Meet Bailey

I found a new friend! Bailey from Rome, Italy made an interview with me and it was so much fun!


He and his mum and dad own a boat (actually two, to be correct) and he even has his own website, where he tells his stories and adventures, accompanied by a lot of lovely and funny pictures! He’s so gorgeous 🙂 . There you’ll also find out, that he even wrote a book a while ago!

He also has a baby sister, April Blue, who is a sweet Border Collie puppy and still has to learn a lot about sailing and, apparently, that water is not dangerous. So Bailey is quite busy teaching her about life (on board) and writing his stories in between!

Please meet him and his family on: and enjoy his adventures! There you’ll also find the interview 

Trying to relax in my waterbed

You might also want to check out his mums blog, which is:

Wish you all a great time!


  1. Thank you so much Odin! It was such a purrleasure to interview you! Bisous, Bailey

    1. Well, the pleasure was on our side, Bailey!
      Take care and don’t get wet paws,
      Bisous, Odin

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