Aug 26 2017

Good Bye, Martens…..

Dear Furriends -hairy or not!

Some of you might remember my story about the house intruders, a few months ago…..In fact, very sweet and adorable looking creatures, even I have to admit that! Unfortunately, not sooo sweet, when it comes to a marten-house-collision.

This spring/summer we’ve had a beech marten family under our roof, therefore, it was impossible to “shoo” them away. I mean, imagine, if the mum had been scared away…what about her babies? It would have been fatal for them…therefore, clearly no option for us!

So my mum and dad decided to wait and see, until the youngsters would be old enough to move out, together with their mum, ideally!

And – ta-daaa – exactly THAT had happened almost two months ago. We even saw the “teens” playing in our and our neighbours garden a few times – two of them, as far as we know. Chasing each other and going absolutely berserk! I wish I had a movie, or at least pictures, I could show you! Absolutely priceless!

Anyhow, last week two roofers came to our house, in order to value the (possible) damage, fix it and – most importantly – prevent such an intrusion for good!

Luckily, the damage was not as bad as we thought and around lunchtime the workers had completed their task!

They also took pictures from inside and the work they have done. Of course, I could have been up there and supervise them, but to my annoyance I wasn’t allowed on the roof…..themselves to blame!

My mum is now waiting for the pictures, which she will send further to our insurance company. Let’s see if we’ll get some money from them….

Anyway, the roof has been fixed and should be “marten safe” now….erm, unless they’ll find a new entrance….

Of course, we wish the martens a long and healthy life – preferably in the nearby woods!

Fingers are crossed, for them and for us!











    • Sigrid on August 26, 2017 at 1:29 pm
    • Reply

    😬 Ja det hoppas vi med att ni slipper de rara djuren på er vind!

    Vår djurskrämma har vi satt i vårt garage, alltid skämmer de väl iväg en och annan mus eller råtta “Örk” 🤔

    Ni får ha det så bra med resten av sommaren och hösten.

    Hälsar Sigrid & Jörgen 😍

    1. Tack, ni två! Antagligen kommer hösten på Torsdag….. Hoppas bara på besök!
      Kramar och purr =^.^=

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