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Learning to Fly !

After completing the sailing licence a while ago, Patrik decided he wants to learn to fly…..with a drone! ?

DJI Spark Drone

Yes, he’s got a new toy since Monday and is happier than a little child on Xmas Day! Nevertheless, it took him a while to get the thing started. At least the lights are beautiful……but how the heck does it fly ⁉️

DJI Spark Drone HOW DOES IT WORK DJI Spark Drone lights on

Almost two hours of intensive fiddling about later, the drone was finally in the air! Ok, it was a bit wobbly and bumpy at first, but hey, practice makes perfect! The next day he went to the vineyard close to us, to do some serious exercise and – ta-daaa – here comes the result!

Not too bad, after such a short time, eh?!

Well, next we needed to find a suitable name for the little thing….YES, of course it needs a name! Even our lawnmower was baptized, he’s called “Sleipner” ?

Anyway, after being torn between “Dragonfly”, Stella (“Star” in Italian), “Hugin” or “Mugin” (the two ravens of Odin – the Nordic God – had), we settled for “Farfalla”. It means “Butterfly” in Italian  ?


Of course Farfalla is accompanying us to Sardinia. We hope to get some exciting films and pictures out in the sea! Hopefully, Patrik practiced the “touch-down” part properly…….. ?

Rhodes Power Plant, Greece

As it turned out this week I had to jump in and help our supervisor and service team once again. I didn’t mind I must say.

Some of the guys and the only  woman we have is  on holiday, others are out on work. This time I received a call from the woman who is responsible for this new power plant. She was on holiday when the customer contacted her, with the info, she was needed in a hurry.

As she was in Finland on holiday and knew that I cover for her last time, when I was in Falls City Nebraska, she thought why not call me and ask if it was OK for me to go.

This Power Plant is a new built and has been an ongoing project for 10 years (over finance crises and all).

Four – five weeks ago the old Power Plant on Rhodes had a fire with the result that 1/3 of the electricity which should serve the island was gone…. Not the best during high season.

At this stage it was no discussion for the authorities to pull the thumbs out and let everyone finish it up and start to produce the electricity needed for the island.

What do you say when the question comes…. can you travel to Rhodes Monday next week????. Hmmm for me  I said for sure I go. Of course a lot of work, but there is always time for a swim in the ocean and all the good Greek food……mmmmmm fantastic.


So Yeah, I booked my trip and arrived Monday evening. The local crew should be ready Tuesday morning.

I arrived on site Tuesday morning and the team I should supervise was ready and had started prepare a little. This team was just fantastic and among the best site team I have ever seen. After a while I had to ask from where they came. They informed me that they came from Albania and worked since years in Greece (Fantastic and I thought they come  from Greece and I had asked them a lot about Greece).

I had the privilege to work with them for two days. After that it was time for me to start up the exhaust gas cleaning system for the engines. This as well went as a clock work. Now the island Rhodes have a top modern Power Plant which emit no emissions.

It surprised me that when talking to the locals they where really concerned about the environment.

I did not believe/knew that the green thinking had become so strong in Greece.

I applaud the people of Rhodes and that they take the world pollution serious and can see that it is needed to do something.


Luna Azzurra in Barcelona

I am right now in Barcelona and have visit Luna Azzurra yesterday together with Michael from Clipper Marine.

The visit was a last inspection of the status of repairs which we wanted to have done from Clipper Marine before we take her over. As it turned out it turned out. What a luck, cause the whole engine have been lifted ashore and been totally overhauled (two new pistons and cylinder liner, bearings, cylinder head including valves) So in the end a new engine which we even have to run in. Could just imagine what cost all this would be for us.

When we arrive in the morning the service team was still working on the engine with some last adjustments. In the end  filling up oil and coolant. First after lunch was the engine ready for a first start and it work perfect.

When the engine was up running we could finally enter inside as well to inspect whats have been done. Control of inventories and a few open issues. Seems like the old owner left everything except personal belongings. A lot of tools and spare parts was left for us which is perfect. Of course all the kitchen inventory was there as well, we will not have to bring anything with us for our sailing over to Loano.

First at five in the afternoon was the inspection finished and with a handshake Michael and I finished the deal. Now it’s all the paper works left which we hope to have ready soon.

I add a few pictures now from Luna Azzurra and I will try to take some more from Barcelona before leaving for the airport today.

In the end of the day I had a wonderful dinner in Barcelona.

Back home from Nebraska again

Now I am finally home again. The trip took a few days more than planned. I had the flight home booked for the 29th of May but due to extreme heat some work took a little longer than planned.

So I had to postpone my flight home until the 31st of May. Landed in Zurich on the 1st of June early in the morning. So for me the whole first day was to keep awake as long as possible to come back in our own timezone as quick as possible.

Here comes as well a few more pictures from my trip overseas. As I wrote in my last post. This power plant is a working museum and I add as well a few more picture of these old beautiful engines. At least for me as an engineer it’s interesting.


Howdy Cowboy

As you might have noticed our weekly post is a little delayed. The reason is that I should do this post and not Diana.

We thought it could be a good post this week because I am right now on a business trip in Nebraska but I’m living in Missouri. So the idea was that it should be a post with a lot of pictures.

The reason for the delay and not a proper finished post I blame on today’s internet security.

Anyhow I will add a few picture here below and when I am back home i will fill it out with some more information about my trip.


The thing was that my trip to USA was to start up a little power plant. One 1 engine so all in all an easy task….. and it was.

What I could see was that this power plant is like an working museum with 8 more engines which have been installed between 1930 untit 1972… the amazing thing is that they use these engines even today as a backup power plant.

Impressive and fantastic is all that I can say.

Danzig a city recommended to visit

This week I have been in Danzig, Poland from Monday to Wednesday. It was no leisure visit though. I was there for my job as we have production of steel parts there.

Here are two picture from the steel parts. As you can see they are quite big units.


This trip was not planned in but as the customer wanted to see the production. I had to be there as well and as Danzig is a beautiful city why not.

Here below you can see a few picture from this beautiful city.

I can just recommend that if you want to visit a nice town close to the riviera of the baltic sea this is where to go. Nowadays they are renovating and building a lot of new houses and I love that they build them as the old style. The new building fits in with the old houses from 12th century.

Two new recipes

As we both have had a cold the last week we decided to add two new recipes instead.

We have not been out and around that much this week.


Älpler magronen

Hope you will test and enjoy them.

Stop the Bloodbath