January 9, 2021 archive

It Continues

Well, meanwhile we’ve arrived in 2021!

We hope you also had some relaxing time off and had a smooth start into the new year!

Meanwhile the work at our damaged floors has continued. The laminate has been removed, the insurance has visited us and gave their thumbs up to continue.

On Tuesday, 05th January, the humidity removal firm has drilled five holes and installed the hose, in order to dry the inside of the floor. That “beautiful” construction will stay for a week or two. At least it doesn’t make too much sound…

Nevertheless, Odin is more than suspicious about this long, hissing snake, but not panicking, which is good! He might miss it, once it’s been removed again, haha!

However, we look very forward to lock this unpleasant chapter soon!

So long and stay safe 😊

Stop the Bloodbath