A Secret “Boat Sitter” & A Culinary Highlight

The other day, Patrik has been contacted from Igor – the owner of the lovely “Osteria No 6” in Albenga .   This time it wasn’t only small talk or sharing recipes.

Yeah, Igor and Patrik keep a casual contact, joking with each other and sending pics with tasty meals to and fro.

We also know that he and Donatella – his wife – like to drive to Loano every now and then and pay a visit to our Luna Azzurra. Every time sending us a picture or two with some comments! It makes us happy of course, knowing that someone cares so much about our baby.

This time Igor informed us, that he drove there after a bad weather period, with rain and strong winds. And luckily he did so, because he wrote that the cover of the plotter had flown away and was lying close to the waters edge.

He also tightened the ropes, since Luna Azzurra had a bit too much of freedom to move around…                         It actually crossed my mind when I saw the webcam pictures,  just a day or two earlier.

Well, of course Patrik thanked him and we both agree, that we are very lucky having Igor and Donatella being so attached to the boat. Even driving there sometimes and look after her – we must say, we are very touched about it!

So, Igor and Donatella, a big GRAZIE MILLE to both of you! Next time we meet we’ll make it up to you guys, promise!

Until then, I’m sure there will be a few more recipes shared and one or two more jokes told!

It feels incredibly good to have friends like this!

Igor’s “Osteria No 6” in Albenga is well and truly recommended! Not only his cooking skills is worth a visit, but also the cozy ambience! You’ll find him under:




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