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Oct 07 2017

What? Already October??

Dear Furiends!

Can you believe it? Recently was still happy summertime and – bang! – it’s autumn!

Those of you who know me, know how much I hate it! And even worse: Winter will be next! ❄️❄️

I already had a taste of what is awaiting poor me! Wetness, cold, wind, fog….you name it! None of it suits my taste, that’s for sure!

I mean, you guys have our gear, but – honestly – what would I look like in wellingtons? I doubt if I still would be a respectable cat in those items! After all, it’s ME, who is guarding our house and garden.

Imagine, me coming around a corner with a (pink?) rain cap, trying to scare away some neighbours cat?! Inconceivable!!

And winter is even worse: Shall I wear a knitted scarf and woollen gloves, or what?! Ridiculous!

But you might see my problem? I do get cold in the winter, especially my delicate ears and paws….. *sigh*

Well, well, it looks like I just have to put up with my fate. Luckily, we cats sleep a lot, so I will go, have a nap and dream about summertime….

Sweet dreams to you all and take care (watch out for the snowflakes!)



Apr 14 2017

Hoppy Easter!

Hello everyone!

We wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND!


….and don’t eat too much chocolate 🐰

Feb 24 2017

A Girls Week!

I’ve had such an odd week……

On Monday early morning, my Dad had to travel to Kiel/Germany, to work on a ferry. That’s not sooooo unusual, as most of you know. But at the same time Tiana – our neighbors teenage daughter – came and lived with Mum and me, starting on Sunday noon!

The reason was, her mum, Cony (who is taking care of me, when my Mum and Dad are on vacation), had to go away from Sunday until yesterday. Her two boys – Samuel and Kilian – are on a ski camp with their classes, and since Cony is a trained cook, she was asked to accompany them (totally about 50 children and 10 teachers), as their chef.

Tiana visits another school and therefore, couldn’t go with them. And since she didn’t want to be all by herself in their house. Mum offered that she could stay with us.

Still no drama, but when Dad suddenly announced that he – unexpectedly – had to visit his customer on Monday till Wednesday, I wasn’t that thrilled!

This meant, ME alone with TWO GIRLS! 

Plus, Mum and Dad know very well, that I’m the boss in the house, but does Tiana….?!

And sure enough, girls talk and giggles every evening. No cosy TV-snuggle-up-on-the-sofa nights…..After dinner Tiana had to do her homework and my Mum did the dishes, while I tried to get some attention goodies…..with little success.

During the night I tried to sneak into Tiana’s room, but no chance: The door was ajar….which obviously meant, I was not allowed on her bed. Well then, back to my waterbed and Mum…..

OK, OK, it wasn’t THAT bad……… sometimes they did pay attention to me and gave me some cuddles – and goodies *purr* !

But WHY on earth always these silly selfies???? 


Anyway, Wednesday evening arrived and Dad finally came home and appreciated VIM (Very-Important-Me)! Funnily enough, not many goodies from him, though….?!

Well, well, weekend is on its way and it will be just the three of us.

But, who knows…I might sneak over to Cony, Tiana and the boys, they might have a goodie for me, or two?!

Wish you all a fantastic week =^.^=


Feb 03 2017

My busy week…….  ?

Hello, my furry – and not-so-furry – friends! I’ve had a busy week and I’m glad it’s Friday today!

Since my Mum and Dad didn’t have time to write a new post (actually, my suspicion is, they couldn’t be bothered), I sacrificed myself to this task. So, this was my week:

Oh, I think Mum and Dad are coming home….

Time to prepare some dinner…..                                                                                                                    


….not as easy as I thought…..

DONE! It’s play time 🙂           Yeahhh !!                                 ….what??…



*purrrrrr*                                                                                 Loooove my mouseeeeee…. ♥


The next day….. did I hear something?                                  ….wonder where they are……?!

And yet, another day…..still too cold to be outside….what to do instead?


…hmmm….check my toys again….never know….                 I even did a selfie……*ops*   🙂

…..could it be my humans coming home? *peek*

You’re kidding me! THAT’S FOR DINNER??

….I better hide!

Thank God it’s Friday! What a busy week, right?

Wish you all a purrfect weekend =^.^=




Jan 20 2017

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I proudly announce that today is my dad’s birthday !

But not just any birthday – it’s his 50th and that’s very special of course. He’ll get some licks and purrs later on from me and I might even play with him for a while. I don’t know yet, what present he’ll get from Diana, though, but I bet he’ll like mine a lot more .

I’m just a little confused about the numbers….I know it’s his 50th birthday, but he always talks about 25plus….. very puzzling I must say *sigh*

Well, I guess I’ll have to withdraw for a while and brood about it. Not for too long of course, otherwise I’ll miss the aperitif, which will be served later in the afternoon!

For the evening, he apparently booked a table for four at our local restaurant and not even Diana knows, who the other two are…. I’m pretty sure it won’t be me, even though I was asked, but was told to bring only one girlfriend. That complicated everything, as one might understand, but they deserve an evening out without me, I reckon!

For now I had to sacrifice oneself a little, so we took two selfies, as the humans call it (in my eyes quite ridiculous as you might see).

Anyway, tomorrow you’ll find some more pictures of this special day and the evening….so stay tuned!


Jan 13 2017

Snow, snow, snow….

Switzerland is in the grip of the winter……and I’m not very amused about it!

Nevertheless, I ordered my dad outside, I order him to take some pictures for you guys. As you can see winter has finally arrived. Since January 2nd we have snow and according to the weather forecast more will come during the weekend!


Of course, some humans are happy about it, especially the little ones, who love to play in the white mess mass!

Well, I definitely do not belong to them! It’s even too cold, to go hunting (which makes my mum happy – spoilsport….). If I could choose, spring would be here already.


How is the weather where you are?

Dec 24 2016

Xmas Greetings !

Dear all Xmas Greetings and wishes of more peace into this world!

My humans and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May 2017 bring joy and bit more peace into this world – so long and many hugs ❤️