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An unusual Shopping Trip!

Patrik and I realised that we actually need a bit of equipment, when we go sailing in May. 

At least some basic stuff.

Amongst other things (such as sailing ), we have learned in Malta, how important it is to have a functional jacket (called “tarpaulin” – stands for pants and jacket). Even when the temperatures are around 25 degrees C or more and the sun is shining, when sailing and getting wet, you quickly start freezing and it’s nice to have a warm water- and wind-tight jacket you can slip into.

Also, a pair of polarizing sunglasses are very important (as I painfully learned) and of course a proper hat (my fake straw hat was torn to shreds after three days…), or some other useful sunprotection for your head.

We even thought about buying our own life vests. I mean then you know at least, in which condition this lifesaving piece is in. Maybe not all charter companies service theirs as they are supposed to (just guessing…).

So, after searching the internet we discovered a trustworthy boat-accessories shop in Switzerland,

which apparently sells all the necessary (and maybe not so necessary, but nice to have) stuff you need on and around a boat. And it was true: From A as an anchor to Z as a zinc anode, one would find everything there …..

The good thing is, a lot of their products are on sale right now. Therefore, we decided to have a look there on Wednesday afternoon and almost couldn’t wait until the day finally arrived!


It was a wonderful and sunny day and it took us about an hour to get there and – Boy! – were we surprised when we walked in: A grand shop with about everything you can wish for…. awesome!

….erm….no, it was not! Except of all kind of clothes and shoes They sell books, maps, all kind of galley equipment, ropes, fenders, tools ….. and of course a lot of lovely deco stuff.

Nevertheless, in the end we’ve found what what we were hoping for!

We even tried on different kind of life vests, but didn’t buy one. The by the way, very kind sales assistant told us. That on charter boats, the safety gear is good maintained. She wouldn’t worry about that. OK then!

But to my own surprise, I bought a pair of sailing pants! It was such a bargain, I couldn’t say “no”. Plus – since I’m a bit superstitious – I believe that HAVING such an item with me, it won’t rain in Sardinia in May. But if I don’t, it surely will be pouring and I would regret, not having bought them, when I had the chance….know what I mean?!

Well, it truly was an exciting week…with Wednesday as its highlight!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend  

To charter a cat – what a challenge !

Well, since Patrik and I did the RYA Day Skipper Tidal course last year. The next logical step is, to charter our own yacht, right?! We are talking about bareboat! Of course we need to practice what we’ve learned so far. We also want to proof to ourselves that we are able to handle a sailing boat – and each other on it.

No doubt about the type of vessel: It has to be a catamaran, in order to finally find out, what a multihull feels like.

So, the first task was to find an area we both like, not too far away from Switzerland, ideally reachable by car. We prefer low season, sunny and hopefully (already or still) reasonably warm weather, with only a modicum of tourists. The Mediterranean around Italy seems perfect, with its beautiful and many islands. Malta is unfortunately too far away to reach by car….

We soon settled for Sardinia, one week by the end of May, since friends of us travel there often and we, therefore, saw many spectacular photos of this isle. Plus it has been on our travel-bucket list for a while.

The good thing with Sardinia is, we can travel by car to either Genova or Livorno and take the ferry from there. Taking the car means, we can take our own bedding with us, plus towels, kitchen-stuff (we actually have a complete camping set, with dishes, glasses and pots) an even some food in the cool box – mainly vegetarian specialties, such as seitan- and/or soy-“meat”, which could be tricky to get in Italy.

Of course, charter boats do provide bedding, towels and kitchen gear, but a) often you have to pay extra for that and b) how clean is is? Yes, I admit, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to “that”. But hey, rather being like that that otherwise!

Anyway, back to searching a charter company, which offers catamarans on Sardinia. Sure enough, we found a choice of companies with suitable yachts – Leopard 384 was our N°. One, or a Lagoon 400 S2. The prices varied roughly between CHF 3’000.- and CHF 4’000.- per week, and each had different “T&C”. Then, there was the jungle about security deposits….

We started contacting the most promising ones (about four or five). First by asking a couple of questions through their chat-service on their websites, then by requesting an offer. Most of all we wanted to make sure, that our RYA certs were valid in Italy for bareboat charter, and – as we would have our car with us – if there was a car park available near the marina.

Soon it became apparent that it was very difficult for some companies to read our emails properly….Some answered not at all to our questions, but sent a copy/paste email back, others sent a 3-page offer with their whole fleet – including the ones, available skippered only *sigh*. Then, we also realized that many of these “Sailing Specialists” could hardly understand English (although one can choose from several communication languages – English was one of them), and Patrik and I doubted soon, if some of them knew what a vessel actually IS. To put it mildly, it was a bit frustrating with some of them.

I think it took over a week until we finally had the necessary answers from two charter companies. We settled eventually for the one. Who offered a Leopard 384 for the right price and service (the other one had a nice Lagoon 400 S2, also for an acceptable amount, but since we love kitties….  =^.^=….).

So, right now, the 50% down payment has been done. So we can concentrate on finding an attractive ferry connection to Sardinia. There you could also get a few surprises, if you don’t read and understand the small print.

I am a bit nervous, I have to confess, but Patrik is so certain and confident. He takes my little doubts away in a whoosh and reassures me that we will take it easy. Just have fun and practice and improve our gained skills.

At the moment he is preparing for the RYA SRC/VHF radio certificate. He is doing that online again – as he did the RYA Day Skipper Tidal theoretical course. For the exam he will have to travel to Constance (just over the border, in Germany, about 30-40 minutes from us) – which will be in March 2017.

It seems we will be well prepared and ready until May – Sardinia, we are coooooomin’    !!

Vegan at any cost????

Patrik and I always believed – and still do – that vegetarianism is a good thing.

It is important to us, not to be complicit in animal misery, by breeding them in factory-like environment, too often not being able to live a species-appropriate life, being transported under horrific circumstances and finally being killed in a slaughterhouse, as an anonymous creature. An animal that never experienced love, being petted or consoled by someone, and instead of having a name, died as a number in order to meet our demands.

When I stopped eating meat thirty+ years ago, it was clear to me that I also had to stop eating fish and poultry, since they also belong to the animal kingdom. To pass on fish was a bit harder I have to admit, I really liked it a lot….well, seafood in general.

Meanwhile I’m more than glad that I quit that kind of food too. It makes me sad and often gives me impotent anger, seeing how the oceans are being emptied and abused ! Why do some countries believe they have the right to kill whales and sharks, wipe out whole species – known or still unknown ones? Why is it still allowed drilling for oil and gas and pollute the oceans – also with fatal noise? Who “owns” the world and decides what’s worth to protect and what’s not? Doesn’t the world “belong” to all of us? To all creatures? Isn’t it wrong that only a handful of people rule our Earth and form it after their greed and liking?

In my opinion are we guests on our planet, being allowed to use it in a wise manner. Unfortunately, we do not know how to behave. Instead we bite the hand that feeds us and continue to destroy our world, as if we had a second one, we can move to, when this one is destroyed. When do people realize that money can’t be eaten?

As written in an earlier post, Patrik and I have started to cook vegan.

It’s more or less a bit of a challenge sometimes, to find the ingredients for the correct taste or consistency – especially if you try to keep it simple. Well, maybe it’s “wrong” to turn known recipes into a vegan version…..Who knows, but since we are still greenhorns, it’s the familiar stuff we are looking for (for the time being). 

Anyhow, we soon realized that that brings a new problem – which we’re actually grateful for!

We never buy fast food (microwave food), but some things you (we) don’t do by yourself, such as chocolate, most cookies, crisps, crackers, some doughs (like puff pastry), margarine, cheese, …..only to name a few. Then you have soaps, cleaning agents, skin creams, …..you name it.

The good thing is, most of these foodstuffs exist also in a vegan version.

Nevertheless, we read the ingredients on the products anyway, since we are so used to it by being vegetarians. We soon discovered, though – to our disapproval – that at least 80% of the products contain palm oil.

That was a bit of a shock, to express it mildly….How is it ethically justifiable that – especially vegan food – is full of palm oil? It’s bad enough to find it anywhere else, just because it’s the cheapest oil on the market. But in vegan products?

I dare to say, that meanwhile, everyone is informed about palm oil production and knows that these are boring monocultures, wherefore thousands of square kilometers of precious rainforest is being sacrificed.


These forests are also the home of many endangered species. There are over 300,000 different animals found throughout the same forests where palm oil trees grow, many of which are injured, killed and displaced during deforestation. 

Today rain forests are being cleared at the rate of 300 football fields per hour to make way for oil palm plantations.




Clearing rainforest means, killing millions of animals – directly and indirectly.

So I’m asking: How can one justify using palm oil in vegan products? I simply don’t get it…..

When confronting distributors and shops, I usually got the lame answer that they try to avoid it, but – unfortunately – at the moment is no other product available. Wouldn’t it be in their hands (also) to contact the manufacturer, tell him about concerned customers and demand alternatives? I’m sure other vegetable oils would be available.

Are they too expensive maybe?

Well, Patrik and I are even more alert now. We read the ingredients on products without exception. And you  know what? By doing so, we – nowadays – buy a lot less of unhealthy unnecessary stuff, such as chocolate, biscuits or crackers. Saving a few calories never hurt….

Eventually, it’s a matter of habit, when you go shopping and after a while you know the “good” brands and products and you don’t need to waste time by reading every packaging.

And by the way: If you think palm oil from – so called – sustainable or organic productions is better…..well, it’s a lie. (see http://paneco.ch/en/orangutan-conservation-programme/sustainable-palm-oil-study/)

At the end of this post this. Did you know that growing avocados is on the same path as growing palm oil? So, sadly, no more avocados for us….

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time……Yes, that’s a perfect beginning to this heartwarming story!

A while ago, my friend Sabine told me the sad news about a horse she knows well and its owner. The woman owns four sport horses, mainly for jumping. Apparently, she is quite ambitious and participates in tournaments.

Well, someone who knows a bit about this sport, also knows that the horses have to jump faster and higher. Where is the limit, one would ask – and injuries are not seldom. Sadly, even deadly accidents do happen every now and then!

This unfortunate horse, called Orgon, is 14 years young, had an old injury which wouldn’t heal properly and the owner considered to give him away, since he couldn’t jump higher than one meter anymore. Otherwise, he’s still a perfectly healthy animal, which still enjoys long rides and even some exercises – only tournaments are not possible anymore.

When Sabine told me about this the first time, we both didn’t think much about it and assumed that the woman might find a new home for Orgon.


But on Monday evening, 12th December, an upset Sabine told me that the woman changed her mind and had decided to send him to the slaughterhouse, instead of giving him a chance with a new owner. The date was already fixed: On Thursday, 15th December he should die! That couldn’t be true!

Although, I never met that horse it really touched my heart and I simply couldn’t understand, how someone would send his (hopefully) once beloved animal to death, instead of caring for it, even if you can’t “use” it anymore. What’s wrong with these people? Aren’t you responsible for your animal during its whole life time? Even when it gets old, sick or maybe is not so pretty anymore? We are supposed to love our companion until it dies? My belief is that you care for it. As long as it’s not suffering and can be helped. You don’t just “throw” it away….

So Sabine asked me, if I maybe knew someone, who would be interested in that horse. She already contacted various rescue associations, but the problem was, that in such a short time it was almost impossible to find a good place – even a temporary one. After all, it’s a horse, not a hamster!

Of course I contacted people I know, who might know someone, but it was hopeless and mainly frustrating….


[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/lCEKmKFwhjA” width=550 height=400 ]


Then, early the next morning, I got a wonderful text message from Sabine. That a horse, once sentenced to death, had found a new home! On Wednesday, 14th December Orgon will be picked up by the new owner – a horse rescue center, at last. I cannot describe, how happy I was – my tears were not far away, that’s for sure! Of course I congratulated Sabine and told her, what a true hero she is…she never gave up on him!

Sabine also told me that she could even convince the woman to give Orgon for free to this center, although they had agreed to pay the slaughter price of CHF 600.-. But since they are dependent on donations, they of course were more than glad, not having to pay for him.

I know of course, this is an exceptional story with a happy ending for a once doomed animal. Too many others are not so lucky!

But in this case I’m overjoyed. and I wish Orgon a long and sunshiny life and I’m very pleased to end the story with the words: …..and lived happily ever after!

Advent Season

A very merry advent season to you all! We hope you all find the necessary quietness and peace to slow down a bit and look forward to Christmas! We certainly do ?

December started  with a yearly get-together at our “neighbor’s” vineyard, together with our very close friends Gaby and Jürg. On Friday, after six o’clock, we met there and after hugging saying “hello” and “good evening” to the ones we know, we settled with a nice glass of sparkling wine, and took in the – as always – beautifully decorated glasshouse. With the darkness outside and the glittery lights and the Christmas tree inside it’s always an enchanted and almost magical atmosphere.


Our hosts, Urs Hausamman – who took over from his parents a couple of years ago – and his lovely wife Nadine became proud parents early this year, so their little daughter Laura was also there, entertaining the guests with her smiles. And as usual, Urs’ parents, Ursula and Ueli, were there, supporting their son and his young family and meeting “old” customers and friends.

Not only different wines were served to taste, but also cheese platters, decorated with pears, nuts and dried apricots, together with small baskets filled with bread.

Patrik and I were lucky enough, to receive a VIP treatment, as Urs showed us the “heart” of his wine-yard, the tanks filled with the young wines, the newly purchased labelling machine, which he proudly presented and last but not least the beautiful wine cellar, with its treasures.


We were even invited to taste “something” quite exclusive, an almost sparkly, sweet and very fruity juice…..What was it? Urs laughed and announced that this was this years ice wine. A speciality, which can be done only, when the temperatures drop to approximately minus 9 – 13 degrees C. Then the sugary grapes have to be harvested at once, which usually happens during nighttime. A very delicate and costly procedure, which also explains the price for this kind of wine, which usually will be relished as a dessert wine, as it tastes pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, this autumn was too warm for the season (as were the last ones). Hausammann family decided to harvest the grapes as usual. Store a part of them in a huge freezer by minus 7 deg. C. Doing this means, ice wine can be produced nevertheless. If the effort was worth it, will show in a few month, I guess!  “Good Luck”, in any case and hope we will be able to taste the result in the near future.



By the way, they still search for a suitable name 🙂

Anyway, the “private show” was truly an appreciated experience!

Unfortunately, the evening went really quick and Gaby and Jürg prepared to go home. So we said our good byes. Returned to our table and enjoyed the remaing wine in our glasses. While talking to other guests and the host family, and taking some pictures.

http://hausamann iselisberg

Then it was time to go home, and we said bye-bye, hugged and wished a Merry Christmas to everyone. And of course a big THANK YOU to Urs and Nadine, it was a wonderful evening!









Oh, Precious Spare Time!

I bet everyone has the same dilemma….not enough spare time, right?!

When Friday afternoon finally arrives *whoosh* it’s Monday morning again and you’re asking yourself, where the fu…lowers has the weekend gone?!

And it’s not only the weekends, it’s generally the precious time after work. First – on the way home – you already formed some ideas, what you could do and you look forward to it. But unfortunately, it doesn’t take long, until you have to admit, you simply don’t have time for “that”, because you have to cook dinner, eat and do the washing up of course. Maybe you even have to do some grocery shopping on the way home (in order to cook dinner), that requires some more time. On top of that you might have to do some laundry or vacuum the house (or at least a part of it) and at some point, you maybe want to watch a film on TV.

The weekends are long of course, which means you have plenty of time – TWO FULL DAYS OFF! Honestly, they sometimes are even worse…..because the weekends are packed with stuff you wanted to do during the week and never had time to accomplish!


For example, if you have a house, you most possibly have a garden and that always demands a lot of work. Well OK, it depends of course, how your garden should look like. More like a wild jungle? Or sterile like a golf course? Either way, sooner or later, you HAVE to do “something”.

Then you – hopefully – have friends and family! They also require a good amount of time – if you want to keep them. So visits or invitations are a must, every now and then! Well, that sounds terrible now…of course Patrik and I love our friends and family, so naturally, when we meet them, it’s always with pleasure and joy!


What else? Right, grocery shopping! Great “fun”!! Once a week we do “the big shopping”, buying the basics for our household. No one likes it, but everyone has to do it….a waste of time, in my eyes!

Ah, and not to forget: Sleeping in! A wonderful thing, I must say ?. Especially, if from Monday to Friday you get up at 05.15 a.m. Sometime you just have to get enough sleep, otherwise you won’t function anymore….To do that, you also only have two days left – guess which?! Even if you don’t sleep the whole day, at least till nine or ten would be lovely (in my opinion). But of course, in doing that means you’re the whole day behind with other important things….like shopping, gardening, vacuuming, meeting friends….haha, you name it!

Maybe I should mention that here in Switzerland, the shops are closed on Sundays. Generally not allowed to do things in the garden, or activities which include noise. Of course, the church and cow bells are allowed *twinkle*, but – heaven forbid! – dare to hang your laundry in your own garden on a Sunday! And don’t even think about starting a lawn mower or drill (inside) – absolutely impossible!


Which means, everything that involves “noisy work” had to be done on Saturday – and that’s quite a lot, if you start thinking about it. The Sunday will then be used for “quiet work” ? And there you go: Monday morning is sneaking up on you very fast – looking sweet and innocent of course, until the alarm clock happily announces the new weeks arrival. *sigh*

The point is, in case you also have some “real” hobbies, when do you have time? Or you simply want to have a couple of hours for yourself (very precious!) and do…well, paint your finger- and toenails, go to the hairdresser, or just snuggle up in your favorite sofa and enjoy a book (even more precious!).


Take me for example: I love to be creative, I like painting/drawing, do handicraft work (newly discovered pearls and FIMO) and I love writing. Sounds all great, but unfortunately you do need a certain amount of time to do that. Not primarily because it’s complicated, because you need to get inspired and you need to be in the right mood. It doesn’t help, if you have 12 minutes left between ironing and go grocery shopping. Or you come home from work and maybe even have some time left, but often you are too tired to be seriously creative – sadly.


I myself haven’t found a satisfactory solution. Well, apart from reducing my work to 80% (or even less) or being creative only when having holidays. Both ideas are not an option, of course!


So, what to do? In case you are in the same situation, what do YOU do? Any ideas?

Nevertheless, I wish you all a lot of happy spare time – use it wisely ?

AHOY ! Part 4

Day 7 (Saturday)

Franco says: “Well done, guys and good bye !”

Our last day at the harbor had arrived! Franco meant we didn’t have to rush. Since his flight to Sicily would not leave before eight o’clock in the evening. Since he had holiday now. He wanted to visit his girlfriend there. Stay for a few days and then travel further to Tuscany, where he has his house.

Our flight home was scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday afternoon, and the hotel rooms for tonight were already booked – in St. Julians. So after our last visit at “Fifteen 37 Cafe” we booked a taxi, which should pick us up from our pontoon at eleven o’clock and drive us to the hotel. Our plan was to visit Valletta after the check-in and show M&M’s a bit around. Since it was the third time on Malta (and Gozo) for Patrik and me, we thought we could act as tourist guides J

Soon everything was packed and our bags were sitting at the pontoon. The mood was a little gloomy when we waited for the taxi, so it was actually good it came a bit too early. After saying goodbye to “our Felicity”, Franco accompanied us to the taxi and gave us a big hug by saying his farewells.

Gosh, who likes “Good Byes”…?!

After a racy 20 minutes drive (if you ever went to Malta, you know what I mean), we arrived at our hotel and were welcomed with a huge “sorry, we had to book you into another hotel, which is close-by, since we had a serious boiler damage yesterday evening. Soooo sorryyyyy!”.

Well, what could we do? Our bags were driven to the new hotel, while we walked the ten or so minutes. It looked nice, although, much bigger than the one we had originally booked (we don’t like these huge “palaces”). Only Patrik’s and my room was ready yet, so we all took our bags in order to deposit them there. It was kind of a shock to be in this huge hotel, with so many floors and rooms – or maybe it just seemed a bit scary to us, after a week living so close together on “Felicity”…. In any case, we were a bit disappointed that our rooms weren’t side by side.


Soon we were ready and strolled to Spinola Bay, where we wanted to eat a light lunch. There are so many nice restaurants and bars there, so it was not easy to choose one, but in the end we found a lovely place and ordered some bruschetta and a bottle of white wine. It tasted heavenly and we were more than pleased – and soon ready to take the bus to Valletta! On our last visits, Patrik and I were lucky to experience the old busses on Malta, which were famous for their unique make-up (and their “insane” drivers, if I may say so), because back then, the vehicles were owned by families and they decorated them after their – more or less good – tastes. Nowadays, the busses are modern and they even close the doors while driving, probably because they have built-in air-con’s these days ?.


After about 40 minutes we arrived at the big bus stop in Valletta – which is a bit more organized than years ago. It didn’t take long and we played our “roles as tourists” as expected: A lot of window shopping, real shopping and many “wow!”, “amazing!” and “beautiful!”, because of the awesome architecture, which really IS fascinating – at least that didn’t change! With so many impressions, one gets thirsty and it was time for an aperitif. Again we found a cozy restaurant, with a beautiful view over the ”Grand Harbour” and it even had its obligatory cat, a charming, longhaired, ginger-colored feline who greeted us. Thinking of Franco, we ordered a bottle of Sicilian white wine, then raised our glasses in a toast to him and agreed (for the 268th time) what an amazing week we’ve had!


The afternoon went quick and soon it was time to catch the bus back to Spinola Bay – having a last drink at the “Dubliners Pub”, before heading to the hotel.

Back there, M&M’s got their room key, fetched their luggage and we agreed to meet at eight in the lobby. WOW, what a big shower we had and all for ourselves – not to mention the huge bed! Funny, what you suddenly appreciate, if you didn’t have it for a while, right?! Anyway, feeling refreshed we all were hungry and ready for dinner. Since Spinola Bay had so many lovely restaurants. We tried there first and soon got lucky – catching a table on a nice patio.

We enjoyed a really nice dinner and naturally had a lot to talk about – mixed with a couple of good laughs. Time just flew by and on the way back to the hotel, we decided to pay a visit at the exclusive Portomaso Marina, with its costly apartments. Even in the low-lit area we were able to admire the fancy yachts who lay there and we could just guess what they were worth…. Back at our hotel we ended the evening on our balcony, enjoying a beer/cider and decided, we would meet at nine o’clock the next morning for breakfast. Our flight would not leave before half three in the afternoon, so we had plenty of time.

Sleeping in a real bed again felt divine and finally, even I was able to relax and sleep tight.

Day 8 (Sunday)

Missing out, what Franco says….

The next morning a cloudy and rainy day greeted us. Which suited us in a way, since we had to fly home anyway.

After breakfast, we went to the reception and booked a taxi to the airport, picking us up at one o’clock. Until then we could deposit our baggage at the hotels storage room and we went outside, hoping to find a last tourist shop, which maybe was open.

Well, it was Sunday after all and the shops were closed. We went to a nearby coffee shop and ordered espresso. Although, it had started to rain, it was still warm enough to sit outside under the roof, looking at the few cars and people with their colorful umbrellas. The mood was still high, but we all conformed that “heaven was crying”, because we had to leave “our” beautiful Malta. We also imagined, how it would have been, with this kind of weather a week ago…..not much fun, that was clear, so we all thanked the Weather Gods for our incredible luck we’ve had!

Even killing time went quick – by doing silly selfies for example – and so we were back at the hotel. Our taxi came on schedule and after about half an hour drive through the – meanwhile heavy – rain, we arrived at the airport. Check-in went quick, also the security and passport control and then we were inside, in the Duty Free Zone. I purchased a last present for Cony, our cat sitter, and then we settled at the bar of the Hard Rock Café and ordered our drinks.

Soon it was time for boarding and without delay. We rolled from the gate and when lifting in the air we said good bye to the islands. The sun was shining above the clouds and the skippers captain weather forecast for Zurich was promising. Sunny and around 24 deg. C. Perfect – again a journey from the rain into the sun!


For a few of us the lack of last night’s sleep took its toll…..Sorry guys, I simply couldn’t resist…. J

At half past four we landed in Zurich, fetched our luggage and checked the train time table. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time for many hugs and long goodbye’s. (which was maybe better). Soon Patrik and I sat in our train, towards Frauenfeld. Cony, our sweet neighbor and cat sitter offered – before we left – to pick us up from the train station. So we thankfully took her offer and called her from the train. After hearty hugs she said that everything went fine and Odin is safe and sound – thank God!

Ten minutes later we were home-sweet-home with the sun still shining. We opened the windows (and a bottle of prosecco) and were amazed about the SPACE we had.

Only Odin was missing…..we were sure though, that he heard us, but played his cat-like part of being mortally offended. (He came home later that evening – overjoyed =^.^= )


Well, all in all we absolutely agreed that we’ve had a fantastic week – not only earning our certificates. Also spending a week on a sailing yacht, together with our dear friends Michaela and Michael. Last but not least met Franco. So, thank you all for an awesome and unforgettable time !

Stop the Bloodbath


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