Christmas Update

It’s Sunday, 26th December and we are – ta-daaaaaaaa – in Loano, visiting Luna Azzurra!

Since there were endless changes and updates about the new omicron-corona rules, particularly how to get home again, we weren’t sure if the trip would be possible. Well, without too much hassle that is.

So, it wasn’t until last Monday, that we definitely decided we would drive to Italy! After we booked a time for a corona test on Friday afternoon, everything was settled.

Anyway, we hope you had beautiful and pleasant Christmas days so far! Also, that you were able to forget a little about the worries in the world and enjoy the company of your loved ones   🎄💕

We went to my brother André on the 24th and celebrated Christmas together with our parents, his two daughters and his partner Nadia. It was a lovely time and it got later than actually planned. But so what!

Yesterday Patrik and I left our home around 09.30 and after a smooth journey arrived in Loano just before four. Then we unpacked and got settled in on our boat.


Of course, we had to put up some Xmas lights too – inside and outside 🌟 Doesn’t it look cosy?

We also brought some food with us, so we won’t have to go shopping until tomorrow or Tuesday. And we still have some longlife food stuff on board from last time.

However, first thing tomorrow we want to remove the bench in the salon and start installing the new cupboard, which we brought with us. I can hardly wait to see how it’ll look like – yes, I’m very excited indeed. Even more so to arrange the galley new!

If the weather is with us, we also want to turn Luna Azzurra around, so I can finally start to remove the ugly gold-strip on her portside. Well, it looks rather dirty nowadays, than golden. The hot air gun is ready, so let’s do it 😊


What else? Patrik wants to install the new radar *yeah*, plus the new LED navigation lights.

Once again, our “to-do list” is quite long again and we hope we’ll have some time off too, to just enjoy ourselves and/or go for a walk or two.

After celebrating New Year’s Eve on board, we’ll leave Loano on Saturday (hopefully without a hangover) and head towards Switzerland. But slowly, because….


…. we’ve booked a room for one night at the Hotel Repubblica Di Oz Rooms in Varese. It’s a very odd- looking hotel and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea! I love it, and in my opinion, it actually looks more like a museum than a place to spend the night. But let’s see, I clearly look forward to it!

We’re not sure if there will be a post next weekend. Depends a little how much time we have this week to write about something of interest. We’ll do our best, though 😉

But we certainly hope, you guys will have a great New Year’s Eve and that you arrive safe and sound in 2022!



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