November 8, 2020 archive

Woody Plans

At the moment Patrik and I are trying to find a carpenter (one with reasonable prices…).

Our plan is to remove this bench from Luna Azzurra’s salon and replace it with a sideboard.

The lower part of the bench will be kept, though. The idea is that the new furniture will simply be fitted over the existing part. That way it will have a solid plinth, plus we won’t have to think about ugly marks on the flooring.

Last time we were on board, we measured everything and did a draft.

It will be a rather simple cabinet, with two doors towards the galley part. The counter top will have a small rim, so we can safely place something there, a coffee machine for example.

The inside will be equipped with two to three shelfs.

In case we won’t find a carpenter, Patrik will have to build it (luckily he’s a proper handyman 😉). Another challenge is of course, to get hold of the correct type of wood. It must be suitable for the marine air and stand a certain amount of humidity.

The classic type is teak or mahogany. But  I refuse to buy tropical woods, for obvious reasons.

So, we already learned that oak, beech, ash, cherry, birch, walnut and maple are suitable. I would like cherry I think, since it would fit nicely with the rest of the wood in the salon, with its reddish colour.

Cedar would be a very good choice, since it is quite resistant against fungal decay. It’s pretty costly though….

Well, beside other things we’ll be occupied, finding a solution for this project! Doesn’t get boring, that’s for sure 😊

And, hey, I almost forgot: It’s my birthday today! So, let’s open a bottle of prosecco – CHEERS!   🥂


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