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Good Bye 2019 – Hello 2020 !

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas with your families and beloved ones and that you’ve had a good start into the new year!

Patrik and I spent Christmas in Sweden, Helsingborg area, together with his family. Even his brother Stefan, who lives in Thailand since more that 30 years, was there!

Patrik’s nephew and godson works at the Clarion hotel in Helsingborg and arranged a De Luxe room for us – including the sparkling wine as a welcome present! Thanks again, Mathias, it was VERYYYY much appreciated!

The few days went by too quick and before we knew it, we were on the way home again…                                        At least this time we’d visited the local marina, despite of the chill!

Well, we did look forward coming home also. Not only to see Odin again, but our friend from Luxemburg, Pascale, was at our place – looking after the house and our furry ball. She spontaneously offered herself to drive to Switzerland, since she needed some time out anyway. A classic win-win situation indeed!

So the joy was big when we entered our house around six p.m., with loads of greetings and hugs!

The first evening we stayed at home, enjoying each others company with a glass (or two) of wine, just being happy!

On Friday Pascale and I travelled to Zurich. She wanted to meet an old friend and I accompanied her of course. Afterwards we had a drink in a bar and took the train home again. Patrik met us a t the train station in Frauenfeld and after we bought some groceries, drove home.

For dinner we cooked a tomato risotto, which turned out one of the best I’ve ever done so far! And so another cozy evening came to an end.

The next day, Pascale met another friend of us, who lives nearby and I did some laundry and vacuumed the house. For the evening I had booked a table at the local restaurant “Frohsinn”.

As usual, the food there was delicious and we enjoyed a lovely evening. After we’d paid, Pia who works there and the owners thought, it was a bit  too early for us to go go home yet, so we were offered “one for the road”. Well, of course it became two or three of “them” in the end and it was almost midnight, when Pascale, Patrik and I said our good byes and started to walk home (which didn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes).

The next day was already Sunday and Pascale had to drive home…. sadly! We wished she could stay over New Year, but she had to work on Monday, 30th December. Damn…!!

On Monday Patrik and I went grocery shopping for New Years Eve and the couple of days after, since the shops will be closed until the 03rd ofJanuary.

The last day of 2019 arrived and we started to send our best wishes via Whatsapp to our friends and families! We didn’t have plans to go somewhere or meet someone. Just a comfy evening home with only the three of us, cooking a fantastic dinner, see a film maybe and welcome the new year at midnight!

Nothing exciting really…… until five in the evening! Then my friend Sabine wrote that two hours ago one of her Argentinean Criollo horses (Chaco) had a terrible accident! Right now he was in surgery…. Oh my God, what a horrible gash!!

It apparently, happened when some idiots started firecrackers already in the afternoon and Chaco – panicking – got stuck in a tree, only God knows how…..

Right now we are still crossing our fingers for the poor boy and hope for the best! The wound still looks shocking, but he is in good hands at the animal hospital in Zurich and his worried owners visiting every day.

Once again I can only recommend strongly to everyone to resign firecrackers. It not only terribly scares many pets, but countless wild animals – sadly often to death!

Well, on Monday I’ll have to start working again, while Patrik still has a week off. He probably will drive to Loano, visiting Luna Azzurra! Appart of giving her a hug and wishing her a Happy New Year, he plans to do the engine service and an over all check-up. After that she will be ready for our next sailing adventure, which hopefully comes soon!

OK, now there is only left to wish you all the best for 2020 – good luck and most of all stay safe and sound!



Merry Christmas – Buon Natale – God Jul – Frohe Weihnachten !

Well, it’s time for a short brake – also for our website!

We would like to thank you all around the world, to those who subscribed to our Freja-theCAT site and to all of you, who are simply reading and/or commenting our stories!

Without you guys the motivation to do this would only be on half-mast!

Also, sincere thanks to our guests who rented Luna Azzurra this year. Thanks for the trust and the lovely comments and drawings in the guest book. On our last visit we enjoyed reading them!

Right now we are trying to figure out, how to rent her out again…. Due to organizational causes it’s not possible in the short run. But we do hope to be back again!

In the meantime, we send our best wishes to you and your loved ones and hope to see you again next year!

Diana, Patrik and Admiral Odin  =^.^=

These delicate china figurines are hand painted by my mum! Aren’t they adorable?


My trip to Siberia, Russia

As was mentioned a few weeks back I was planned in for a trip to Siberia, Russia.

 When telling people about this I received a few remarks, as for example:  It is cold!…. Gulag!…  Criminality!…Aeroflot!…Security!… etc.

I must admit I did not know what to expect myself. 

In my eyes cold it was as the temperature  was between -6°C and -17°C which in my opinion is cold. 

Gulag… Not where I was and Siberia is amazing big. 

Criminality! We were informed by our contact when arriving , this is something you can see in movies.

This was something which was correct  during the 90th but nowadays it is gone and no more criminals there as in most normal European cities. No danger to move around.

Then about Aeroflot who have not any good name floating around, everything claiming from bad old planes and we should not talk about bad service.

Here I must say, this is absolute not true at all. Modern planes and friendly staff exercising an excellent service.

I have nothing against airport security… But for the security on Russian airports I don’t know if I shall cry or laugh really.

From the airport entry doors at Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) and until you are through security as in most airports we had to pass four security scanning points. For us who stayed one night at Hotel Radisson Blue we had our first scan already leaving the hotel. From here we was able to walk 50 meter until the next scanning point. Then a new 10 meters before the check in counter! After this the normal security scan came straight after emigration which was smooth and quick.

When it came to people we meet I can only say that they have all been friendly and really nice to meet. It was as well interesting to talk about all kind of topics for example education, environment, politics etc. 

When it come to the job I was there for… Yeah it was really good prepared and went much more smooth then we have seen since long, we can just give 5 ⭐️ on that one. We could finish up before schedule as well.

As it looks next time I will travel to Russia seems to be in April and I must say I am looking forward to see everything in spring too.



Hi there!

How are you all? Preparing for Christmas? Survived the first crisis and near-nervous breakdown?

Well, I must say I’m one of the lucky cats, without my servants folks getting stressed out! The only thing they did was decorate the house a bit Christmas-isch, which looks not bad I must admit!

Recently I went around and took some pics:

Pretty, isn’t it? (Bloody love these stupid reindeers….haha)

The only thing what worries me a tiny bit is that my mum and dad want to spend a few days in Sweden during Christmas…. Well, they won’t dare leaving me here alone! Maybe this time I’ll even be allowed to accompany them? I imagine that would be really mouse-crazy exciting!

All right….I’ll wait and see what happens!

Take care and heaps of glitter-purring, unicon-like greetings to all of you =^.^=



It’s autumn, as we know.

One of the few good things at this time of the year is, that many winemaker open their doors and invite you to test their new wines!

Patrik and I usually visit the nearest ones, mostly because one has to get home again somehow… But also, their wines are convincing and we like to support the locals.

So last weekend we visited Juliana & Stefan Traber, at our neighbor village called Dietingen. Their wines became even more attractive since he changed the label a couple of years ago (it was unbelievably…..well, suboptimal…afore). Although, we didn’t have much time actually, we went for a quick visit to say hello and test a couple of wines. Yes, very tasty, so we bought a couple of boxes, plus a grappa. We met some other friends, but had to say good bye….. Next time, guys J

Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures of this happening, plus it was still daylight – not as cozy, as in the dark, with open fires and candles.

This weekend, our “neighbour” Hausammann, with their impressive winery, has open house.

Patrik and I decided to visit them on Friday evening. Firstly, the atmosphere is amazing in the dark, with its lights and the lovingly arranged Christmas decoration!


Secondly, Patrik has to travel to Siberia on Sunday morning and needs the Saturday to pack his cases and arrange a few things for his journey, into the freezing cold!

We very much enjoyed the evening, chatted to the Hausammann family, tasted their sparkling – and not sparkling – wines, accompanied by some cheese and fresh bread. Naturally, some friends also showed up.

We tried to capture the magic of the evening, voilà:

We wish you all a glistening and happy Advent Season!


A Secret “Boat Sitter” & A Culinary Highlight

The other day, Patrik has been contacted from Igor – the owner of the lovely “Osteria No 6” in Albenga .   This time it wasn’t only small talk or sharing recipes.

Yeah, Igor and Patrik keep a casual contact, joking with each other and sending pics with tasty meals to and fro.

We also know that he and Donatella – his wife – like to drive to Loano every now and then and pay a visit to our Luna Azzurra. Every time sending us a picture or two with some comments! It makes us happy of course, knowing that someone cares so much about our baby.

This time Igor informed us, that he drove there after a bad weather period, with rain and strong winds. And luckily he did so, because he wrote that the cover of the plotter had flown away and was lying close to the waters edge.

He also tightened the ropes, since Luna Azzurra had a bit too much of freedom to move around…                         It actually crossed my mind when I saw the webcam pictures,  just a day or two earlier.

Well, of course Patrik thanked him and we both agree, that we are very lucky having Igor and Donatella being so attached to the boat. Even driving there sometimes and look after her – we must say, we are very touched about it!

So, Igor and Donatella, a big GRAZIE MILLE to both of you! Next time we meet we’ll make it up to you guys, promise!

Until then, I’m sure there will be a few more recipes shared and one or two more jokes told!

It feels incredibly good to have friends like this!

Igor’s “Osteria No 6” in Albenga is well and truly recommended! Not only his cooking skills is worth a visit, but also the cozy ambience! You’ll find him under:



Patrik and I have been searching and searching……..sadly, we found none!

I talk about ideas for this weeks post. Amazingly, we simply couldn’t come up with a good idea – one, worth writing about (better nothing than some crappy yaaaaawn – story)!

Might be the early winter blues….who knows?!

So, sorry folks, no report this time! But we do wish you a wonderful and comfy weekend – I’ll be busy doing my Italian homework. What fun have you planned?

Ciao a tutti e a prossima settimana,



Stop the Bloodbath