Finished up in Tucson

When I am writing this post I am back home again after my work trip to Tucson, Arizona.

We have had a good stay and the work went really good even better than expected. We did not think we would find a solution when we visit this power plant. More that we would collect data which could be analysed when home again.

But when we did all the measurements we decided to test a thing or two. which those tests we managed to solve the problem.  At least for now. Some modifications will need to be done to make everything better but with the work around we did it made a huge difference.

So we can say the trip paid itself off and was worth it.

We had one more Sunday off in Tucson. This became more of a cleaning day. After the cleaning was done a lazy day at the pool looking at hummingbirds and in from of the television looking at movies on Netflix.

The trip home could be changed as we where more or less finished so instead of travel home on the 2nd of December we could rebook for the 26th of November.

This time there was much more people travelling which surprised me. After all warnings which was told on all the news in USA. Stay home during Thanksgiving weekend. This to avoid spreading the corona virus. Seems like many did not care at all.

There was still was less people on the airports than during normal times. The flights was quite full though. Specially the short distance flight between Tucson – San Francisco and between Frankfurt – Zurich.

I did arrive good in Zurich late Friday afternoon and took the train from the Zurich airport to Frauenfeld. The train was empty at least so no problem finding a seat as it is normally.

Saturday it was a lazy day. Only to hang up all Christmas lights etc. after that only enjoying the time and a good diner which Diana prepared. After this watching a film or two before bed.

I wish you all a good 1st of advent. Cheers 🍻

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