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Back to Purfectly Normal

My furiends! I hope you are as happy as I am!

Finally, my house is as it was before. No more strangers with noisy machines and funny equipment.

My food and water bowls are back in place, as are my furniture. I decided to keep my bed upstairs for the moment, because…. well, because 😊

But wait! Not everything is as it was! We have – of course – the new and beautiful parquet floor! It not only looks amazing it also feels lovely on my paws. Really velvety! I love it very much ♥

The cellar also became very nice with the dark vinyl. My toilets are where they belong again, and my mum’s hobby things are also back and ready for her.

So, between you and me, the last two months – as uncomfortable as they were – were worth it!

Each and every one did a pawsome job and worked efficient! So I say BRAVO and THANKS!

Well, that’s me for now. I guess I’ll have my well-earned nap now!

Purrs to you    =^.^=


A quick work trip to Italy

Last week I had to travel down to Italy for a inspection of a system.

There was some strange happening with this system and no one understand why. I drove more to double check everything and come with a second opinion.

The travel was planned to start approximately 13:30 after picking up a service car from the company. As I had a meeting planned in before I could not leave earlier.

In the end I could not leave before 15:15 do to some missing parts which have to be shipped before I left.

Anyhow away I came and it was not to bad weather during the drive. Up north it came a little rain but as soon as I arrived to Valley of Rhein it dried up and the sun came forward.

When arriving the border I was a little nervous if it should work out good. As I was invited as an expert no Corona test should be needed. But in the end you never know.

As invited by our subsidiary in Italy I should be allowed to pass the border and be in Italy for up to 120 hours (5 Days). When arriving the custom no one want to see anything so everything went good. I arrived the hotel 18:45, checked in took a shower and then went down for dinner. I must say the food in Lombardi was not my favorit of the Italien cousin. As I found out they obviously love saffran there. I could not fine any food without it. As you might understand saffran in a dinner is not my favourite. I was thinking… I have one more evening with this food in from of me OMG.

The day after I was picked up at the hotel in the morning and we went to site where the system is. This is between Turate and Varese which is just north of Milano. It was a steel and pipe factory. In the end everything seems to work just fine.

The only I could find that it can be a bad engine or a bad distribution of the exhaust gases. A few catalytic elements was taken out and is un its way to our main office for analyse. After this we will no better.

But for now not much to do.

Thursday morning 07:30 I loaded my gear in the car and headed home. Was ice on the car windows in Milano and there was some warning that I could expect snow during my drive home.

The weather when I left was blue sky and sunny. everything went just fine until I came down from the alps. From there it came some snow flakes. But it was only for 10 – 20 km after  that it was grey but an Ok road back home.

What the…… Holy Paw !?

Furiends! You cannot imagine what a horrendous week I’ve had! I was seriously worried that my mum and dad had gone nuts!

Not only did I have to get used and even befriend a non-stop hissing snake! Which turned out was quite a boring creature, since it wouldn’t play with me. I baptised him “Floppy” and not even that did he mind….

Well, at least I didn’t have to share my goodies with him and after two weeks he moved out! I wonder who he bores these days….

Anyway, last weekend my mum and dad started to empty all cupboard in my living room and removed the ALL the furniture! Even MY bed and MY toys! What cheek!!

On Sunday evening everything was gone – well, at least my food and water bowl were still there…. exactly, “still”, because on Monday morning even those were gone.

What the heck is going on, I asked myself! Are we moving?

On Monday morning I had the answer: Two guys came and started to REALLY make noise! They stole removed our flooring…. Apparently, it was OK because my dad – who is still working from home – didn’t complain or throw them out, or anything.

Relieved that everything was in order, I tried to spend my days sleeping and not to worry too much about the different noises! My mum and dad own a waterbed which is the most comfy thing in the world! I even went outside every now and then, since the temperatures rose and and the sun showed up!

With the weekend coming closer, I hoped that the works would be completed…. Well, my hopes were too high.  Apparently, it’ll take the whole next week too!

My mum’s hobby room – well, the whole cellar actually – will also get a new flooring.

But clearly, the highlight will be the newly done kitchen/living room parquet! What a beautiful oak floor we’ve chosen, can’t wait to see the result!

Most of all, though, I’ll be happy when the quietness will be back – pawesome =^.^=

Purrs and hugs to you all!


Stop the Bloodbath