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Skiing holiday in Austria

As Diana wrote in her last post. Me and my friend Lasse had planed our yearly skiing holiday in Austria for last week.

A really nice apartment was booked, big but for a good price. As we been there last year and found it great we booked it again. It is an apartment with 3 double bedrooms so no problem to be 6 persons really.

On the other hand it is nice with some space too.

I left home approx. 09:00, Saturday 7th and estimated a 5 hours drive to Kaprun in the Austrian, State of Salzburg. The weather was just perfect when leaving home with  blue sky and 3-4 degree plus.

I was just hopping that the traffic played on my side with no traffic jams. Normal when arriving Austria you can have traffic jam for 20 – 30 km but this time it was perfect and I could keep a good pace.

The weather became a little worse in the western part of Austria. Until I passed Arlberg tunnel (St Anton) with some light snow. After the tunnel it cleared up really nice with quite some clouds but some sun in between too. Durring the whole trip almost no traffic was on the streets. Ok it is in the end of season and I found it great to drive.

I arrived as planned approx. 14:00 with Lasse just behind me with a few seconds.

We was greeted by the house owners. Friendly and welcoming as last time. As we been there befor it went really quick to move in.

As soon as this was done we drove to the shops to proviant food, beer and wine.

When back at the apartment we had a deserved whiskey and a beer and start planning our week.

Where to ski. We could choose between Zell am See, Schmitten and Kaprun. Zell am See have more people. Last year the snow was so wet that is was like water skiing which are to dangerous we think. Then Schmitten is really wonderful and have nice slops and there they have a really nice restaurant too. But it is as well at a lower altitude.

In the end we went for the Kapruns slops to start with.

You are skiing at 3000 meters altitude down to 2000 meter. Which means the snow will be great even on a sunny warm day.

As it was the first day of skiing we though this would be a good warm up day. Blue sky and 6 degree warm at 3000 meter. Hard to think about a better start.

After the first day we went over to Schmitten where we where more or less alone in the slopes.

In fact durring the whole week all slopes was quite empty. All school holidays was over you could clearly see.

The week went perfect with skiing until lunch after that we enjoyed the sun and a beer or two.

Weather was good most of the time with blue sky. Some light snow in the afternoon one day. The last day it was quite foggy so then we had just one run. It was to dangerous with no contrast in the snow. Without that you cannot see where you have good a slop with not much snow or ice.

I suppose no one have missed out all the talk about the corona virus and no one in Austria either.

As there was not much people in the slopes or in the lifts. In the end it was probably more safe there than go shopping.

We did have both gondollift and sitting lifts most often by ourselves. Suppose I we would be in closer contact with the corona at work.

On the last morning the Austrian government pronounced that all skiing areas, hotels and restaurants must close Monday morning. We really hoped we would be able to leave Austria.

We managed to leave in time Saturday morning and on our ways back home we were alone on the autobahns. even around Innsbruck for me and Salzburg for Lasse. The check points at the border was as well not up running yet. Was probably to early as it was totally empty on both sides of the border which was fine with me.

Let’s hope this corona virus disappear soon as it starts to be annoying for everyone. As me and Diana have planned to visit Luna Azzurra over eastern it will need to change soon. We start both of us to doubt that it will be possible. We are keeping our fingers crossed as we really would like to visit Luna Azzurra and install the new spray hood, AIS and some parts for the Swedish flag which needs to be mounted.


Tucson Arizona visit

I had to visit Tucson Arizona quickly to do a few control measurements on a design of ours.

A not needed trip was my opinion.

We have a few theoretical guys in the company who though different and interfered our sales department with this opinion of their. So It was necessary to prove them wrong.

With twenty years of experience on the field my opinion was that the figures everyone was looking at didn’t fit together at all. And the measurements I now made during my trip showed the same values that I earlier had stated and expected they would.

The measurements which did start this mess was made a few days before Christmas, only this should tell that they where made under some stress.

Everybody just wanted to travel home to their families and did not have neither the time or interest to invest. Everyone had their flights booked and just wanted to leave.

Let’s hope that they learn to see the trees even though the trees are standing in the forest in the future and look more logical on things like this.

Or hmm maybe not as  for me it was a nice trip. I had never been in Tucson or in Arizona either. I was OK to travel. I only wished I could have some more days after the job was done. This to explore the state of Arizona too.

What I have seen it seems to be quite a nice state with a beautiful nature mixed between flatland and mountain regions. They even have snow and skiing resorts which really surprised me. You can ski at an altitude of 3500 meters.

Grand canyon is as well only five hours drive away from Tucson and would be a dream to see. I do hope to come back in the future.


Maintenance, good weather and food during my visit to Loano, Italy

As the holiday have ended for Diana. As I had 1 more week holiday left which I must use up. I decided to drive down to Loano and check up on Luna Azzurra. 

At the same time do some maintenance on her. enjoy the weather and food of course. 

Engine was up for a service “oil and filter changes” there are as well a small oil leak on the engine that I wanted to find.

Oil leaks can be a pain to find and they are a must to find otherwise the whole boat will smell bad inside and of course do to safety and environment.

Safety it is in case of a fire for example. 

Environmental would be in case there will be a water leak as well and the bilge pump start pumping the water mixed with oil overboard. 

As the oceans are already in a bad shape that wouldn’t be needed too. In case it is possible to solve with some job doesn’t matter how annoying it might be. It is worth it.

Anyhow I first cleaned up everything under the engine which is a real pain as it is really hard to reach in everywhere with your arms. in the end I managed and it was as new. 

Then it was just to fire up the engine and let her run until warm. When the engine was up in temperature I could see quite quick where the oil was dropping from. It was the oil pressure switch / sensor which had a loose coupling. After tightening the coupling a new run was needed. End result was no more leaks.

More works which was needed to do was to mount sliding stops on the rail which is holding the bimini. Stoppers was delivered with the bimini so I thought it would be a quick job to do!

Just cut the sliding rail and mount them.. It would be easy if the correct stopper was supplied but this was not the case. In the end I had to do my own construction for now. Let’s see how to make it better for next time we are in Loano. 

That was some of the works that I did. Other than work I did enjoy Loano at least the marina, the fantastic weather with a blue sky. Least but not last the fantastic food in the evening at restaurant Shardana and the friendly atmosphere.

I took a few pictures from my visit which I hope you will enjoy.


My trip to Siberia, Russia

As was mentioned a few weeks back I was planned in for a trip to Siberia, Russia.

 When telling people about this I received a few remarks, as for example:  It is cold!…. Gulag!…  Criminality!…Aeroflot!…Security!… etc.

I must admit I did not know what to expect myself. 

In my eyes cold it was as the temperature  was between -6°C and -17°C which in my opinion is cold. 

Gulag… Not where I was and Siberia is amazing big. 

Criminality! We were informed by our contact when arriving , this is something you can see in movies.

This was something which was correct  during the 90th but nowadays it is gone and no more criminals there as in most normal European cities. No danger to move around.

Then about Aeroflot who have not any good name floating around, everything claiming from bad old planes and we should not talk about bad service.

Here I must say, this is absolute not true at all. Modern planes and friendly staff exercising an excellent service.

I have nothing against airport security… But for the security on Russian airports I don’t know if I shall cry or laugh really.

From the airport entry doors at Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) and until you are through security as in most airports we had to pass four security scanning points. For us who stayed one night at Hotel Radisson Blue we had our first scan already leaving the hotel. From here we was able to walk 50 meter until the next scanning point. Then a new 10 meters before the check in counter! After this the normal security scan came straight after emigration which was smooth and quick.

When it came to people we meet I can only say that they have all been friendly and really nice to meet. It was as well interesting to talk about all kind of topics for example education, environment, politics etc. 

When it come to the job I was there for… Yeah it was really good prepared and went much more smooth then we have seen since long, we can just give 5 ⭐️ on that one. We could finish up before schedule as well.

As it looks next time I will travel to Russia seems to be in April and I must say I am looking forward to see everything in spring too.


Elba – Capraia – Loano

We where leaving Isola d’Elba heading for Isola di Capraia and from there we headed straight to Loano.

It was a bumpy ride between Isola di Capraia to Loano, but in the end we where in the end happy that we did not sail first to Corse which was our wish and plan.

To visit Corse have to wait until another time and in the end have its own story.


A trip to a war zone or?

Our holiday is over since a while back now and we both are back to reality again.

As normal it is hard to come back specially as nowadays your mailbox are filled with a few hundreds of email which will be needed to plough through. The good is that 50% of all emails is direct for the waste bin.

Anyway I had time to stay approximate two weeks in the office and to get everything back in order then I had to head out for Turkey.

It was planed as a simple four days trip together with a service technician from our German office whom I would help. I needed at the same time to meet the customers project team. 

The service technician was planned or booked to stay for two weeks. This to be able to finish up everything and hand over the system to the customer.

The first four days became five days for me which was OK, I came back home Saturday instead as the planned Friday. So no big deal really.

The problem started first Monday morning when I was back at office. And approximately 07:30 when a call from the customer came telling me. Your service technician is leaving with the first available flight!. This as the customer understood due to the war between Turkey and Syria. We were after all in Istanbul and more than 800 km north from any war zone so no danger.

I realised a really busy/chaos Monday would start! The start was calling the technician.  He explained that his department boss in Germany had ordered him home with first available flight. When I asked why? He explained there was a German warning for travel to Turkey! I told him that the warning is only at the boarder zone. Between Turkey and Syria and this warning counts for most countries! No problem really. In the end we decided it would be best if I called his boss.

I called his boss which was the biggest waste of time in my life as he thought the bombs was flying over his service technicians head. No point wasting time with him, better prepare plan B.

In the end as no available technicians was around plan B went in the wast bin too. The solution was, I had to go back once more which was plan C.

So when arriving on the shipyard again. The customer was really happy and welcomed me back as the big saviour of the day. A few jokes was told as well about my travel back and forward.  As well about our german branch office and the policy they have.

In the end I stayed the whole week. Travel back on the Friday and was back home approx. five o’clock. Everything went as planned and we managed to finalise what I should.

When I arrived home Diana together with friends from Luxembourg was waiting. Restaurant was booked already I came home perfect in time to say hello and have a quick shower and off we went to dinner. 


Leaving Rosignano for Isola d’Elba


Stop the Bloodbath