Back home from Nebraska again

Now I am finally home again. The trip took a few days more than planned. I had the flight home booked for the 29th of May but due to extreme heat some work took a little longer than planned.

So I had to postpone my flight home until the 31st of May. Landed in Zurich on the 1st of June early in the morning. So for me the whole first day was to keep awake as long as possible to come back in our own timezone as quick as possible.

Here comes as well a few more pictures from my trip overseas. As I wrote in my last post. This power plant is a working museum and I add as well a few more picture of these old beautiful engines. At least for me as an engineer it’s interesting.


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    • Sigrid Starck on June 2, 2018 at 1:13 pm
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    Hej Patrik

    Skönt att du kommit hem välbehållen.
    Intressant att se landskapet. Gamla kraftverk ska man nog vara rädd om, vem vet en dag kanske de är guldvärda och kommer till användning igen även i Sverige. Fint tagna bilder.

    Mamma och Pappa

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