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Interview with a Virus

Although we all have more than enough of this virus, I thought of doing something different and did an imaginary interview with COVID-19.

This is what came out:

D: Good afternoon and thank you for your time. What should I call you, COVID-19 or CORONA?

C: My pleasure! Well, I simply prefer COVID, otherwise you get the impression that I could be a yellowish drink, in which you might even stuff a slice of lime….*shudder*

D: …. um… but that really exists….

C: Oh really…? Well, anyway, I’m not a drink.

D: Indeed, we have all noticed that much by now. And you are not exactly pretty either. How did you get that look?

C: Ehh… Hello?! Excuse me!

D: Anyway, back to our interview: Where do you come from? Are you even from this earth?

C: I definitely am. But to be honest, I don’t know exactly how I came into being. *plop* and here I was and did not know exactly what I should do now….

So, I just bumped around for a while and had a look at the nearer surroundings. Finally I decided to explore your whole planet.

D: You’ve done quite a lot of mischief, and in a very short time….

C: Well, that was an unfortunate side effect…no idea what happened there.

However, in my wildest dreams I could not imagine how fast I would travel! Swish, and off we went!!! Unbelievable, in just a few months I already made my way around the world several times and experienced a lot!

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all!

D: Why thank us? What do you mean?

C: I soon found out that in order to travel I need you people.

Well, and look how many of you there are and at what pace you guys travel around the world. It was child’s play for me to get around in the shortest possible time.

To explore, visit the most remote places and of course get to know you people. You have really made it very easy for me! *chuckle*

D: I am speechless…. Are you saying that we are ourselves to blame for the current situation?

C: I leave this question open. Besides, I have no answer anyway, sorry!

D: And how much longer are you planning to stay?

C: Frankly, I’m getting slightly bored here…. *yawn*

At least your imaginative ideas about how you could protect yourself used to amuse me. Or the more or less original masks you put on. But now…. Oh, I don’t know…

D: Then we can only hope that your boredom will soon be unbearable!

C: Haha, well, how do you say it? Hope dies last….

D: And fortunately we still have plenty of that! In spite of everything I thank you for this interview. Hopefully it was the last one!

C: Good for you guys, and you’re welcome, you’re welcome!

Right, now I’m going to test this yellowish drink with the lime slice… Where did you say one could get something like that……………..?



Purrs !

Furiends, it’s been a while but now it was my turn again to act as creative writer!

How did you cope during these C-word…-times? It seems it won’t be over soon – far from it!

Well, as for me, luckily it doesn’t affect me really. I still do my naps, get my beloved goodies and have my mum and dad around. Especially my dad, since he is working from home on Mondays and Fridays.

Apparently, it will be more often soon. I heard that he’ll have to drive to the company once a week only.

Suits me, it means I’ll get more goodies if I behave correctly (e.g. rub up against his legs as soon as he gets up)!

What else? Ah, have you seen that my house has a new colour? It looks awesome, doesn’t it? It was me of course, who had the final say!

So, and this weekend I’m all by my own! Mum and dad left yesterday afternoon to meet some friends in the Vosges, a mountain range in France. As far as I know they will be on a camping-site and go for walks…..

Booooring! I’m more than happy to be at home and have some peace and quiet! Plus I have the whole house for myself!

OK, grandma and grandpa are coming this afternoon to check on me and fill up my food and water bowls. AAAAND to spoil me with some goodies (hopefully they won’t forget this very important part)!

Otherwise I most likely will go outside every now and then, to check there is no invader in my garden!

Tomorrow my mum and dad will come home again! Of course I look forward, but “psssssst”, that’s our secret……….

You’re wondering why? Why the whole weekend plan is crossed over? Weeeeell, let me explain:

My dad felt apparently some sort of snuffles on Friday morning…but was it really that, or the C-word?? So he called my mum at work to let her know.

Simultaneously, at her work, the boyfriend of a colleage was tested positive on Thursday. So of course she stayed at home, feeling quite sick. She was booked for a corona test the same day. The result will be available on Monday.

Anyway, my mum and dad decided very spontaneously (and with a heavy heart) to cancel their trip to the Vosges. The risk to infect their friends was simply too high!

Sooo….. there goes my fabolous plan *sigh* 

On the other paw, I hope my dad “just” caught a simple cold! Claws are crossed  =^.^=

So long, my dear furiends!


Summer Summary

It’s October and we are amazed how quick this crazy year went so far….. despite Covid-19 and its consequences!

What had sneaked its way quietly and slowly into our lives, suddenly became a massive worldwide pandemic. No-one expected it would last that long! And to this day, scientists are still trying to find the source of it and how to get rid of it again.

What’s the best method to fight it? Sweden had its own way, whereas other countries did the opposite and yet others panicked. And yet, to this day no-one knows which strategy is successful – if ever one exists!

My personal opinion is that we must learn to live with Corona. I believe in nature law and its logical way, that only the strongest survive! And we humans belong to the nature even if it’s not that obvious sometimes! It’s hard of course, especially if you loose a loved one due to this pandemic…. But what’s the alternative?

The future will answer questions and maybe show us a way…

However, I don’t want to write too much about this unpleasant topic! There are still plenty of positive things not to be forgotten, such as the past summer and our time with Luna Azzurra!

As many know, Patrik and I were more than ready to travel to Italy, when it finally was allowed!

That was from 09th  – 12th July and our friends Pascale and Lynn from Luxembourg joined us! We’ve had a fantastic time together, despite Corona and mandatory face masks. After all, we didn’t need a hotel or restaurants, since we could “isolate” ourselves on Luna Azzurra!

The weather was on our side and we enjoyed swimming and anchoring in Punta Crena! Although we only had a few days, it gave a lot and it was fun spending time together!

We even fished an abandoned air mattress out of the water! It was still intact, but disgustingly filthy. It probably was floating around for quite a while. Back at the marina in Loano we happily destroyed and disposed of it! A little bit less pollution in the oceans! (Sadly we have no pictures, we were so occupied to get the damn thing on board!!)

After these days we looked even more forward to our big holidays of course, which were planned for week 33-34. We had a few worries though, if travelling to Italy would still be possible, without ten days quarantine afterwards. Or what would we do, if Italy suddenly was on the “risk list” again, while we were there?

Luckily, our concerns were needless and we enjoyed every single day on Luna Azzurra!

The first few days, my brother André and his two teenage daughters Michèlle and Jacqueline joined us! Again, the weather Gods were on our side and we sailed twice to Punta Crena, once we even stayed overnight! We went swimming, ate splendidly and had a glass of wine or two (or the odd beer for the boys 😉)!

Afterwards, my brother and the girls travelled a bit further in order to spend the following days in a hotel at the beach!

Patrik and I also left the marina and sailed towards France, visiting San Remo, enjoyed anchoring and swimming and lived in the “dolce far niente” mode.

While paddling around on my board I collected all kind of rubbish – amazing how much I got together within a very short time! We even found “Spiderman” (a huge balloon, incl. its string) and were able to get it on board (to be destroyed afterwards).

I know it’s a drop in the bucket, but every piece of plastic less in the oceans is a good thing!

After San Remo we sailed back to Loano, spent two days there, due to uncertain weather conditions. We then went towards Genoa, spent one or more days at the same anchor spot and just enjoyed to travel without hurry.

We came to Varazze and after a couple of days there we returned to Loano. The weather was about to change again and neither of us wanted to experience a stormy journey back.

The decision was paid off by seeing whales (probably pilot whales)! Although, they were quite far away, the magic of this unique experience was incredible!

As everything, also our vacation came to an end and on the 26th of August we were ready for our six hours journey home! Well, ready and ready….not in our minds naturally!

Since then we were busy with our work and doing the last few posts and movies! It was so much fun, experiencing our holidays again, clipping the films, putting them together, choosing the music and find the right words!

It’s Patrik who is responsible for the movies, he became a real expert, I must say 😊 I’m usually doing the long texts which I love a lot!

All right, that was our review of the summer 2020! An unusual one, but not only negative! Less travellers, less airplanes and almost none of the cruising ships left, means less pollution and I bet the environment says “Thank You”.

In my point of view it could stay like this! To close down a bit maybe helped some to catch one’s breath and perhaps was a chance to pause and find to oneself…… ?

It might even help to see a positive side of every misfortune, it possibly has a reason for happening!



It’s Movie Time – Part Four

Here comes the last movie from our this years sailing adventure!

We hope you enjoyed all parts, as much as we enjoyed doing them

Cheers  & take care 🙂


It’s Movie Time – Part Three

Our holidays continue….. here comes another movie! 😉



Stop the Bloodbath