A Crappy Start

My vacation came to an end last week, annoyingly not my cold🥶!

In the end, last Saturday I bought the heavy duty stuff ☠️ in the pharmacy in order to get well until Monday🤭. Of course I wanted to feel alert and ready for my new job.

Patrik left on Sunday morning for his three days business trip to Turkey🇹🇷… while I hardly left the bed. In the evening I had to admit to myself that I would never be well enough to start the next day….

So on Monday morning I called the company and explained my unfortunate situation. It was more than embarassing! It’s your first day and you’re sick! Gladly, the understanding was enorm and they told me not to worry and show up when I would feel better again 🤤👍!

Well, that day was on Wednesday! Not 100% myself yet, but 98% felt good enough!

And I must say I’ve had a kick-ass start. I was warmly welcomed by everyone, wishing me good luck and succcess….. Honestly, it almost felt like being i a candid camery show and I was the victim *hahaha*😃🙀

Naturaly, I’ll have a lot to learn now and in a way it was good, it was a short week! My head is filled with new information and impressions, but I’m overwhelmed and super happy to be here! I do have a great feeling about my future and I look forward until I know more and will be able to work independent!

I’m so, so, so grateful they chose me for this position and I got the opportunity to start new and learn how to enjoy being at work again. Unfortuntately I’ve forgotten how that feels during the last months!

Wish you all a fantastic and happy weekend!🥂


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