Happy Day !

Thursday was a holiday this week, therefore, Patrik and I took Friday off as well.

The whole week the weather did what it was supposed to do at this time of the year: Shine and be warm!

Well, until Saturday afternoon at least, then it changed to rain and the temperatures dropped below 20 deg. C. So today we have a mix with clouds, sunshine and rain. Tomorrow should be better again according to the forecast.

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon Patrik and I visited my parents! They invited us for pizza to say thank you, as we did some grocery shopping for them a while ago.

Meanwhile they do their shopping by themselves again, with the necessary caution of course.

It was so fantastic to see them finally again, in spite of keeping the recommended distance…. that felt a bit strange indeed, without hugs and kisses (we are a very emotional family 😉). But we were more than happy to see each other and to see that they are safe and sound!

Always busy with their bees – at this time of the year especially, their house and gardens (my mums flowers and my dads veggies, fruit trees and berries).

As usual, when you have a good time, time flew by! We had a lot to talk about and catch up with things, and it became clear that a phone call (however long) does not replace a personal visit!

The homemade pizza was superb, as usual, as was the wine, and coffee and desert later! Thanks again Mum and Dad, it was wonderful to see you again 😊. Next time it will be at our place!

By the way, as you probably guessed, Patrik and I cannot travel to Loano next week…… The borders between Switzerland and Italy are still closed. Understandable of course, but nevertheless a little disappointing….

My parents would have driven to Loano as well and we would have met and enjoyed a few days together…. Well, we postponed it and hope we can make it up sometime during the summer!

We wish you all a great weekend – take care and stay healthy!

PS: Regrettably we forgot to take more pics….for example at the beginning with champagne and aperitif. We were too excited, I guess….



    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on May 23, 2020 at 11:45 am
    • Reply

    Hej på er❤️
    Det kan jag förstå att det var härligt att träffas igen! Så roligt att se er alla.

    Ni får ha det så gott. 🌸
    Kramar från ❤️

    Sigrid och Jörgen

    1. Hej på er! Det var verkligen en underbar eftermiddag/kväll 🙂

      Puss & kramar 😘

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