February 15, 2020 archive


And another week comes to an end….. (and spring is slowly approaching, to my delight)!

I enjoy my new job and keep my self busy with learning all the new stuff! But I’m in good hands and I’m an eager learner. So yes, I’m happy right now!

Storm front «Sabine», a.k.a. «Ciara», swept through Switzerland and caused damage in millions – luckily we were spared! This weekend – it looks like – spring is sending us its greetings, temperatures up to 15 deg. C are predicted! Crazy ….

Then, Igor and Donatella have apparently visited Luna Azzurra. To our delight he’s sent us some photos – documenting Donatella up in the mast and mounting the radar reflectors! Thank you so much guys….

I admire Donatella, who wasn’t afraid of the hight (not like me… *sigh*)

Another highlight was that we received the OK and documents for the Swedish registration of Luna Azzurra *YEAH*!

The Dutch flag would have expired this summer and we needed a new one. After considering for a while, which country would be most practical – England was an option for a short time, but after the BREXIT it would have been too complicated with a British flag.

For example when sailing to another country, like France, it would have been necessary to «go through customs», which would have been a lot of red tape and a hassle everytime.

So we are sailing under the Swedish flag now!

Ah, and we got the message that the new sprayhood is finished and ready to pick-up!

We’ll do that beginning of March, since the manufacturer is only about an hour from us. Plus it’s not as big as the new bimini was! Fits easily into our car.

Otherwise we are organizing bits and pieces, which we need to have for the yacht, before our next visit to Loano. Stuff like an hour meter for the engine, new cushions for the cockpit, and an AIS …  Means we keep ourselves busy and boring is a long way away!

So, bye bye for now and have fun too!

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