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Finished !

Finally, after a couple of more visits at “Good Stuff Tattoo”, since my last “tattoo post”. Lorenz finished his art work on 29th May! And it truly is a piece of art – I’m very pleased!

Even Patrik and my parents – who aren’t the tattoo enthusiasts (to say it mildly) – had to admit that it looks stunning!

So this week I still have to nurse it with a healing cream, and for at least two weeks more, it’s not allowed in the sun. After that with a high UV protection only, for maybe another month or two.

In about a month time I’ll visit Lorenz one last time. he wants to take pictures for his website and catalogue.

Around that time Patrik and I will finally travel to Barcelona in order to sail our LUNA AZZURRA to Loano/Italy!

Yeah, it doesn’t get boring, does it?!

Back home from Nebraska again

Now I am finally home again. The trip took a few days more than planned. I had the flight home booked for the 29th of May but due to extreme heat some work took a little longer than planned.

So I had to postpone my flight home until the 31st of May. Landed in Zurich on the 1st of June early in the morning. So for me the whole first day was to keep awake as long as possible to come back in our own timezone as quick as possible.

Here comes as well a few more pictures from my trip overseas. As I wrote in my last post. This power plant is a working museum and I add as well a few more picture of these old beautiful engines. At least for me as an engineer it’s interesting.


Howdy Cowboy

As you might have noticed our weekly post is a little delayed. The reason is that I should do this post and not Diana.

We thought it could be a good post this week because I am right now on a business trip in Nebraska but I’m living in Missouri. So the idea was that it should be a post with a lot of pictures.

The reason for the delay and not a proper finished post I blame on today’s internet security.

Anyhow I will add a few picture here below and when I am back home i will fill it out with some more information about my trip.


The thing was that my trip to USA was to start up a little power plant. One 1 engine so all in all an easy task….. and it was.

What I could see was that this power plant is like an working museum with 8 more engines which have been installed between 1930 untit 1972… the amazing thing is that they use these engines even today as a backup power plant.

Impressive and fantastic is all that I can say.

It has come true!

Well, since our trip to Mallorca, we have been in constant contact with Michael, from Clipper Marine, the responsible broker for DORAH. The price tag was EUR 85’000.- incl. TAX, which undeniably is a fair price.


Nevertheless, Ian, the surveyor found a couple of deficiencies, which have to be fixed.

So Patrik and I offered EUR 78’000.-, which includes all necessary repairs, done professionally through Clipper Marine. Then Michael came back after a few days with a new price of 75’000.-, but the repairs would be our responsibility.

Cool price, of course! But since Patrik and I a) are not in Spain and b) don’t know anyone there, how the hell should we manage getting in an offer, not to mention discussing details?! Absolutely impossible!

Therefore, we told Michael, if he gets in the offers for the work to be done, according to our “wish list”, then we can discuss further and hopefully come to a conclusion. Or, we would pay 80’000.- and everything will be done by Clipper Marine!

Michael agreed to our first suggestion, to organize the offers.

And on Wednesday evening Michael called and came with a new solution: We would get DORAH for EUR 80’000.- and ALL required repairs would be done by Clipper Marine! *YEAH*

Furthermore, he explained, it was nearly impossible to get offers in and/or work done, since the season is in full speed. Luckily he has contacts, who came to look at DORAH after work. But in case they would agree, it would take at least three weeks, until the repairs would even start, let alone when they would be finished….

Ha, see! It was even hard for Michael – a local – to get information! How on earth should have Patrik and I managed from Switzerland?

Anyhow, Michael suggested that they would sail DORAH to Barcelona, to their Bavaria branch/repair shop and do the whole lot there! If that would be OK for us? If it would be our wish to pick her up from Mallorca, after the repairs were done, he would sail her back to Palma.

No need, we gladly pick her up in Barcelona, so Patrik told him that and heard a deep gasp of relief!

Sweet, so everything is settled! DORAH will be sailed to Barcelona this week/weekend and they’ll start working on her next week. The repairs shouldn’t take longer than two weeks, according to Michael.

Meanwhile, Patrik and I are starting to organize other things, like registration (we want to have her Malta registered), insurance, planning the sailing route from Barcelona to Loano – which will take about 2-3 days, plus writing a shopping list for new stuff needed on DORAH!

Patrik and I are truly thrilled and more than happy! Our wish has come true and under our conditions, that’s just great!

Ah yes, by the way, DORAH will be renamed. Her new name will be LUNA AZZURRA !

Do we now have to organize a christening?

Danzig a city recommended to visit

This week I have been in Danzig, Poland from Monday to Wednesday. It was no leisure visit though. I was there for my job as we have production of steel parts there.

Here are two picture from the steel parts. As you can see they are quite big units.


This trip was not planned in but as the customer wanted to see the production. I had to be there as well and as Danzig is a beautiful city why not.

Here below you can see a few picture from this beautiful city.

I can just recommend that if you want to visit a nice town close to the riviera of the baltic sea this is where to go. Nowadays they are renovating and building a lot of new houses and I love that they build them as the old style. The new building fits in with the old houses from 12th century.


No, it’s not a crossword puzzle position…. It’s our mooring spot at the Marina di Loano, Italy!

Last week, the thought suddenly hit us that we might need to book a mooring for our future boat. The sailing season starts and we don’t know how busy the marina will be in a few weeks.

What, if we buy DORAH and there is no more mooring available? We can’t possibly park her in our garden, can we?

So Patrik wrote to Elisa, at the Marina di Loano and asked about it. And indeed, there were only three places left on the sea side (our preferred side). Two weeks ago were still five available….

She answered by return and sent him a map of the marina with the three spots red marked – we even could choose, which one we favour!

Of course it was a big benefit that we visited the marina recently and knew how everything looks like. Means, we didn’t have to discuss for too long and picked M13!

Next, we had to do a down payment of 10% of an annual rent, which was roughly EUR 850.- . The contract for a year starts on 01st June 2018 – that’s about the time we plan to sail DORAH from Mallorca to Loano….Cool, so that’s settled!

And, yes, yes, we are still negotiating the price with Michael. The boat show in Palma di Mallorca is over and he has more time now. Hopefully, next week the deal will be wrapped up!

Meet “The CATs Anchor”!

It’s been a while, since I wrote about my passion and hobby: Doing jewelry and coming up with new ideas!


Since my exhibition last December, I have to admit, I didn’t do too much. Lack of time is the fanciless excuse….hmmm, for being a creative person, this explanation sounds very lame!

Anyway, the positive news is that the organizer of the last exhibition (trunk market = Koffermarkt) is planning a new one, for Saturday, 23rdJune 2018. She even remembered me, sending me an application form. Of course, I gladly filled it in and returned it to her, hoping I’ll be in the race!

At the same time I wanted a different layout for my creations. The last trunk was very beautiful, but a bit too big compared to the size of the bracelets and necklaces. So, I invested in a new one, or two new ones – a set. I’m very happy with them and Patrik will help me, to build the “inner life”, with small racks and hangers. The material is already at home and waiting to be transformed!

I added a new piece to my collection: it’s a can cooler made of neoprene and the first one is finished! I must say, I’m very pleased with the result and Patrik is doing the hardness test these days. Looks good so far!

It wasn’t so easy to choose one color, out of the huge selection. But I had to be reasonable and start with a small production, in order to find out if anyone would be interested in them. Let’s hope we’ll have hot summer, with many cold drinks which need to be cooled 🙂

So, in my opinion my stuff fits perfect into a summer-beach-holiday-sun-feeling!

Not to forget showing responsibility for our environment, by using the re-usable cloth bags, when buying fruits and/or vegies, instead of using the dumb plastic bags!

Yes, I have sewn a few of them and sell them in sets of five. For each sale, CHF 2.- goes to “Ocean Care”. (Still wondering how much longer these free plastic bags will be available in the shops!)

Well, here are a few impressions of my work, which – by the way – goes under the name of “The CATs Anchor”.

A new side has also been created, but it’s still under construction…..patience is the magic word 🙂

Stop the Bloodbath