Dec 16 2017

Ink Work in progress

On Tuesday afternoon I had my first session with Lorenz, from “Good Stuff Tattoo”.

The first few moments I was struggling a bit, trying to calm down and let Lorenz do his work. But soon it went quite smoothly, me having found the proper breath control and being as comfortable as possible and Lorenz finding his pace of work.

So, two breaks and three and a half hours later, this is the result.

According to Lorenz he got further than he thought. The aim was to complete all the outlines and the most important pattern. Now, he was even able to start some of the delicate work.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do with many fine lines and shadows, but I feel very confident! Of course, most of all do I look forward to the result!


Our next session is already set, on January 23rd 2018 we’ll meet again. *ouch*

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