly, a newspaper guy introduced himself and wanted to do an interview with us and take some pics! Haha, it was quite funny (in the end, he almost didn’t want to leave again)!

My parents and my sister in law also came for a visit (thanks again for coming and for the purchase). I took the chance to buy some handmade soap for myself and had quick look around the other exhibitors, while my mum watched over my things ! I was very impressed again, about the hundreds of unique ideas and fondly produced items presented – awesome!

Lunch time came and it became a bit more quiet, and most of us thought, well, that’s probably it. The temperatures outside had risen to approx. 36 deg. C – CRAZY!

We “neighbours” took the chance to chat with each other, learned where we all came from and how businesses were! We also swapped cards…you never know!

Then, after two, a second wave of visitors had arrived and admired our crafted items. Only the last 40 minutes wouldn’t end – at four o’clock the market was supposed to be finished.

At least Patrik had already arrived and waited patiently. Then it was time, our organizer – Daria – said a few words and thanked everyone that we came, despite the temperatures!

Packing together went quite quick and so I said my good byes to the others and we left!

All in all it was a good day for me, the costs for the table (CHF 30.-) were earned and I’ve even made a nice profit!

For the evening I had booked a table in the restaurant in our village. So Patrik and I enjoyed a wonderful summer evening, sitting outside in their charming courtyard, eating a tasty summer salad! What else does one need?

Bye everyone and enjoy the sunny side of the year – I will definitely do so!


Stop the Bloodbath


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