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Feb 17 2018

Me, Home Alone!

Hello my furiends! I realized it was time for me to write a new post…..although, nothing new had happened.

I could update you about the weather (always an excellent topic): We generally had everything possible this week, from snow, ice, minus 9 degrees C (!), and we even caught a glimpse of spring! I personally prefer spring and summer, as those of you know who read my posts regularly (alright, autumn is also OK, as long as it keeps dry and sunny).
But winter definitely is the worst for me!

Not only is my mum constantly complaining about me, cause in her eyes I’m growing bigger (ok, she means fat). She also reduced my food portions and I get less goodies! I’m starving, folks!!

But it’s simply too cold to go outside hunting (which would be my workout….hmm, maybe without eating the mice mouse…). Therefore, I’m forced to stay inside. That means, not much to do apart from testing the various sofas and carpets and dreaming of mice and treats! And there comes the one-million-question: How the hell can I put on weight, by only dreaming about food?! Well, my mum says, it’s the lack of exercise. But what shall I say? I don’t like to play – it’s such a dumb thing, to race and jump after fake mice, or getting almost strangled with a rope (and pretend I have the fun of my life)! IT’S NOT MY THING!

Ops, now I’ve become a bit emotional…..I wanted to tell you about my week. The highlight clearly was on Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining (that was the spring-glimpse) and my dad was at home with me J OK, he had to work, but he was still quite entertaining and talked to me every now and then (and I got a goodie, hehe!).

I even went outside (aka winter garden) for a short while. Brave, eh?!

Thursday was a snowy, rainy and grey day…..best to forget it asap!

Since I was alone otherwise, I had unlimited access to my laptop (which mum thinks it’s hers). So I took the chance and was looking in the net for sailing boats….Yeah, yeah, I know, actually, I’m not interested in their crazy plans, but I doubt my humans would let me live in our house while they get seasick in the Mediterranean.
Which means I try to make the best of it. Who knows, maybe I’ll take part in decision-making?! Or I will simply choose, which boat we’ll finally buy, because the way it looks now, they can’t make up their minds…… Their stupid discussions really drive me nuts! As you could see in the last post, they couldn’t even agree on a boat size…unbelievable!

Oh well, good for me of course, the longer they can’t decide, the longer we stay here!

Wish you all a great week and a cosy warm place! 😺

Jan 06 2018

31st December 2017

Hi furiends – purrs, and welcome to 2018!  =^.^=

I hope all of you made it to the new year and have a more or less positive memory of last weekend.

Ha! I certainly made the best of it! The 31st of December was such a beautiful, sunny and even unusual warm day, I felt like for a hike! By my own, it would have been quite boring, so I had to persuade someone to follow me – my mum and dad seemed to be suitable. It took me a little while, though, but on the end we were outside and ready for some fresh air!

First, we quickly went over to Cony’s and left a New Years-card-and-marzipan-piggy-greeting outside their door (apparently they were out somewhere).

Behind their house, the path continues to the vineyards, passing some cow paddocks, bushes and trees. I’m familiar with this neighbourhood, since my brother, Thor, and I used to play in these areas until a couple of years ago, when he died….

Anyway, I led my humans safely through all the paths which I remembered easily. They took their chances taking some photos in between and I’m not so sure, if I had to wait for them bloody often a couple of times, or vice versa….. *yawn*

Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to scare other walkers off – and even more their dogs, when I was growling at them (and believe me, I can and did). First, everyone goes, like, “oh it’s a kitty…..how SWEEEEET”…. well, bloody wait till you hear me! ROARRR!!

Right, back to the hike. It felt like at least a 3, 4, 6, whatever-hours walk, until I decided it was time for a short break. I mean, we went through a lot of ups and downs – more ups, if you ask me…..and finally I couldn’t cope any more! I literally gave up and simply lied down.

It took my humans a while to realise that I couldn’t be bothered was knackered. So my mum – my hero – returned to lift me up in order to carry me home.

Well, of course, THAT wasn’t necessary, was it?! Surely, I could have walked again after a short break, but…. well, they insisted.

All this sounds like a whole afternoons adventure, but actually, everything was over in less than two hours. Yeah well, at least we WERE outside – compared to many of our neighbours!

Now, all it’s left is to wish you a great 2018, may friendships continue and new ones arise! Most importantly, never lose your dreams! Our will continue, that’s for sure 🙂

Be good and …….. keep on dreaming!



Dec 23 2017


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
Above all, we want to say “Thank You” to our families and friends who gave us a lot of support during this year!
Meanwhile, our beloved blog also plays an important role in our lives. Whatever we do or where we go, it’s always in our mind! Apparently, it’s worth it, because we truly are surprised and thrilled how many visitors we have daily.
There we would like to thank you all, who read our stories and leave all the lovely comments. It shows that we do the right thing and that’s very motivating!
Thanks again, take care and have fun – CHEERS!

Oct 07 2017

What? Already October??

Dear Furiends!

Can you believe it? Recently was still happy summertime and – bang! – it’s autumn!

Those of you who know me, know how much I hate it! And even worse: Winter will be next! ❄️❄️

I already had a taste of what is awaiting poor me! Wetness, cold, wind, fog….you name it! None of it suits my taste, that’s for sure!

I mean, you guys have our gear, but – honestly – what would I look like in wellingtons? I doubt if I still would be a respectable cat in those items! After all, it’s ME, who is guarding our house and garden.

Imagine, me coming around a corner with a (pink?) rain cap, trying to scare away some neighbours cat?! Inconceivable!!

And winter is even worse: Shall I wear a knitted scarf and woollen gloves, or what?! Ridiculous!

But you might see my problem? I do get cold in the winter, especially my delicate ears and paws….. *sigh*

Well, well, it looks like I just have to put up with my fate. Luckily, we cats sleep a lot, so I will go, have a nap and dream about summertime….

Sweet dreams to you all and take care (watch out for the snowflakes!)



Aug 26 2017

Good Bye, Martens…..

Dear Furriends -hairy or not!

Some of you might remember my story about the house intruders, a few months ago…..In fact, very sweet and adorable looking creatures, even I have to admit that! Unfortunately, not sooo sweet, when it comes to a marten-house-collision.

This spring/summer we’ve had a beech marten family under our roof, therefore, it was impossible to “shoo” them away. I mean, imagine, if the mum had been scared away…what about her babies? It would have been fatal for them…therefore, clearly no option for us!

So my mum and dad decided to wait and see, until the youngsters would be old enough to move out, together with their mum, ideally!

And – ta-daaa – exactly THAT had happened almost two months ago. We even saw the “teens” playing in our and our neighbours garden a few times – two of them, as far as we know. Chasing each other and going absolutely berserk! I wish I had a movie, or at least pictures, I could show you! Absolutely priceless!

Anyhow, last week two roofers came to our house, in order to value the (possible) damage, fix it and – most importantly – prevent such an intrusion for good!

Luckily, the damage was not as bad as we thought and around lunchtime the workers had completed their task!

They also took pictures from inside and the work they have done. Of course, I could have been up there and supervise them, but to my annoyance I wasn’t allowed on the roof…..themselves to blame!

My mum is now waiting for the pictures, which she will send further to our insurance company. Let’s see if we’ll get some money from them….

Anyway, the roof has been fixed and should be “marten safe” now….erm, unless they’ll find a new entrance….

Of course, we wish the martens a long and healthy life – preferably in the nearby woods!

Fingers are crossed, for them and for us!










Aug 05 2017


Furriends, I’m back!

My dad came home on Wednesday eve and now I’m able to complete my 1st August post.

He also took a couple of pics from work on the ferry:








Look, he was upgraded to the “Pilot Cabin”….Lucky him!








And here are the pics my mum and I took:








Tiana, Samuel and Kilian (our neighbours kids) preparing the fireworks for the evening…they had fun!








People at work across the road, preparing the fire








Me, after I heard I’ll have to stay inside this evening/night…








….and then came the rain…








Same view at night, across the road. Due to the rain it didn’t burn as expected, which was actually good. No risk for a big out-of-control-fire!

See you later and enjoy the summer – preferably outside with many mousy friends!



Aug 01 2017

Happy Birthday, Switzerland !

A quick sign of life from my side, folks!

My mum and dad are occupying the computer so much with their Sardinia stories, I hardly catch sight of it. But now dad is away, working on a big Swedish ferry. My mum is busy with vacuuming the house, to my great annoyance!

Well, my dad’s parents are coming from Sweden on Thursday and mum feels like the whole house needs to be bloody renovated…

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is, that today, 1st of August, Switzerland celebrates its birthday! So my best wishes and a Happy Swiss National Day – you still look great with your 726 years!

Well….one cat’s joy is another cat’s sorrow….MINE for example!

Celebrating this day means, people are igniting fires everywhere (in the evenings) and start fireworks and crackers (typically also in the evening, but it had already started a couple of days ago).

Now, my mum is very worried about me because of all the noise and rockets. She even turned down invitations from friends and family, in order to stay at home with me! The thing is, do I want to stay at home and locked-up inside? I found it very interesting the last few days, hunting in the fields beside us – there are loads of mice, waiting for me to play with….

A while ago – it’s lunch time now – I was outside and checked the surroundings. Still pretty quiet, so far! A bit further up from my house, people from the village’s shooting club are still working and preparing everything for a huge party tonight: A big pile of wood, massive fireworks and bars. All that means, many people will be driving here and visit the event!

And that’s the reason why my mum is so afraid ….the same could happen to me, as to my beloved brother Thor, who died two years ago….*sniff*

All righty then! I’ll do her the favour, and be home in a reasonable time. Spending the evening with her on the sofa, watching tv, and play the cuddly sweet kitty! *purrrr* 

Wish you all – who can – a great night, out in the wild    =^.^=

PS: Photo’s will follow – my mum doesn’t know how to put them in a post…..erm….neither do I……