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Dec 09 2017

Diana on Koffermarkt

Today is the day for Diana and her exhibition at a Koffermarkt in Frauenfeld.

Yesterday evening Diana regretted that she got a table there to start with.As she started a new job last week her head is right now quite full with that. All new things she have to learn. That meant that she thought that the exhibition was little to much right now.

Anyway we went there this morning at 8:30. On the way changed money so that she would have some change in case someone would buy anything.

We said both on the way that with change in the wallet no one will buy and of course with no change everyone would like to buy something.

In the end change she have and we have to see how it is going in the end.

When I am writing this post Diana is still at the koffermarkt and I have no idea how it is going.

I can only cross my fingers that it will be a good satisfying day.

When Diana prepared her table I did take a few pictures which you can see here.


Sep 30 2017

Anchoring at Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

Then we reached our last anchor spot. 😭… We headed for Cala di Volpe which is host for all the famous🍾🥂.

Even Lady Diana the late Princess has been at this spot. We figured that if it is good enough for a Lady why not for us.

It was a wonderful spot for an evening and night at anchor, even if it was quite windy when arriving late afternoon but it became perfect later.



Sep 02 2017

Last days of sailing Sardinia spring 2017

Then we came to the end of our marvellous week of sailing Sardinia, May 2017.

We thought we could end this with a short movie. We hope you will enjoy it.

Next trip is already booked. It will be Malta.

If we find a nice sailing yacht or a sailing catamaran we will book this. Otherwise it will be a booooooring hotel.



May 06 2017

Views from our surrounding

Last weekend we took a walk around the area where we live.
When we was doing so. I tested our new camera which is a Nikon Coolpix B700.
Why we chose this model was because of the compact design. The objective which is mounted is Nikkor 60X wide optical zoom 4.3 – 258 mm.
So we never need to change objective.

As most probably everyone knows there exists much better cameras but on the other hand we are no professionals.

We need a camera for quick operation and then without zoom as well as for far away objects.
As you can see on some of the pictures here below, the quality is in my eyes quite impressive.
Bare in mind that I am a 100% amateur and have just started the interesting journey within photographing.


Mar 31 2017

Spring has arrived in Switzerland, Harley time

Finally the warm weather have arrived here in Switzerland. With temperatures between 17 – 20°C and a lot of sun.

Just wonderful and even Odin loves it and start enjoying to be outside again without freezing his a.. off.

For me it’s Harley time.

Monday afternoon it was time for the first ride this year. When I took my little ride I mounted the camera on the bike and cut together a little movie later.

It was a short but nice trip up to Lake Constanze. On my way back I drove around where we live to show how it looks like.






Mar 03 2017

Who is hungry?

We realised that we have quite a few unpublished recipes, which we would like to share with you.

It takes a good amount of time, to write down all recipes plus get everything ready, including pictures,

We decided to do a recipe post this week.

The result is pretty satisfying, We must say……

We hope you like it too and maybe try one or two of our cooking inspirations!

You’ll find them in detail under the tag “Frejas Galley”, among other recipes, of course.


Spätzle Pfanne

Potato Pizza

Garlic Soup



Be creative and enjoy – bye for now!

Feb 10 2017

Preparing for our sailing vacation 

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have booked a sailing catamaran, in Sardinia.

For making the vacation as good as possible there are certain things which need to be prepaired.

Right now I am doing the RYA SRC education to obtain a Short Range Certificate…. That will allow me to use the VHF radio onboard. At least one person onboard needs to have this certificate.

We have a lot more to look into, for example organise sea charts, pilot books and an almanac over Sardinia. This will allow us to plan the routes day by day and to find nice spots where to stay over night. This week, we finally received all the necessary items!

I downloaded the Transas iSailor and all charts around Italy to my iPad too.

Transas iSailor is a marine GPS navigation system intended for use on iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.

I have worked many years onboard different ships, as well as visiting them quite often for service and new installations of equipments through my company.

I have seen that Transas navigation software is the most common one.

So I thought that if it’s good enough for the merchant marine it will most certainly work for us as well.

Detailed info about anchoring points and marinas.

Anyhow, even if it’s a good gadget, the common paper charts are a must – in our opinion at least. In case the electronics stop working, it’s good important to know where you are – imagine, no one is around you can ask….

Regulation says that you shall fill in a logbook with all data such as course, speed, barometric pressure, weather, wind and then as well the actual position.

I know many do not bother about this.

They will regret it, that day their computers brakes down and they have no clue where they are.

Unfortunately, it will be a bit too late for them then.

In case you are in the middle of the Atlantic, it can be a scary thought….