A First Wary Forecast

Well, since I’m a bit superstitious, I almost don’t dare to say it….

But we can’t deny that the last few weeks we did have some bookings for Luna Azzurra. Plus people are showing a general interest in her and ask questions by email.

So, considering that Patrik and I are new to this whole business, I would say we can be happy so far!

It’s still early in the year and we are not sure if people do usually wait a bit longer with booking boats for vacation. The weather isn’t really tempting either, perhaps a bit early to think about sailing, swimming and hot weather…. At least here in central Europe it still looks more like winter than spring. Luckily no more snow, but still chilly with cold winds. The sun is kind enough and presents herself sometimes, though!

When checking the weather in the south it’s a few degrees warmer and we envy the lucky ones there. We also saw on the webcams that the marina is starting to wake up from its winter sleep. On nice weekends people are there, fiddling with their boats, go out sailing or simply enjoy a few days on their yachts!

Yeah, Patrik and I do wish we would live closer to our Luna Azzurra!

As a little treat, we’ll drive to Loano on the 30th March and stay for one night (only). Most of all we have a customer who would like to test Luna Azzurra for a few hours on Sunday morning till early afternoon. Plus we plan to fix the bow toilet (nothing major, but it has to be done).

So why not taking the chance and do a little work on Saturday afternoon and meeting a guest on Sunday?

Furthermore, on Saturday evening we’ll meet someone who owns a sailing school in Loano. Naturally, we look forward to this gathering – who knows what comes out?

This time we won’t sleep on Luna Azzurra by the way, but in a small hotel in Borghetto Santa Spirito. Firstly, we always wanted to visit this little town, which lies just beside Loano. The other reason is that the effort of cleaning the boat after only one night isn’t worth it.

So yes, things are happening and good ones too! We definitely are very excited and hope for a good sailing season with many happy guests!

Cheers and Ahoy!

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