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Aug 11 2017

URGENT – Dolphins in Taiji need our help!

An urgent cry for help reached us this week from “Australia for Dolphins” (AFD), wherefore we decided to to postpone the last part of our Sardinia report (again….sorry).

This is the message we received:


Can you please take a minute and sign this petition to stop thousands of dolphins being hacked to death?
I’m sad and outraged at dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan. It’s not a “tradition” – it just makes a few greedy hunters and middlemen rich. The dolphins suffer horribly before they die a slow and agonising death.
Please help with this important issue. Sign the petition to pressure the one man who can stop this season’s hunts:
Add your name to the global petition to #StopTheBloodBath now.
Thanks very much.
There are only a few weeks left, until the brutal slaughter will start – therefore, it’s important to sign and spread this petition asap!
By supporting AFD and/or Sea Shepherd you show compassion and that you care about marine mammals!
Thank you so much for your help – in the name of the dolphins!

Aug 01 2017

Happy Birthday, Switzerland !

A quick sign of life from my side, folks!

My mum and dad are occupying the computer so much with their Sardinia stories, I hardly catch sight of it. But now dad is away, working on a big Swedish ferry. My mum is busy with vacuuming the house, to my great annoyance!

Well, my dad’s parents are coming from Sweden on Thursday and mum feels like the whole house needs to be bloody renovated…

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is, that today, 1st of August, Switzerland celebrates its birthday! So my best wishes and a Happy Swiss National Day – you still look great with your 726 years!

Well….one cat’s joy is another cat’s sorrow….MINE for example!

Celebrating this day means, people are igniting fires everywhere (in the evenings) and start fireworks and crackers (typically also in the evening, but it had already started a couple of days ago).

Now, my mum is very worried about me because of all the noise and rockets. She even turned down invitations from friends and family, in order to stay at home with me! The thing is, do I want to stay at home and locked-up inside? I found it very interesting the last few days, hunting in the fields beside us – there are loads of mice, waiting for me to play with….

A while ago – it’s lunch time now – I was outside and checked the surroundings. Still pretty quiet, so far! A bit further up from my house, people from the village’s shooting club are still working and preparing everything for a huge party tonight: A big pile of wood, massive fireworks and bars. All that means, many people will be driving here and visit the event!

And that’s the reason why my mum is so afraid ….the same could happen to me, as to my beloved brother Thor, who died two years ago….*sniff*

All righty then! I’ll do her the favour, and be home in a reasonable time. Spending the evening with her on the sofa, watching tv, and play the cuddly sweet kitty! *purrrr* 

Wish you all – who can – a great night, out in the wild    =^.^=

PS: Photo’s will follow – my mum doesn’t know how to put them in a post…..erm….neither do I……


Jan 27 2017

To charter a cat – what a challenge !

Well, since Patrik and I did the RYA Day Skipper Tidal course last year. The next logical step is, to charter our own yacht, right?! We are talking about bareboat! Of course we need to practice what we’ve learned so far. We also want to proof to ourselves that we are able to handle a sailing boat – and each other on it.

No doubt about the type of vessel: It has to be a catamaran, in order to finally find out, what a multihull feels like.

So, the first task was to find an area we both like, not too far away from Switzerland, ideally reachable by car. We prefer low season, sunny and hopefully (already or still) reasonably warm weather, with only a modicum of tourists. The Mediterranean around Italy seems perfect, with its beautiful and many islands. Malta is unfortunately too far away to reach by car….

We soon settled for Sardinia, one week by the end of May, since friends of us travel there often and we, therefore, saw many spectacular photos of this isle. Plus it has been on our travel-bucket list for a while.

The good thing with Sardinia is, we can travel by car to either Genova or Livorno and take the ferry from there. Taking the car means, we can take our own bedding with us, plus towels, kitchen-stuff (we actually have a complete camping set, with dishes, glasses and pots) an even some food in the cool box – mainly vegetarian specialties, such as seitan- and/or soy-“meat”, which could be tricky to get in Italy.

Of course, charter boats do provide bedding, towels and kitchen gear, but a) often you have to pay extra for that and b) how clean is is? Yes, I admit, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to “that”. But hey, rather being like that that otherwise!

Anyway, back to searching a charter company, which offers catamarans on Sardinia. Sure enough, we found a choice of companies with suitable yachts – Leopard 384 was our N°. One, or a Lagoon 400 S2. The prices varied roughly between CHF 3’000.- and CHF 4’000.- per week, and each had different “T&C”. Then, there was the jungle about security deposits….

We started contacting the most promising ones (about four or five). First by asking a couple of questions through their chat-service on their websites, then by requesting an offer. Most of all we wanted to make sure, that our RYA certs were valid in Italy for bareboat charter, and – as we would have our car with us – if there was a car park available near the marina.

Soon it became apparent that it was very difficult for some companies to read our emails properly….Some answered not at all to our questions, but sent a copy/paste email back, others sent a 3-page offer with their whole fleet – including the ones, available skippered only *sigh*. Then, we also realized that many of these “Sailing Specialists” could hardly understand English (although one can choose from several communication languages – English was one of them), and Patrik and I doubted soon, if some of them knew what a vessel actually IS. To put it mildly, it was a bit frustrating with some of them.

I think it took over a week until we finally had the necessary answers from two charter companies. We settled eventually for the one. Who offered a Leopard 384 for the right price and service (the other one had a nice Lagoon 400 S2, also for an acceptable amount, but since we love kitties….  =^.^=….).

So, right now, the 50% down payment has been done. So we can concentrate on finding an attractive ferry connection to Sardinia. There you could also get a few surprises, if you don’t read and understand the small print.

I am a bit nervous, I have to confess, but Patrik is so certain and confident. He takes my little doubts away in a whoosh and reassures me that we will take it easy. Just have fun and practice and improve our gained skills.

At the moment he is preparing for the RYA SRC/VHF radio certificate. He is doing that online again – as he did the RYA Day Skipper Tidal theoretical course. For the exam he will have to travel to Constance (just over the border, in Germany, about 30-40 minutes from us) – which will be in March 2017.

It seems we will be well prepared and ready until May – Sardinia, we are coooooomin’    !!

Dec 01 2016

Thank you for your Comments

We would like to thank you all. Who took their time to write a comment to us. All the positive funny and well meant writings are truly appreciated and we love them all!


Now, the problem is. If we receive comments including links to ads, they automatically end up in our spam filter and – quite honestly – we do not want our blog ending up as a billboard. That is the main reason why all comments are not getting published.

Another story is that, If you include your private blog or website address to your comment. Your comment will then be published of course.

Anyhow, we do hope, you understand our concerns about our beloved blog. Our efforts to keep it “clean” and our stile. And please, keep writing to us, we really do enjoy your comments ?