November 22, 2020 archive

Weekend in Tucson, Arizona

As you all might understand of the title I am still in Tucson.

The first week working went just fine and we came as long as we planned in.

As we where ready as far as we could get already before Saturday lunch we went to our hotel made ourselves ready. Then we drove to a subway for some lunch. After lunch we decided to drive out to the air and space museum. So Saturday afternoon was a time to be a tourist and as we are in Tucson we thought why not go seeing the famous aviation museum Pima Air & Space Museum.

After the subway lunch we drove out direct, around 13:00 we where in the museum. It was really a impressive and huge museum with all kind of planes from the start of the aviation era until recently.

There was all kind of private and planes plus most type of war planes and helicopters.

In the en we where really tired after walking around on the ground, it took us 4 hours to pass trough most but still we did miss a lot, as for example the space part of the museum.

On the Sunday we decided to drive up in the mountains which surround Tucson and have a look at the views and the terrain with all the cactuses which grows in Arizona. It was quite impressive to see thes tall cactuses who are several meters high. We where back at the hotel again around 16:00 again and relaxed until diner.

After the Sunday the rest of the crew who should help with our work here arrived.


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