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Howdy Cowboy

As you might have noticed our weekly post is a little delayed. The reason is that I should do this post and not Diana.

We thought it could be a good post this week because I am right now on a business trip in Nebraska but I’m living in Missouri. So the idea was that it should be a post with a lot of pictures.

The reason for the delay and not a proper finished post I blame on today’s internet security.

Anyhow I will add a few picture here below and when I am back home i will fill it out with some more information about my trip.


The thing was that my trip to USA was to start up a little power plant. One 1 engine so all in all an easy task….. and it was.

What I could see was that this power plant is like an working museum with 8 more engines which have been installed between 1930 untit 1972… the amazing thing is that they use these engines even today as a backup power plant.

Impressive and fantastic is all that I can say.

Danzig a city recommended to visit

This week I have been in Danzig, Poland from Monday to Wednesday. It was no leisure visit though. I was there for my job as we have production of steel parts there.

Here are two picture from the steel parts. As you can see they are quite big units.


This trip was not planned in but as the customer wanted to see the production. I had to be there as well and as Danzig is a beautiful city why not.

Here below you can see a few picture from this beautiful city.

I can just recommend that if you want to visit a nice town close to the riviera of the baltic sea this is where to go. Nowadays they are renovating and building a lot of new houses and I love that they build them as the old style. The new building fits in with the old houses from 12th century.

Two new recipes

As we both have had a cold the last week we decided to add two new recipes instead.

We have not been out and around that much this week.


Älpler magronen

Hope you will test and enjoy them.

Home alone

Sorry for the late post this week, but Odin and I are home alone until tomorrow.

Diana  have a girl weekend together with our friend Michaela. They are visiting a wellness hotel in Germany until tomorrow. They sen a few pictures which you can see here. Wellness ….. hmmmmm.

As Diana is away she ordered us to do hips of thing…. That much that the post is late and that Odin was so tired that he went to bed already at 17:00. Anyway we did have a nice day just us guys who are on the same page. Who can carrie out all tasks without stress. We even took our time to make a pizza which we enjoyed together.

Now it is so late that me as well will head up and maybe watch a movie. If it’s a good movie Odin might join me, who knows.

Wish you all a nice Saturday eve.

Christmas in Sweden

We hope everyone’s had a wonderful Christmas as we’ve had.

We travelled to Helsingborg, Sweden and celebrated together with my family and friends.

Our flight left Zurich just after 12 o’clock on the 23d of December and we arrived Copenhagen just after 14. As we would need to take the train from the airport to Helsingborg and the time was pretty tight we run trough the airport to the baggage claim, but in vain. As we have learned the guys at Copenhagen airport who handle all baggage are not the quickest in the world. It took 45 minutes from the plane landed until our bag arrived.

OK, we aimed for the next train. When we should walk down to the platform we could see it was cancelled….hmmm, without any explanation. As we have seen earlier there was a train leaving to Helsingör, Denmark a few minutes later. From there, there is a ferry crossing over to Helsingborg. We decided for that way of travel.

It was a good choice, the train arrived just in time for the next ferry. On the ferry we had time for a glass of white wine each. We arrived at 17:15 at our hotel, checked in and headed for our room to throw in the bags only …… Waoooo – and what a room we got!

The hotel – it’s called Elite Plaza Mollberg – is by the way the oldest in Sweden. It exists since 1344!

Anyway we did not have much time. We have a planned to meet our friends Mia and Lars in the bar. Later in the evening Diana and I was invited for dinner at my parents place.

24th of December we had the day together with Mia and Lars. We should be picked up outside the hotel around 18:00 by my sisters husband Hans. So we started with a nice breakfast after that the four of us decided to have a champagne breakfast in our room (which was not a bad start of the day).

After that we headed out to town for some shopping (at least  Mia and Diana). As the weather was not the best and it started raining we decided to find a bar…. no bar was open we noticed. Next plan was that we go back to the hotel instead and have a beer or wine. Just after six in the eve we arrived at my sisters house for the Christmas eve dinner, It was fun to meet everyone, it was two years ago, we’ve seen eachother. I have missed the wonderful Christmas buffet which we have in Sweden.

As my sister works as chef and has her own catering company, she is used to cooking, she even did vegan dishes for Diana. Really filled up with food we left for the hotel just after midnight.

25th of December it was time for our trip home. We said goodby to Mia and Lars around 10 in the morning, they drove back home to Gothenburg and we left for the ferry and later the train to Copenhagen airport. At six in the eve we were back home and greeted by a happy Odin.


Diana on Koffermarkt

Today is the day for Diana and her exhibition at a Koffermarkt in Frauenfeld.

Yesterday evening Diana regretted that she got a table there to start with.As she started a new job last week her head is right now quite full with that. All new things she have to learn. That meant that she thought that the exhibition was little to much right now.

Anyway we went there this morning at 8:30. On the way changed money so that she would have some change in case someone would buy anything.

We said both on the way that with change in the wallet no one will buy and of course with no change everyone would like to buy something.

In the end change she have and we have to see how it is going in the end.

When I am writing this post Diana is still at the koffermarkt and I have no idea how it is going.

I can only cross my fingers that it will be a good satisfying day.

When Diana prepared her table I did take a few pictures which you can see here.


Anchoring at Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

Then we reached our last anchor spot and Anchoring at Cala di Volpe, Sardinia. ?… We headed for Cala di Volpe which is host for all the famous??.

Even Lady Diana the late Princess has been at this spot. We figured that if it is good enough for a Lady why not for us.

It was a wonderful spot for an evening and night at anchor, even if it was quite windy when arriving late afternoon but it became perfect later.


[kad_youtube url=”” width=550 height=400 ]

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