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In the eyes of farfalla

Hi everyone.

This week it is a short post with farfalla looking at the villige and the surroundings from above.

As we did not have much time to write a post we thought a short movie seeing the villige we are living  in from above. We have a drone named farfalla who made this possible.  The weather was with a little mix from sunny to cloudy. At least the temperature was between 25 and 30 °C during the week so nothing to complain about.

An Ordinary Week

Weeeeeell, actually there didn’t happen much anything this week………….. The weather was April-ish, with rain, clouds, gusts and no more that 18 deg. C!

Work was as usual for us – Patrik still from home and me still driving to my office daily – *Thank God*

Odin slept through the days more or less. The blues really got to him. He even couldn’t indulge in his passion: Hunting mice!

He sometimes went out at night, though. (And came back to bed – WET!)

On Friday and today Sweden celebrates Midsommar! That’s Midsommarafton on Friday and Midsommardagen on Saturday (which actually stands for “recovering from yesterday” 😉).

When Patrik and I moved to Switzerland, we kept this tradition a for a couple of years. Preparing the typical Midsommar food, which is new potatoes cooked in saltwater with dill, sill (pickled mackerel), cooked eggs and fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

To drink you usually have beer and have some snaps in between (therefore the Midsommardagen….).

Anyway, after a while we abandoned this tradition, because it simply wasn’t the same here, than it was in Sweden. Which is a bit sad, of course!

We usually receive greetings and pictures form Patrik’s family and our friends, so at least we get a little bit into the mood!

This year Sweden happens to be really lucky weatherwise: Apparently the can enjoy a lot of sunshine and temperatures around 28 deg. ! Good for them 😊

Here the weather already improved a little bit today and tomorrow we will be approx. 25 deg. C. And then, (almost) just in time with the Summer beginning today, it shows what “Summer” means next week: The forecast says we can expect up to 30 deg. C!

Means: Get the flip-flop’s out again – yeah!

The Anticipation Is Rising Even More!

For known reasons it was impossible for Patrik and me to meet our friends from Luxembourg!

But I certainly keep in contact with Pascale by using Whatsapp and sometimes we call each other.

So last Sunday the idea popped up that she could come with us to Loano. (Patrik is secretly hoping to get another helping hand….. 😉).

Impulsively as usual, Pascale was very thrilled about the opportunity to meet us, and even leave her country for a few day! She had to bury her original plans, flying to the South of France.

But now she could kill two birds with one stone!

And suddenly a third one had be added: Lynn, a good friend of hers, who we also know, will join us! On Thursday evening they met and Pascale asked her! And on Friday morning I had a message on my mobile from a excited Lynn 😊

Cool, I really look forward to meet the two again and spend a few days together. Even when Patrik and I will have to work on the boat. They are free to help us, or enjoy the surroundings of the marina. At least the evenings will be ours!

Poor Patrik, you mean? Having three crazy chicks on board? Well…..nooooo! I bet, secretly he’s looking forward to show off “his” harem to the Italians  *hahaha*

So long, folks!


Inspiring Prep Time

Patrik and I have been busy in preparing for the sooooo loooooong desired green light to travel to Loano!

Well, since the 03rd June the border to Italy is officially open, but we decided to wait until mid July. Firstly we can’t take vacation right now, plus we want to see how the new situation develops.

But I must say it was worth it to have a bit of extra time!

Among other things we ordered – and meanwhile received –  an anchor chain counter. Since we have no marks on the chain, we first planned to do it by hand.

You know, winding off the whole anchor chain on to our pontoon, rinse off the sea water, let it dry and then mark every ten meter with colour. Let it dry again and – voilà – a whole day would have been wasted successfully used!

On second thoughts, however, this procedure has to be done every, or every second year. Plus, what’s more worrying, the tiny colour particles would be lost in the oceans and consequently pollutes it with microplastic! Not a sexy thought!

And the colourful plastic clips you can buy and attach to the chain will surely get lost sooner or later – so no option either!

Well, therefore we decided to buy a whole new remote control, incl. counter! (pssst…. Plus we only have to do the work ONCE, which probably will take a day too, but that’ll be done once and for good …hehe 😉!)

What else did we purchase….? Ah, yes, finally a rope cutter! We read about it a lot and still weren’t convinced if we need one (the price was also worth an thought). But since we do have a sailing yacht which naturally includes a lot of ropes…… *check*

Then we invested in safety, such as a new fire blanket, in order to replace the old one, which must be the original one (= 15 years). Also automatic extinguisher for the engine room. It will be triggered as soon as the temperature rises above 93 deg. C. Then a portable VHF as a backup and for contact marinas durring arrival.

And two life lines. We still need to buy the safety lines to mount on the boat, but we need to measure her exact length first.

Another topic was storing veggies and fruits aboard.

A lot of times we have seen (fishing-?) nets hanging from the ceiling, with two hooks attached on each end. They look like mini hammocks. Apparently, that’s the most efficient way, and the food stays fresh. But where do you get these nets?

Patrik read on one of the blogs that railing net simply  does the job – cheap and functional!

Great! So I started to think about how to do these things in a nice-looking way…. I might be able to sell them to other sailors, who knows?! Definitely worth a try!

Meanwhile, Patrik found railing net on SVB’s website (as so many other cool gadgets), by the meter! So after considering, how many meters I might need – for a start – he simply decided on 30m!!! hmmmm….

OK, in case I won’t be producing tons of these veggie-/ fruit “hammocks”, we still could make our Luna Azzurra safer….

Nevertheless, theory seemed a lot simpler than the actual making. It took me a couple of hours – and countless tries opening the unsuccessfully created ends again – to figure out the neatest way! And, ta-daaaa, it’s even a looker 😊

Other colours will follow later. Among with possible slight changes in the hangers – design still under construction 😉

And the name? “Catch of the Day”, of course?! *chuckle*

I’ve ordered a number of these labels a while ago, for another project actually. So they come quite handy now!

Ready for takeoff 


We wish you all a great time and take care!



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