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Nov 12 2017

We’re home again!

Our week in Malta is already over….can you believe it?!

We had a blast, exploring and discovering the island yet again! Combined with excellent food, an amazing B&B and better weather than expected!

Yesterday evening, around six p.m. we came home, greeted by our darling Odin. The temps were around eight degrees C and raining – what a “warm” welcome!

Today we’ll begin to sort out the photos and start writing the text for the following post(s)!

Like to see some impressions? Here you go:



Sep 30 2017

Anchoring at Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

Then we reached our last anchor spot. 😭… We headed for Cala di Volpe which is host for all the famous🍾🥂.

Even Lady Diana the late Princess has been at this spot. We figured that if it is good enough for a Lady why not for us.

It was a wonderful spot for an evening and night at anchor, even if it was quite windy when arriving late afternoon but it became perfect later.



May 19 2017

So Long…


Finally we are leaving Switzerland, ready for our long drive to Livorno!

Already yesterday we started loading our car and this morning the last couple of items were added, like water bottles and some fruits.

Ten o’clock tonight the ferry will leave the port towards Sardinia, hopefully with us on board….

At 06.30h tomorrow morning we will arrive in Olbia, preferably after a good nights rest and some sunshine 🌞

Then, we will have the whole day for us, to have a look around. Which is nice, as we won’t be able to explore the island itself later on. The last grocery shopping will also be done, I guess. Around five, we hope, the boat will be ready for us.

So, our next post will be in about two weeks, filled with exciting stuff, like photo’s, movies and surely a lot to tell you!

We wish you all a great time and fair winds to us! Take care and so long…..


Jan 02 2017

We wish you all a healthy, happy and successful 2017

We wish you all a healthy, happy and successful 2017.

For New Years eve we where invited for dinner together with friends. In Canton Bern which is about one and a half hour drive from our place.

We had a really funny afternoon and evening together with good wines and wonderful food.

Apr 20 2016

Our visit in La Grande Motte, International Multihull Boat Show

We should make a video including some pictures. This to show you a little of our visit at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte.

Unfortunately the camera we brought with us did not perform as we wished. We had to use the iPhone to be able to show you at least something.

That’s why the quality of the video isn’t the best. Never mind, at least you get a few impressions of our short time in La Grande Motte, France.

We hope you will enjoy it anyway – we did for sure!

Apr 11 2016

Sunday walk among the wine yards

It was a wonderful Sunday yesterday for a walk among the wine yards. When friends of us asked if we would like to come along for a walk we could not resist.

The temperature was 18°C so more or less perfect – not to warm and not to cold.

Here are a few pictures how it looks like in the area we live (almost like Tuscany, Italy).

On our walk we stopped at a really nice little restaurant for lunch and some good wine.

View over the area where we live. View over the area where we live Wineyard @ home Wineyard @ home The two of us

Jan 11 2016

International Multihull Boat Show

We have planed in to visit the International Multihull Boat Show In La Grande Motte, France. The exhibition will take place between 15-17 April 2016.

It is a drive of over 700 km. We have booked our self in for two nights at a hotel close to the exhibition.

We hope to meet a lot of interesting people. As well to see beautiful sailing catamarans.