Interview with a Virus

Although we all have more than enough of this virus, I thought of doing something different and did an imaginary interview with COVID-19.

This is what came out:

D: Good afternoon and thank you for your time. What should I call you, COVID-19 or CORONA?

C: My pleasure! Well, I simply prefer COVID, otherwise you get the impression that I could be a yellowish drink, in which you might even stuff a slice of lime….*shudder*

D: …. um… but that really exists….

C: Oh really…? Well, anyway, I’m not a drink.

D: Indeed, we have all noticed that much by now. And you are not exactly pretty either. How did you get that look?

C: Ehh… Hello?! Excuse me!

D: Anyway, back to our interview: Where do you come from? Are you even from this earth?

C: I definitely am. But to be honest, I don’t know exactly how I came into being. *plop* and here I was and did not know exactly what I should do now….

So, I just bumped around for a while and had a look at the nearer surroundings. Finally I decided to explore your whole planet.

D: You’ve done quite a lot of mischief, and in a very short time….

C: Well, that was an unfortunate side effect…no idea what happened there.

However, in my wildest dreams I could not imagine how fast I would travel! Swish, and off we went!!! Unbelievable, in just a few months I already made my way around the world several times and experienced a lot!

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all!

D: Why thank us? What do you mean?

C: I soon found out that in order to travel I need you people.

Well, and look how many of you there are and at what pace you guys travel around the world. It was child’s play for me to get around in the shortest possible time.

To explore, visit the most remote places and of course get to know you people. You have really made it very easy for me! *chuckle*

D: I am speechless…. Are you saying that we are ourselves to blame for the current situation?

C: I leave this question open. Besides, I have no answer anyway, sorry!

D: And how much longer are you planning to stay?

C: Frankly, I’m getting slightly bored here…. *yawn*

At least your imaginative ideas about how you could protect yourself used to amuse me. Or the more or less original masks you put on. But now…. Oh, I don’t know…

D: Then we can only hope that your boredom will soon be unbearable!

C: Haha, well, how do you say it? Hope dies last….

D: And fortunately we still have plenty of that! In spite of everything I thank you for this interview. Hopefully it was the last one!

C: Good for you guys, and you’re welcome, you’re welcome!

Right, now I’m going to test this yellowish drink with the lime slice… Where did you say one could get something like that……………..?



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