How is Kelly doing?

Some of you are maybe wondering, if I’m still horseback riding.

Well, sadly not anymore! But I’m glad it has a happy reason behind it. Kelly, the Welsh pony, which I was riding was rightfully retired in 2018!

Even though she was still in top form for her 26 (!) years, she’s born 29th August 1992, her owner, Sabine, detected “carpal arthrosis”. This handicap couldn’t be ignored and she decided that Kelly couldn’t be ridden anymore.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough grazing land available, so the next best solution was to move Kelly to the famous horse sanctuary LE ROSELET.

This is a beautiful institution, founded 1958, and lies in the beautiful wilderness of western Switzerland. During the years, the foundation has grown to three farms “Le Roselet”, “Maison Rouge” and “Le Jeanbrenin”. All have the purpose to give retired and elderly horses, ponies and donkeys a dignified evening of life. Very touching!

And boy, it’s paradise on earth for these animals!

Please visit their website . They survive through donation mostly. One can also visit the animals, there are restaurants, happenings, exhibitions and organized guided tours through the stables. Or you just take a stroll through the flocks, which are grazing outside on the (nearly) endless meadows!

So, even though I miss Kelly and the rides together with her, Sabine, her other horse “Yapeyú”, I’m delighted that she could be relocated to “Le Roselet”. She’ll have the best care there!

Dear Kelly, I want to thank you for the wonderful hours with you and I wish you loads and loads of happy and healthy years to come! You certainly left a hefty mark in my heart ♥


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