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Stand Up Paddling & a Visit to the Theatre

Another week has gone (and our vacation is coming closer, hehe)!

Last Sunday Patrik and I tested our new stand up paddling boards. Around lunch time we drove to the Lake Constance and found our perfect parking spot! Half an hour later, our boards were inflated and we were ready to jump into the water!

The sun was shining and we had around 28 degrees C (the water was about 26 deg. C)! There were some small waves this time, which made it a bit tricky to stand up, so we were most of the time on our knees paddling, or just took a break sat on the boards, and enjoyed the view, sun and quietness!

After about two hours we slowly started to approach the shore again. Then, after the boards were dry we emptied them and packed everything together.

Since there was a very cozy bar just across the road, we decided to have a drink there, before driving home! It was a good decision and we declared this bar to one of our favorites!

It was almost five o’clock, when we came home – happy but pretty tired! Odin was there, greeting us with a huge yawn!  =^.^=

Nothing exciting happened during this week actually…..On Monday night and on Tuesday the weather had changed: It rained a lot with quite heavy thunderstorms! Thor was sending his regards, apparently J

Then, yesterday evening, Patrik and I met my family in Winterthur. Our aim was the “Sommertheater” and to see a play called “Schiff über Bord” (Ship Overboard). It was a while ago that we decided to have a reunion, so why not in the theater? And it’s not just “a” theatre, the “Sommertheater” was established 1865 and its extraordinariness is that the scene is outside. Surrounded by trees and a circus tent is built around the whole setup. Inside it feels like being back in time, it’s a cozy atmosphere, with simple chairs, little tables and a bar.

The tickets were already bought (thanks again, mum, for organizing) and seats booked – 16 of them – so we just had to meet in time. Which we did at 19.45h at the entrance. Yes, my closest family is quite big (and loud), my parents, my two brothers with their wives and two and four kids and Patrik and me.

Yesterday, even my aunt and uncle joined us, which was a real highlight, because we don’t see each other so often!

After saying hello to everyone, with hugs and kisses (which took some time naturally *smile*), we went inside and took our seats. At eight o’clock the play started – which was a comedy by the way – and we did have a few good laughs! There was a 20 minute pause and people could go to the toilet or buy a drink or/and snack at the bar. Around ten the play was finished and we decided to go to a restaurant/bar, in order to end the evening in a suitably way!

All in all we spent a lovely evening together and everyone enjoyed each others company! We’ll do it again, for sure!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend – cheers!


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