Howdy Cowboy

As you might have noticed our weekly post is a little delayed. The reason is that I should do this post and not Diana.

We thought it could be a good post this week because I am right now on a business trip in Nebraska but I’m living in Missouri. So the idea was that it should be a post with a lot of pictures.

The reason for the delay and not a proper finished post I blame on today’s internet security.

Anyhow I will add a few picture here below and when I am back home i will fill it out with some more information about my trip.


The thing was that my trip to USA was to start up a little power plant. One 1 engine so all in all an easy task….. and it was.

What I could see was that this power plant is like an working museum with 8 more engines which have been installed between 1930 untit 1972… the amazing thing is that they use these engines even today as a backup power plant.

Impressive and fantastic is all that I can say.

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