An Ordinary Week

Weeeeeell, actually there didn’t happen much anything this week………….. The weather was April-ish, with rain, clouds, gusts and no more that 18 deg. C!

Work was as usual for us – Patrik still from home and me still driving to my office daily – *Thank God*

Odin slept through the days more or less. The blues really got to him. He even couldn’t indulge in his passion: Hunting mice!

He sometimes went out at night, though. (And came back to bed – WET!)

On Friday and today Sweden celebrates Midsommar! That’s Midsommarafton on Friday and Midsommardagen on Saturday (which actually stands for “recovering from yesterday” 😉).

When Patrik and I moved to Switzerland, we kept this tradition a for a couple of years. Preparing the typical Midsommar food, which is new potatoes cooked in saltwater with dill, sill (pickled mackerel), cooked eggs and fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

To drink you usually have beer and have some snaps in between (therefore the Midsommardagen….).

Anyway, after a while we abandoned this tradition, because it simply wasn’t the same here, than it was in Sweden. Which is a bit sad, of course!

We usually receive greetings and pictures form Patrik’s family and our friends, so at least we get a little bit into the mood!

This year Sweden happens to be really lucky weatherwise: Apparently the can enjoy a lot of sunshine and temperatures around 28 deg. ! Good for them 😊

Here the weather already improved a little bit today and tomorrow we will be approx. 25 deg. C. And then, (almost) just in time with the Summer beginning today, it shows what “Summer” means next week: The forecast says we can expect up to 30 deg. C!

Means: Get the flip-flop’s out again – yeah!

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