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It’s Movie Time – Part Two

Here comes another movie we want to share with you!

Cheers 😊

It’s Movie Time – Part One

For a change, we Patrik prepared a movie from our summer holidays for you!

Enjoy 😊

PS: The paint work on our house is completed and we are more than happy with the result!

A New Project

Our house has been built in 1995, which means it’s 25 years old.

Overall, it’s in an excellent condition. The pre-owners apparently made sure to use high quality material, which pays off in the end.

Nevertheless, since we bought the house in 2008, we’ve done quite a few things. Like we replaced the 50 square meter wooden deck a few years ago. The old one started to rot away and we re-built it with WPC boards. It’s is a mix between wood (70%) and reinforced synthetics (30%), which makes it maintenance-free! We are still happy with our decision.

Then we built the winter garden in the summer 2014. A wise decision and we only regretted that we haven’t done it earlier! It stretches the time to be able to be “outside” for several months! Plus – provided the sun is shining –  we even use it in the winter, although it is not isolated.

In Winter 2014/2015 we decided to say good bye to the oil heating, which we shared with our neighbours. We wanted to have something more environment friendly and we found it with the new NIBE air/water heat pump. During the summer of 2015 the new heating system was installed. Again, we are still happy about it and the running costs are even lower than before!

Well, now we thought it’s time to steer our attention to the house façade. With the years it looks more grey than eggshell colour. And we also learned that, in order to avoid serious damages, it’s recommended to keep an eye on it after, say, 15 years maybe.

Already before our vacation started, we took in a couple of offers and we even managed to settled for a company. And, since we’ll paint the house new anyway, why not choose a different colour? Mint-green was our choice and after checking with our community we got the thumbs up and were more than happy! So that was done!

Now, the work has started last Monday morning, with perfect weather which – luckily – continued the whole week!

First the crew cleaned the hole façade and let it dry, then they removed more persistent stains with some suitable agent. Painting and mending the wood under the roof and around the windows is included in the work.

If everything goes according to plan, the job should be finished end of next week. We look so ,so, so forward to the new and fresh colour, we hardly can wait to see the result! 😊


Our Third Week & Coming Home

Well, well, meanwhile it’s Sunday, 6th September and Patrik and I have started working again!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

After our rather rashly return to Loano on Saturday, 22nd August, the weather continued to be sunny and hot, despite of the forecast! A few raindrops during the night and some clouds and waves on Sunday was all, instead of the expected thunderstorm!
Well, rather like that than regretting some silly decision. Plus, the anchoring spot we had would neither been comfortable nor safe, in case of a storm.

We didn’t do too much during the weekend. Went grocery shopping for the last time and simply enjoyed our last days on board Luna Azzurra!

On Monday we visited the upholstery store in the marina, called ATEMAR.

Before we sailed away a few days previous, we went there in order to ask for an offer for a new mattress in the master cabin. Let me tell you, it took us a little lot of courage to contact them. It’s an elderly couple, very sweet and affectionate, but – as we feared – they “only” speak Italian! (Well, we’re in Italy, obviously).

So, armed with my dictionary and having prepared some phrases we went there for the first time. Soon we discovered that we understood each other better than expected……
finally we came to an arrangement and in the evening the owner visited us to have a look at the size of the mattress.

Afterwards we agreed that an offer would be waiting for us, after our return.

Said and done, and so we showed up again on Monday. The offer wasn’t ready yet, but would be in the evening. Well, no problem for us! We decided to prepare some lunch and did something else.

In the evening we got our offer (their grandson was in the shop as well, helping with the language 😉) and we happily agreed on it. For the production they have plenty of time, since we wouldn’t return to Loano before December (if possible somehow, otherwise next spring only….). Matteo Barbaro from Dottor Yacht – who still looks after Luna Azzurra – still has the key to our boat. And since they know each other, it wouldn’t be a problem for the upholsterer to get access if necessary.

Since we were so pleased with the couple (sadly we don’t know their names – yet) and their service, we asked to get another offer for a new upholstery in the saloon and the three benches in the cabins. But no rush with that either, he will send it to us by email.
The fabric was already discussed – it’s some kind of Alcantara, suitable and strong enough for cars and boats – so was the colour (mint green).

After we’d paid for the new mattress (it was my wish to have this settled, I hate debts!), we exchanged our best wishes and “see you soon’s”, and left the shop! We were so happy about our decision to firstly having contacted them and secondly, giving the job to the couple!

Well, the following days weren’t very spectacular: We cleaned the whole boat, outside and inside, started to pack and mothballed Luna Azzurra!

On Wednesday lunch time we left Loano and had a smooth journey home. It was around 6.30 p.m. when we arrived at our place! Luckily, the weather was still summerly, but the forecast for the weekend was anything but after our gusto! The temp were about to drop and heavy rainfall was promised….. GREAT!!
Odin showed up later in the evening – finally! He – of course – was showered with hugs and kisses…… (to his disgust, I’m sure).

Yeah well, at least the nasty weather “inspired” me to spend some time in the laundry in order to do the mountains of washing.

My vacation included also Monday (poor Patrik’s ended on Sunday evening), and in the evening it was time for me to visit the Italian course again – after a three weeks break! It went quite good actually and apparently I’m not too far behind as I feared (I did the homework, though 😉)!

However, on Tuesday my “real world” started again (gently) and the week disappeared real quick! Since last weekend the weather was really autumnal, with torrential rain, especially in the east and south part of Switzerland! The temperatures were between 16 and 18 deg. C, which was a bit of a shock for us actually! Luckily, on Thursday it began to change and the summer was fighting itself back!

But it’s unmistakable that the hot days will come to an end soon. Thoughts of having to change to winter tires soon pop up and the notedly shorter days are proof enough….

We wish you all as many sunny and warm days as possible – enjoy them!


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