Home again and a first round trip

Finally my motorbike is home again.

I picked up my bike Thursday evening from the winter storage where I had my bike. When picking up the bike we meet our friends who have had the bike store there as well and had a beer/wine together.

They have now closed down their shop. They received a good opportunity to take care of of a new open Harley dealers workshop not that faraway. This is off course sad but we understand them and wish them all the best. We will keep them as our bike service contact as we know you can trust them for 100%.

Yesterday I had my first round trip for a few hours. It was a wonderful ride with perfect weather (24°C) and I enjoyed it really much. I drove  around lake Constants and inland from there a little through some small villages and  country streets. In the end I made approx. 120km in a relaxing way with a few stops to stretch my legs and enjoy the nature.

When Diana came home we went and picked up our Volvo which been at the garage where they put on new summer tires.

When home again we had a apero with a nice Crémant before preparing our dinner which was new asparagus which I bought at a farmer close by when I had a short walk in the morning.

Diana and I tested to steam the asparagus  in our new combined oven/steamer for the first time.

There is a automatic program for steaming them, so it was quite easy. Just put the asparagus in the oven and start the program… and voila after 15 minutes they where finished and all of them al dente. Diana made to this a vinaigrette which fitted perfect. We hade a nice red wine from Piemonte to this wonderful dinner.

This made the day perfect.




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    • Sigrid Ingeborg Starck on April 25, 2020 at 12:18 pm
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    Hallå förstår att du njöt av utflykten på motorcykeln. Sparrisen ser gott ut!

    Ni får ha en fin week end.
    Kramar ❤️ 🥂🍾

    Mamma och Pappa

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