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The Feast of Love – or is it?

Everyone can feel it, something is in the air! Christmas is on its way and if you like it or not, you are involved. Christmas songs are played on the radio and on TV it’s almost impossible to see a not-Christmas-related movie.

Some love this time of the year and some are less enthusiastic about it. I count myself to the latter. Mostly, because I don’t like the winter, it’s too dark and usually cold. I reckon I’m the only one who doesn’t like snow either… at least amongst my family and friends.

We don’t have any yet, though!


Christmas is approaching slowly and people are excited to start planning menus for the festivities. Of course it must be something special and plenty of it. Guests are invited and as a good host you want to give your best – maybe even show off a little bit!

Well, nothing wrong about that! But are people aware that at no other time of the year so many animals are slaughtered?

Lobsters and other – often exotic – marine animals have to let their lives, not to mention the cruelty of foie gras or even frog’s legs! Suddenly, people are buying gourmet food, which they normally would never purchase, and animal welfare is not so important anymore….”ah, it’s just once a year!”, is an often used expression.

Does it justify the abundance of meat and fish? And how much of all that will be thrown away after the festivities? Food waste is one of the worst things in our society, in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone has to be a vegetarian, but are these masses animal products really necessary?

Christmas presents are a similar topic. Why does the key ring or the pompon on your bonnet have to be real fur? Or on the hood of your new jacket? Does anyone care, where these furry accessories are coming from? Even if they are dyed in fancy colors, pink, yellow and turquoise, it once belonged to an animal, who suffered a terrible live and death! Nowadays, no one can say “I didn’t know”. Everyone knows about this cruel industry, and it’s pure arrogance and disinterest if one is buying these products regardless.

The same problem about certain type of leather, such as crocodile and snake. Why does the watch strap or belt have to be made in such an exotic leather?. If one would know how these croc and snake farms look like, I’m sure many would withstand buying such a product.

Well, that’s apparently the other – not so shiny – side of Christmas. When looking through the eyes of an animal, destined to end up on someones plate or neck, the term “Feast of Love” suddenly doesn’t fit so perfectly anymore.

Maybe one or another will pause for a moment, in the midst of the festivity preparing, and will come to the conclusion that one of the courses could be replaced with a tasty vegetarian alternative. Finding recipes won’t be a problem, the internet is full of ideas.

Compliment to everyone, who dares to try something new! You can only win, that’s certain…

In this spirit, we wish everyone a merry pre-Christmas period!



Christmas Holidays with Luna Azzurra?

As some of you already know, Patrik and I are planning to visit Luna Azzurra over Christmas and New Year.

Naturally, we look very forward to see our “baby” again and we hope the weather stays as it has been the last few days: Calm and sunny, with 10-15 degrees C.

It won’t be only a pleasure visit, though, some work has to be done too. Luna Azzurra’s hull needs a proper cleaning. Therefore, we hope we can book the floating dock at the marinas shipyard and haul her out of the water.

Patrik also bought a polishing machine this week, so we can turn her into a shiny, dark blue diamond! Although, for that task we need at least 15 degrees C, otherwise the polishing will be a mess.


Nevertheless, she’ll look amazing when she’s finished and we might have a second baptizing – with her fancy logo on both sides and her name, finally well visible at her hull!


In case the weather won’t be on our side, we’ll have to complete this task in spring – in April 2019 we plan to travel to Loano again and stay a week.

Of course, we’ll also meet Matteo and his wife Juliana again. Patrik and I have been in lively contact with him since last summer and it will be nice to see the couple again!

As Luna Azzurra’s bimini has been destroyed during the storms in October, we need a new one – a long one, since we have to buy new anyway. So right now we are busy getting offers from different manufacturers. So far we found two companies in Germany, who are should be able to produce the correct part.

I’m still waiting for color samples from one of them and their offer looks promising, although quite costly… Unfortunately, the lead time is approx.. 12 weeks after receipt of order. Means we have to hurry, if we want the bimini be finished until April. The question is, if it would be smarter to let it ship directly to Italy, instead of to us. With a width of 4m it might be impossible to get it into our car. even though it will be folded. So that’s an important point, which has to be checked.

I also bought six additional bedding sets, cause we suddenly realized that the existing ones might be too little. In case we have guests who want to charter the yacht for two weeks. I still need to buy more towels, though, for the same reason!

And look, we have decided on a Freja the CAT logo! The same company who printed Luna Azzurra’s name and logo printed these stickers, which we ordered last week! We just looooove it!

Another important purchase is an outboard engine for Luna Azzurra’s tender. We settled on a Mercury 3.5 hp, which will be strong/fast enough and doesn’t weigh too much. The delivery will be directly to the Marina di Loano’s office, where Matteo will pick it up and put it in our garage.

So let’s hope the investments will pay off at the end and we’ll get many bookings and many happy guests!

And last but not least, we wish you all a cozy 1st Advent weekend – take care!


A Busy Weekend

We were looking very forward to this weekend, as our dear friend Pascale from Luxembourg announced a few weeks ago, that she would visit us!


She and her friend Philippe arrived on Saturday early afternoon by car. After hearty hugs and kisses we decided to visit the nearby “Hausammann” vineyard, in order to celebrate our reunion properly. Plus, Patrik and I needed to buy some wine anyway, so it suited us perfectly!

Every Saturday Hausammann’s open their beautiful glass pavilion, which is the perfect surrounding to degust their different wines and have a nice chat. No surprise that the afternoon went too quick and we had to say good bye to Nadine and Urs Hausammann.

Back home we suddenly had to rush in order to get ready. A table was booked at 18.30h at the newly opened “Pizzeria Ristorante Molino” in Frauenfeld. So “hop-hop”, as Pascale used to say! Our mutual friend Anita joined us and we had a nice evening together! The restaurants good reputation didn’t let us down, it was as good as expected! We’ll be back, that’s for sure!

Back home, we had our last grappa or rum and enjoyed each other’s  company! It’s been a long day, especially for Pascale and Philippe, so finally it took its toll and we said good night…..to Patrik and Philippe – Pascale and I lasted until 01.30h…hehe! Odin was not that happy as you can see….

On Sunday we planned to meet Anita and Peter  – and their dog named Queen – and do something together. Unfortunately, the weather was quite chilly and foggy, so outdoor activity was a bit of a challenge (well, for me)! Nevertheless, since we had a dog with us – and haven’t done much healthy exercise yesterday – perhaps it wasn’t the dumbest idea, to go for a real walk! Anita and Queen participated on a “snoopy training course” and we joined them. Quite an interesting experience it was!

After this super-exemplary afternoon, it was time to warm ourselves up and Anita and Peter drove us back to our home. Pascale and Philippe would be spending the night at their place, but we had a couple of hours together, so the four of us had a little aperitif, before they left before five o’clock . On Monday, the two of them would drive back home to Luxembourg, but not without visiting me and saying good bye.

And like this, our Sunday afternoon ended, with memories of many good laughs, lovely food and exciting chats!

This truly was a cheerful weekend – let’s hope we can do it again soon!

New Ideas and Bad News

Since last Sunday morning, Patrik has been away again.

This time he had to travel to Sweden, to work on board the Gothenburg-Kiel ferry. Yesterday, Saturday evening he came home again.

I’ve been busy with being creative and enjoyed trying some new stuff and here is the result:

On Friday I went to a Tattoo Shop to discuss the possibility to display a few pieces of my jewelry!  And yes, I can! On December 22nd they will have an Open House Party with “Gluhwein” (spiced red wine) among other wintery things, and they would love to show my work. Cool, I’m excited about it!

Otherwise, not much happened….autumn definitely has arrived with some mighty storms, especially in the southern part of Switzerland and Italy. The more southerly the worse the devastation was…Even Sardinia wasn’t spared! Terrible !!

And the mountains got their first snowfall.

I have been monitoring the webcam of the Marina di Loano more than usual…it looks quite uncomfortable I must say, with rain and strong winds. Luckily, the staff of the marina does inspection rounds three times a day, in order to make sure, the yachts are safely moored! That’s soothing, of course.

Anyhow, Matteo reported this week, that Luna Azzura’s bimini has been ripped in pieces – damn! I asked him to close the sprayhood, which he did. Thank God we have him on site!

Nevertheless, Patrik and I hope, the weather will calm down until Christmas holidays. It would be nice spending a few days on Luna Azzurra.

Apropos, we organized the name and logo for her, look:

Beautiful, isn’t it? So we can’t wait to give her the proper lettering. Sadly, that won’t be happening until spring. Then we’ll have to clean her hull and polish it for real! After that we can apply the name and the logo! Yeah well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…..

It doesn’t get boring, though, that’s for sure!

We wish you all a great time and stay warm and dry! So long  ???

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part Three

 Friday, 28th September 2018

Since were so close to the base (the deadline to be back was 5 p.m., with a refueled BLUE MOON), we had plenty of time to enjoying a last swim and go snorkeling (ok, ok , without me….the water was too cold in my opinion). Patrik even filmed a stingray! Testing the drone turned out to be trickier, he was lucky “Farfalla” didn’t crash into the sea….Would have been a “perfect” ending for our holidays, right?! *hahaha*

Anyway, around 2.30 p.m. we decided to call it a day and headed for the gas station. We were the first ones (luckily, as it showed later) and soon we discovered why. The staff would be back at 4 p.m. – GREAT! So we sat there, waiting for more than an hour. More and more boats arrived and in the end it must have been around 10 vessels, anchoring everywhere and waiting for diesel! Gosh, were we pleased, to be # 1 in the queue!

When entering the marina, Constantino and a couple of other guys were already awaing the “returners”. It was very busy and we were lucky we got a good mooring, easy to navigate. Other boats weren’t so lucky and many had problems – or became nervous.

Enzo showed also up and asked how everything went. We explained about the engine fault and the leaks into the cabins and into the beds. All in all we had to admit, that sadly BLUE MOON was much more worn down than last year in May. She is, though, 8 years old, but hey…no reason not to groom her!

Enzo told us that apparently this was her last season in their fleet. The owner was planning to take her out. That might have been the reason, why Sailitalia only maintained the most necessary things, who knows?!

But as guests – who still paid the whole price – we were a bit disappointed, getting such a boat.

Since we had to leave the boat at 9 o’clock the next morning, we started to empty as much as we could and filled up our car again – at least that stood still on the same spot as we left it, and wasn’t stolen! The engine even started….good old warhorse!

We spent our last evening in a nice restaurant, enjoying Italian food and the lovely view over the yacht marina. I guess our feelings were a bit mixed, our so longed for holidays turned out to be completely different as planned, which was a bummer of course! But hey, at least we didn’t have an accident or something else horrible happened! We all returned safe and sound and that is the main thing, isn’t it?!

Everyone was tired, so we didn’t stay up too long and returned to BLUE MOON for our last night on board!

Saturday, 29th September 2018

We got up early, had our breakfast and were ready in time, to leave the catamaran. A bit sad, I have to admit….I still couldn’t get that she was so worn down within so few years.

After saying Good Bye to everyone, we had one last stroll around Cannigione, wanted to buy some local delicacies. We didn’t have to hurry, cause the ferry was leaving Olbia only at 22.30h – no stress!

We wanted to show M&M’s some of the hot spots, such as Santa Teresa, which is the most northerly pint of the island. From there you can see Corsica, on a clear day. Then, of course, we visited the noble Porto Cervo, which is a must! Well, we didn’t drive down to the marina area (it was too busy with Rolls Royces, Maseratis and other luxus vehicles, plus you had to pay for a parking spot. Thanks but no thanks!). Instead we enjoyed the breathtaking view over the marina from the parking beside the pretty Stella Maris church! Missing this little gem woul be a sin!

Further we drove towards Olbia, stopping in Porto Pozzo around tvelve, for a tasty bruschetta. Patrik and I visited this little restaurant and bruschetteria at the main road already last year and once again, we weren’t disappointed – very yummy!

After this pit stop we drove directly to Olbia, where we parked our car at the waterfront and walked into the city. We did a bit of shopping, had a beer or a glass of wine, strolled around…..well, actually more or less waiting to drive to the terminal and board the ferry to Genoa. After five we decided it was time, and it looked like we weren’t too early. There were already queues in the different lines. Finally we could drive onboard the ferry, parked and went to get our cabin keyes.

With a drink in our hands we stood outside and watched the cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes driving into the boats belly, unbelievable how much space there is….Then we went inside, I wanted to have a shower before dinner and we agreed to meet in the Admirals Pub! Said and done and while later I joined them and we had a glass of red wine, in order to quicken our appetite. The restaurant had the same menues, but a wide variety, nonetheless.

We soon went to bed, it was a long day and we had to get up early again, as the ferry was scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. Good night amici, sleep tight!

Sunday, 30th September

Seven o’clock and Patrik and I were ready to grabb a coffee and orange juice in the breakfast bar. M&M’s – who had their cabin next to us – just got up, so we agreed to meet a bit later.

Strangely, eight o’clock came and went, but we still weren’t in the harbor. I think it was just before nine, when we were allowed to go to the car decks. Maybe they changed the schedule? Or something happened during the night, which caused the delay? No idea…. Anway, leaving the ferry and even Genua went smoothly and in no time we were on the motorway, heading north!

We had one short stop, refueling the car, went to the toilet and had a quick sandwich. In no time we were back on the road again! When coming closer to Switzerland, we were wondering, why the signs were in Italian and in French….strange….. We did follow the G.S. Bernard signs, didn’t we?

To drive through the San Bernardino, through the canton of Ticino, was our aim. But what had happened? Have we lost our way? And when???

As it turned out, we DID drive wrong, somehow mixing up the Grand Saint Bernard pass with the San Berndardino pass! How embarrassing was THAT?!?! *hahaha*

Anyway, we had a beautiful sightseeing through the Aosta Valley, the canton of Valais and other amazing places, where we never where before! It just wasn’t necessary to discover these beautiful spots on our way home, from Genoa….

Surprisingly, we arrived at our home at 4 p.m.! At almost the same time, as the originally scheduled route would have been! M&M’s repacked their luggage into their car, used our toilet and we said our Good Byes! We promised to each other, to drink the last Sardinia wine, which we took with us, togheter with a nice dinner! And off they went, home to Schaffhausen and their cat Pahaska!

Patrik and I emptied the car and I did the most important unpacking and throwing dirty cloth into the laundry room. The sun was shining by the way, so we sat outside and enjoyed a lovely glass of white wine, while discussing our crazy holidays!


As mentioned, we were very unlucky with the weather, which caused a low mood sometimes. It wasn’t personel, though, it was the situation with rain, unwanted “waterbeds”, getting stuck in marinas, etc. We all imagined us, how we would be swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and goofing around….Yeah well, next time will be better, right M&M’s?!?!

Monday was my last vacation day, but instead of being home, do some washing and take it easy, I had to go to town, buying a new handbag, purse, and most importantly had to visit the Police station, reporting my ID card stolen!

Meanwhile, everything has been replaced, bank cards, driving license, ID card….. but I’m still getting shaky, when I think back to Porto Ottiolu, as I realized my bag was gone! I truly hope, that will never ever happen again!

So long everyone, we hope you enjoyed our story!

And in case someone finds a black Harley Davidson handbag…..

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part Two

Wednesday, 19th September – Saturday, 22nd September 2018

We were stuck in the Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese! OK, the village was very nice, with enough lovely restaurants and (grocery) shops.


To visit this marina was planned indeed, but not staying for 3 nights! The weather was pretty rainy and windy and the marina filled up steadily with more boats, searching for shelter. The guy in the marina office told us, how unusual this kind of weather is in September….Climate change was greeting, also in Sardinia! Well, nothing we could do about it, than wait and try to keep our beds dry….

Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Finally, the weather cleared up and the sun was showing itself, even the temperatures were rising! Let’s go then!!

We left mid morning and headed for an early anchoring in Punta Nera di Osalla. Swimming and splashing and being in the sun was our so longed for plan!! And Boy, did we enjoy the sunny and warm weather – it was just great!

Unfortunately, it didn’t stay like this…. According to the forecast the weather was about to change again, with heavy winds and gusts (and some rain in a couple of days).

Sunday, 23rd September 2018 – Thursday, 27th September 2018

Before the bad weather arrived we were lucky enough to enjoy a leisure time west of Capo Comino, anchoring for a couple of hours.

So, once again, we were looking for shelter and decided to head for Porto Ottiolu. Patrik and I visisted this lovely marina village already last year and had best memories of it!

After having a last swim, coffee, breakfast and all other necessarities, we lifted the anchor and left the beautiful bay. The waves were already uncomfortably high, but at least the sun was shining! Early in the evening we arrived in Porto Ottiolu and got a perfect mooring spot with good shelter.


The marina office was closed, since it was Sunday, so we had to register on Monday morning. This gave us so me time, to decide how long we would stay. At least two days, according to the weather forecast. No rain, but storms and gusts were predicted and we had no choice, than to stay!

We didn’t sleep so well, though. This due to the numerous and noisy ropes, which held our BLUE MOON in place. The waves were really high outside the marina and the wind was our steady companion…. Still, we had the sun!

Well, M&M’s decided to go for a swim after our arrival – the beach was just a few meters away. We also had a good look around the village, studied menues, strolling around and enjoyed a glass or two of prosecco in a comfy bar! We also visited souvenir shops and I could finally mail the post cards, which I’d bought in Santa Maria Navarrese. So, all in al it wasn’t that bad, being stuck in this marina.

It still IS a lovely place…..although, that didn’t apply to the marinas toilet and shower block. Actually, one has only access, when entering a pin code, which one receives when registering at the marina – ACTUALLY! But we soon detected that all kind of people had access to these facilities.

Patrik and I also were very disappointed that it still looked the same (or worse?) than last year. It could almost be confused with a messy building site! A shame, really!

At least we always ate really good – on board, or in restaurants – and also visited our favourite shop, “La Cambusa”, a small, but superb delicacy shop. The owners are very sweet and welcoming and one day we decided to try their lunch tasting, with all the Sardinian specialities. Of course a local wine accompanied our feast!

On the way back to our cat I went to the marinas toilet – which turned out to be my personal disaster!

Back on the boat I suddenly realized, my handbag wasn’t there! The hair on my neck stood on end and I run back to the toilet, hoping it was still hanging there…..No, it wasn’t of course! Although, only about 30 minutes had gone, someone had to be pleased as Punch today, by finding my bag….Gosh, I couldn’t believe my stupidity and felt like I was in the wrong movie! It wasn’t only my Harley Davidson bag, but also the house keyes, my reading glasses (worth about CHF 300.-) and most of all my purse, with my bank cards, ID card, driving licence and last but not least about EUR 200.- in cash! OMG!! That just couldn’t be true!!! Of course, first of all I called my bank in order to block my cards.

I even rushed back to “La Cambusa” that – maybe – I left my handbag there….(I suddenly wasn’t sure anymore). But after they showed my their CCTC film, where it showed clearly me taking the bag, I was devastated…..How could I be so thoughtless, how and why did this happen to me!?


The I went to the marina office and told them about my bad luck. Maybe they – or someone – would find my bag and purse, with my personal cards and belongings (the cash and bank cards would have been gone, that was clear). The staff there were very understanding and helpful and promised to try everything they could to help. They even started a post in the marinas Facebook…

At least I still had my passport and my mobile….cold comfort, though.

Yeah, well…on Wednesday evening (26th September), the weather promised to change and calm down. So the next day we would leave Porto Ottiolu and head for a last anchor spot, preferably Cala di Volpe, which Patrik and I visited last year and were delighted about its beauty!

My handbag and its contents were definitely gone….Damn!

Thursday, 27th September 2018

Already during the night we noticed less waves and less noises from the ropes. It was time to leave Porto Ottiolu.

The sun was greeting us and in a good mood we left and headed for Cala di Volpe, hoping we would find a nice spot, do some swimming and enjoying the last “wild” day, was on our schedule! Ah and Patrik might get his last chance to fly “Farfalla”, his drone! So far it wasn’t much in the air, due to too strong winds!

After about three hours we arrived at the bay and even found the perfect spot for us, when suddenly the port side engine began playing his mean tricks again! Unbelievable, all these days it worked well and now it was on strike again! Hell, what crime have we commited??

All swearing didn’t help, without the port side engine, we couldn’t move the anchor! So off we went again, frustrated and decided to sail directly to Cannigione, back to the base of BLUE MOON. We didn’t want to take the risk getting stuck there and not being able to lift the anchor. Of course, Enzo would have to solve the problem, but thinking of all the inconvenience, we abandonded the thought…

We experienced one last highlight: A pod of dolphins, who calmly passed by! Beautiful J

Being a bit further out, Patrik decided, he wants to try fixing the engine. He did it before, so why not again?!

The thought of having to spend the last two nights in Cannigione was not so tempting, at least one last night at anchor would be nice…..On Friday afternoon we HAD to be back, and on Saturday morning we had to leave.

And our handyman Patrik did the impossible, the engine worked again and immediately I looked up a suitable anchor spot near Cannigione. Our “bible” the “Italian Waters Pilot” by Rod and Lucinda Heikell, became handy as so many countless times before!

We soon settled on a spot called Ziu Paulu, really just a stone’s throw from BLUE MOONs marina.


After arriving there, the wind was still a theme, but we were glad being there and not in the crowded marina. We enjoyed our last evening with a tasty meal, a lovely bottle of wine and were more or less glad, that these unlucky unusual holidays where almost over…. Good night everyone!

Sun, Wind and Thunderstorms in Sardinia – Part One

Finally! It took some time to come home (mentally) and settle into the daily (business-) life again. Our Sardinia holidays are history and, although, it didn’t go at all as planned, we have some exciting stories to tell and many beautiful pictures and movies we want to show you!

Maybe, precisely because it didn’t go according plan, who knows?!

Friday, 14th September 2018

Punctually at 09 o’clock, Michaela and Michael, our dear friends, arrived at our place. Saying hello, packing their bags into our car, a last toilet visit and off we were, leaving at 09.30h.

Patrik was driving and Michael acted as his co-pilot. Michaela and myself settled in the backseats with the cooling box between us (in it a couple of prosecco cans….hehe….).

There’s not much to tell about the trip to Genoa and around 16h we arrived in the big city….and it IS big, loud and chaotic. If I remember correctly, it took us approx.. 1.5 hrs to get to the harbor, due to VERY poor signposting! Luckily, we calculated enough time, so when we finally parked in the correct line for boarding the ferry to Olbia, we went to the bar at the pier and enjoyed a cool drink.

After boarding and getting the keys to our cabins, we went to the outside area and admired the view over Genoa and the huge harbor with its ten of thousands of containers! Afterwards, we went to the Admirals Pub and decided to have dinner on board. The menu seemed promising. Well, we indeed enjoyed a lovely dinner, accompanied by a nice bottle of red wine. This and the whole long day helped that we soon became sleepy and decided to call it a day. The next one would be the REAL start of our holidays! Nighty, nighty….

Saturday, 15th September 2018

At 08h we arrived in Olbia, the sun was greeting us and the temperatures were summerly – as ordered! We drove directly to the Marina of Cannigione, where our catamaran BLUE MOON was awaiting us. We greeted Enzo and Constantino, who we already met last year, it was a happy reunion. Patrik had already arranged from Switzerland (by paying a bit extra), that we can move into our boat already at lunchtime, instead of 18h (which is the usual time).

That proofed to be worth gold, since we were able to go grocery shopping directly (the shops are typically closed between 13h – 16h/17h), fill up the fridge with all the fresh veggies, fruits and other goodies and install ourselves.

In the evening we went to a cozy restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal, while talking excitedly about our coming adventure. No one knew by then, how everything would turn out different….

Sunday, 16th September 2018

I guess, we didn’t sleep very much that night, but, nevertheless, in the morning, we all were full of energy and ready to sail. Our plan was to find a nice anchor spot for the night, and have an overnight sail the day after. We wanted to reach Cagliari and then enjoy a slow and comfy journey back to Cannigione, along the east coast.

After we left the marina, we soon noticed an unsteadiness in the port side engine. The RPM dropped from 2500 suddenly to 1000 and went up again…something was wrong.

Patrik tried to fix it and it looked like it was OK (some air in the diesel and a loose part, which he fastened. Lucky us, he’s such a handyman!). So we headed for our first anchoring spot called Nodu Piano. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with swimming, snorkeling and a nice glass of wine or beer. Later we cooked a tasty dinner and simply were happy!

As it turned out, the engine was not the only problem. Apparently, the batteries were weak as well….we suddenly sat in the dark! So Patrik called Enzo and explained the situation. The conclusion was that the batteries were old and had to be replaced. So we agreed to sail to the Marina di Olbia the next day, where we would meet Enzo with new batteries, around 2 o’clock. Change of plans, but sadly necessary!

Monday, 17th September 2018

After breakfast we lifted the anchor and sailed towards Olbia harbor. Not a beautiful place which one would choose voluntary with a sailing boat: It’s industry, with huge vessels, ferries, mussel farms and it’s big and noisy. We strolled around a bit, went grocery shopping (a few more things) and went back to BLUE MOON around lunch time. At least Enzo, together with Constantino, arrived in time (even half an hour earlier), with three new batteries, which they installed. Patrik also explained about the port side engine, and – after checking – they decided it looks OK now. The air had probably gone from the diesel or hose or whatever the problem was….

Meanwhile, the weather had changed and black clouds showed up in the sky. According to the weather station, some thunderstorms had to be expected during the night. So maybe it was fortune that we couldn’t do our night sailing, but had to stay in a safe harbor…..the rain came quick and fierce, together with some lightning, but it soon was over and the sky became lighter again. We enjoyed the evening on the boat and planned our next day! Sunshine and blue sky was on our wish list and a nice anchor spot – preferably Port Brandinchi….

Tuesday, 18th September 2018

BLUE MOON is leaking…..our matrasses were wet! Not a nice thing to discover, at the beginning of your sailing holidays….. At least the weather was good and we left Marina di Olbia as soon as we could. We headed for Port Brandinchi and looked forward to some snorkeling, swimming and Patrik finally wanted to test his drone of course!

Dolphins suddenly showed up and accompanied us for a while!! That surely lifted our mood, despite our “water beds”. We even spotted swarms of  flying fishes – almost daily, actually! Didn’t know they existed in the Med!

At least we had masses of towels with us, so we tried to dry everything as good as possible, plus the sun was helping too.

We found a safe spot, dropped the anchor and….dark clouds suddenly showed up! No, not again!!  In no time rain was pouring down and we all sat inside, taking pictures, nevertheless. We also started preparing our dinner and after a short while the sun showed up again and after we dried the cockpit area, we were able to eat outside!

Sadly, the weather forecast for the next few days wasn’t much better. Some heavy storms were even predicted, accompanied with high waves and thunderstorms….. Not exactly the weather we’d wished for, really! Anyhow, we had to leave Port Brandinchi and find a safe marina. Santa Maria Navarrese was the aim, so off we went! During our approx. 8 hours journey, the rain started to torture us again, accompanied with uncomfortably high waves! It seemed, the world was going down and the mood was in the cellar….well, under the keel then!

At last, we made it to Santa Maria Navarra around 6 o’clock…..wet, tired and a bit cold (me at least). We never thought that we would be stuck there for the next days….


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