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We’re home again!

Our week in Malta is already over….can you believe it?!

We had a blast, exploring and discovering the island yet again! Combined with excellent food, an amazing B&B and better weather than expected!

Yesterday evening, around six p.m. we came home, greeted by our darling Odin. The temps were around eight degrees C and raining – what a “warm” welcome!

Today we’ll begin to sort out the photos and start writing the text for the following post(s)!

Like to see some impressions? Here you go:



…and we are off!

Where to? Well, Malta is the chosen destination!

Who? Patrik and me…..Odin has to stay home again (poorest thing….)

For how long? From today, 4th until 11th of November 2017 – one week only! Too bad….

Why? Mostly to celebrate my *erm* 50th birthday on the 8th of November! Yes, it’s my turn now, after Patrik celebrated his in January this year.

Some of my friends say, that I finally  become an adult….I doubt it! Hey, I mean what’s better than being childish and laughing about yourself?! hehe….

However, after being back in Switzerland again, we will meet my parents and closest friends to clink glasses! I just didn’t feel like to have a big party with loads of people. You know how it is, you are busy organising the whole thing for a start (it would definitely be easier during the summer months, instead of grey and cold autumn). Then you want to be the perfect host, which is more stressful than running a marathon and before you know it, the day is over and you are ten and out….

So, spending a relaxing week in Malta seems to be the perfect vicinity to celebrate a “special” birthday!

Then, since we are there, Patrik and I decided to meet a real estate agent, in order to get a few questions answered and see a couple of properties. Mainly to get an idea, how much real estate you get for your money. I’ve been in touch with this real estate company for quite a while, and so far we’ve got a good impression.

Yes, our plan still  is to relocate to Malta. But you want to be prepared and organised of course. So, step-by-step we get closer to our dream! Exciting!

We don’t know yet if we’ll have a new post ready for the 11th of November….but we’ll try, promised!

So long and take care! ??





As mentioned last week, Wednesday evening was the big moment – it was finally time to see the tattoo artist!

After an hour of intense discussion and a couple of laughs he gave me the go-ahead! GREAT ?

Ta-daa, and this will be the cover-up:

A few changes might be done during the session, according to Lorenz. You just can’t plan every tiny detail yet, but that’s OK for me. I have full confidence in this guy (which is a huge plus, haha)!

He then explained me the whole procedure and we settled on a date – the 12th of December, 2 p.m. Lorenz assumed the first visit would take approx. four hours. He must complete the outlines with the first session.

Then a second one will most likely be necessary, about another two hours. It’s hard to say exactly, of course. It always depends, how the skin reacts and how difficult the pattern really turns out to be.

However, we made the contract which I happily signed and we said our good-byes!

Boy, do I look forward to this date!!


Cover-Up Plans

The last weeks…..well, rather months I’ve been trying to find a satisfying solution for my old tattoo. One with the WOW – effect!

I made this tattoo about ten years ago, as a loving memory of Gulliver, our first cat.

We were still living in Sweden and thought about adopting a cat. In the end it was wonderful Gulliver who moved in with us, a beautiful black, 14 year old Norwegian Forest mix. Surely, no-one else would have adopted such an old cat (who has already spent two years in a cat shelter). We just felt magically drawn to him….I’m sure, it was meant that we found Gulliver – or maybe he found us?

Sadly, we only had him for two and a half years and shortly after we moved to Switzerland – with Gulliver of course, his kidneys (which already were damaged) got worse. On the end we couldn’t save him and with a heavy heart had to let him go over the rainbow bridge…..?

However, after ten years the tattoo looks like this

Not ugly, but not the prettiest either.

So I decided to have it covered with a new one. It had to be a cat theme since it was originally made for Gulliver, but should also include Thor, who tragically died two years ago.

Well, happily I’ve finally found “The One” – drawn by myself and mixed with ideas from the net.

I won’t show it yet, since I’m not sure if it’s doable in the first place. Next Wednesday I’ll meet the tattoo artist and see what he says. Hopefully, he gives his OK and we can go further – would be awesome!

So, next Saturday I’ll let you know, how it went! Please wish me luck ??


What? Already October??

Dear Furiends!

Can you believe it? Recently was still happy summertime and – bang! – it’s autumn!

Those of you who know me, know how much I hate it! And even worse: Winter will be next! ❄️❄️

I already had a taste of what is awaiting poor me! Wetness, cold, wind, fog….you name it! None of it suits my taste, that’s for sure!

I mean, you guys have our gear, but – honestly – what would I look like in wellingtons? I doubt if I still would be a respectable cat in those items! After all, it’s ME, who is guarding our house and garden.

Imagine, me coming around a corner with a (pink?) rain cap, trying to scare away some neighbours cat?! Inconceivable!!

And winter is even worse: Shall I wear a knitted scarf and woollen gloves, or what?! Ridiculous!

But you might see my problem? I do get cold in the winter, especially my delicate ears and paws….. *sigh*

Well, well, it looks like I just have to put up with my fate. Luckily, we cats sleep a lot, so I will go, have a nap and dream about summertime….

Sweet dreams to you all and take care (watch out for the snowflakes!)


Colourful Killers

Imagine! There is a party going on, a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary…..whatever the occasion might be.

The mood is excellent (hopefully), the food is lovely, accompanied by various drinks. Your friends are there, family, you hear laughter and chatter. Above all, the weather is perfect, just as it should be.

More often than not, you will also find varicoloured balloons on such events. Tied to strings, in order to prevent them to fly away.

Then, as a big highlight, everyone takes a balloon and all at once let them fly into the blue sky! Cheering and applause, everyone assures one another, how beautiful they look, with their different colours. Children are cheering, as the balloons get smaller and smaller, until the horizon swallows them up.

People chat a bit longer maybe, then turn around to get another bite from the buffet or another glas of wine…..the balloons are soon forgotten.

But does anyone think further? What happens to these pink and blue and yellow rubberthings, after they are out of sight? Fact is, all of them will – sooner of later – come down to earth again. Some shredded to tiny pieces, others may come down intact, but all of them turned into rubbish, no doubt about that.

Now the problem starts: Many animals mistake these pieces as food, eat them and many die. That can be cows, goats and wild animals. Others – like birds – get tangled up in the strings, still attached to the balloons. Another deadly trap.

Sooner or later, most of the balloons end up in the oceans. Other animals will try to eat these “easy prey” – such as tortoises – and realise too late, that the supposed jellyfish was something else.

I guess, everyone has seen pictures of plastic trash floating in the oceans and I bet everyone is disgusted about it. But why do most forget about it, when it comes to balloons?

My parents just returned from their vacation from the island called Oléron in France. According to them it’s one of the most precious places they have seen. They told me that one day, a group of small children with their animator from the nearby hotel came to the beach, each of them a balloon in its hand. All of them let them go at once, which clearly looked great and made the children happy!

But is it worth it? Is it worth these few moments of joy, admiring some colours in the sky? Causing some more pollution at exactly this very moment? Causing the suffering and horrendous death of countless animals?

Well, who knows, maybe some of you will remember this post. Maybe at their next party, when everyone is supposed to free a balloon into the blue sky. Maybe some of you will be courageous enough to speak up – in the name of our beautiful, but so vulnerable Mother Earth!







Am I ready?

Well, it was actually Patrik’s idea to write this post, he even had to persuade me – a little bit.

Many of you know that I’ve been rather busy for the last few months. Being creative and very much enjoying what I did, naturally.

What had started as sort of a playful attempt, suddenly became a more serious thing. My bracelets and necklaces were unexpectedly more and more popular amongst our friends and families. It didn’t take long and their friends and families also wanted to own a piece. Orders started to come in, with special color requests…..

It was such a big surprise for me and I was overwhelmed, about their interest in my jewellery. Not to mention my slowly growing success!

These days, my creations are displayed in a fashion boutique, a nearby tattoo studio and “our” Harley dealer! Isn’t that awesome?

Someone even suggested that I should participate in an exhibition, which will take place in December….It’s called “Koffermarkt” here, and apparently known as “trunk show” in the USA (that’s what Google says).

Well, that was a bit of a worrying idea and I needed to be pushed a little, at least to seriously think about it. I mean, was I good enough? Was I ready for this next (big) step?

But on the other hand, what could I loose? The exhibition is not a big one and only one day. Not even the costs are high.

And you know what? As fate would have it, my parents had an antique suitcase on their loft. An absolutely beautiful piece, in beige leather which looks like new! I guess that was me, running out of excuses, right?!

Anyway, meanwhile I signed up and bought some deco stuff in order to present my bracelets and necklaces in a suitable environment.

I reckon, the following weeks won’t be boring, as I’ll have enough to do with producing and building up a small stock.

And I must admit, since I decided to participate, I do look forward to this event. Who knows what the future has in store for me?

A few impressions, voilà!




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