A (Crazy) Weekend in Luxembourg

It was Friday, the 14th July, and finally the day had arrived, when my dear friend Pascale and I should meet again. We are not sure, but it must have been at least six months ago since last time….so yes, a get-together was more than overdue!

Since the journey by car would have taken between five and six hours, I decided to fly (that only takes approx. 45 minutes in the air!!). Yes, yes, I know, it’s absolutely not environment friendly and believe me, I felt guilty….but driving so many hours alone….I really didn’t dare to do so!

Travelling by train would have been another option (Patrik and I did that once), but that journey takes at least as long as by car – if not longer, plus it even costs a more than flying!

Anyway, the flight from Zurich Airport was scheduled for 13.15h – planned arrival in Luxembourg 14.20h. In the end, we had a delay of approx. 20 minutes, but nevertheless touched ground again on 14.15h – very impressive!

Luxembourg Airport is very sweet and well arranged, so it didn’t take long until I was through the customs. On the other side, Pascale was waiting and we had a hearty reunion, with hugs and kisses! The weather – and its forecast for the weekend – was OK, sunny and around 24 deg. C.

After paying for the parking at the ticket machine, we went to her car, threw my bag in the trunk and ourselves onto the seats and wanted to leave….BUT, where was the bloody ticket now? Unbelievable…the ticket machine was 50 meters away and we had already lost it? The searching started, through our handbags, the trunk, under the car…..until I went to the ticket machine and – ta-daaaaaa – there it sat, saying nothing! *Stinker*

Typical us, not even five minutes have gone and already chaos has taken over!

It took us about 20 minute to drive to her place, which was filled with laughter and talking. After the arrival, we had about two hours, until we should meet two friends in town – Philippe and Jessica! So we had a glass of Crémant (prosecco) and freshened ourselves up a little. Then it was time to leave.


At the beautiful “Chocolate House” we were supposed to meet Philippe, which we did. After saying hello, we finished our drinks and went to another place to meet Jessica. There was some kind of music festival going on (in the whole country apparently), stages with bands were everywhere, playing all kind of music, food- and drink trucks were available and people strolling around and enjoying themselves. Really cozy indeed!

Jessica arrived and after we were introduced (haven’t met each other before), we had a couple of drinks and then it was time for dinner. Pascale had booked a table at a vegetarian restaurant (I wonder whose “fault” that was…haha) and we looked forward to something to eat!

All in all we enjoyed a very tasty dinner with a nice bottle of wine. Sadly, there was no room left in our tummies for dessert, only an espresso could squeeze in. Afterwards we went to a pub and…. well, did what you usually do in a pub!

Later we made the fatal decision to visit another pub….We all had a blast, but around 3 a.m. we called it a day (night) and decided to go home! Everyone was ready I guess!

It must have been 4.30 a.m. until Pascale and I were in bed – absolutely battered! Gooooooooooooood niiiiiiiiiiiight my friend!!

The next day it was almost lunchtime when we got up! OMG – half the day had gone! In the evening we were invited to a BBQ party at a friend’s house of Philippe and Pascale. Apparently, it was just over the border to France and huge. The guy – Steve – living there had already sent pictures of the bar truck he had rented, the tents, parasols, couches, tables – it actually looked like a proper festival ground….CRAZY! Approx. 50 people were expected!

Well, Pascale and I spent the afternoon quiet (category: unusual), walking in the park close the her apartment, then went for a bite to eat. Soon it was time to return and getting ready for the evening (with jeans and warm clothes, since it was outside).

We drove to Philippe’s place which was approx. 40 minutes away and from there his daughter drove us to the place in France, about 15 minutes away.

Not only the entrance of his villa was impressive, the whole house was – including his garden of course. Many guests were already there, drinking prosecco and beer, scattered around on bar tables or couches, talking and laughing. Many dogs were also present, Steve’s beautiful big one (called Dayo), and some of the guests had brought their chihuahua, border collie and pomeranian. Luckily, the garden park was big enough, so the animals could run and play! Even Steven’s cat showed up, probably making sure who was the boss in the house!

It was a great party, but my stomach felt a bit….hmmm….sore. So – to everyone’s horror – I only drank water (except of one glass of red wine). I didn’t want to get wasted, since I had to fly home the next day (OK, in the evening, but nevertheless…)!

The “Grill Masters” succeeded not to burn my veggie steaks, although not being sober anymore and, accompanied by some salads, I’ve had a tasty dinner! *yummy*  And hey, the water was veeeeery delicious, all right!

Around 1.30 a.m. Philippe’s son picked us up (what well-behaved kids he has!!!) and we drove to his place again. Wisely, Pascale and I had already earlier decided to spend the night at his place.

It was almost five again until we finally slept – Pascale just wouldn’t shut up and we were giggling around – like a couple of silly girls!

It was not even ten o’clock when we woke up – WHAT?! – and when we went downstairs, Philippe had already been at the Boulangerie (bakery), to buy croissants, different kind of pastries and some normal bread rolls. So we enjoyed some breakfast and around twelve o’clock, Pascale and I said our goodbyes and left. Thanks Philippe, for your kind hospitality!

It didn’t come as a surprise that Pascale felt a bit tired, after we came home. I started to get my stuff together, had a shower and slowly getting ready, while she was lying on the sofa, watching TV and reading some Whatsapp messages…Yeah well, understandable! Exactly THAT was the reason why I stayed with the water the night before! Lucky me!

There was short flaring up, whether we should do something, but since it became more and more cloudy outside, we decided to watch a movie. We arranged ourselves under a blanket, drunk some coffee and enjoyed doing nothing.

After five (evening this time) we were getting ready and she drove me to the airport. Amazing – it felt like she only just picked me up yesterday…..

Many hugs and kisses later we had said our goodbyes and I went through security. The plane was half an hours delayed (19.30 instead of 19.00), which was a bummer, because now I would miss the train to Frauenfeld by 30 minutes – where Patrik would be waiting for me.

Of course I called my beloved husband and told him that the train would be in Frauenfeld at 21.15h – no problem for him, he was there in time, giving me a big hug and a kiss!

I was glad that I took the day off on Monday….since I’m not 20 or 30 or even 40 anymore, such weekends take its toll! But it was worth it and that’s the main thing, isn’t it?!

Cheers and take care xxx



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    • Sigrid Starck on June 26, 2019 at 6:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hej så trevliga bilder förstår att det var några trevliga dagar. 👍
    Kramar till er. 💕

    Sigrid och Jörgen

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