My Lovely Lively Garden

Hi Furiends! The other day I took my dad’s camera and strolled through my beautiful garden!

Amazing, how little time it took to grow all these flowers and make our neighbours disappear behind the branches and tons of leaves! Look:

It also makes me disappear perfectly when I’m out hunting observing mice and birds! What an interesting and relaxing pastime……*oooops*

My dad helped me to produce this short movie about these little buggers………. Unfortunately Luckily their feeding station is high up, otherwise they would be in danger to get eaten by some evil cat!

Another save-bird-spot is on our balcony. My mum even bought them a swimming pool recently…. I wonder why, though. Don’t they have this beautiful fountain sitting in our garden already? And it’s nice and low for me to comfortably…..erm…. watch them.

Anyway, my dad finally ordered a proper fly protection for me. It’s such a hassle, when I try to sleep in the winter garden and flies are buzzing around my face! Bloody annoying!

So, it look it’s even prettier than I thought it would – I’m very pleased 😊

Well, otherwise not much changed, my dad still works from home and my mum leaves the house every morning, as usual.


Ah no, wait! The weather changed – a lot! Since last weekend the temperatures dropped to nearly zero degrees (on Tuesday) and some parts of Switzerland even got a little snow! It’s the so called “Frost Saints”, who visited us. Here is what I ‘ve found on LEO:

In France, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Europe: according to popular belief a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost falling on the feast days of certain saints thus jointly nicknamed ‘Frost Saints’ or ‘Ice Saints’.

These Saints appear every year, between 11th and 15th May and are called: Mamertus, Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius and Cold Sophie (I wonder what they look like and if they melt in the summer *haha*…..).

We also got a lot of rain this week, but that’s apparently good for the nature, so I heard.

However, it’s bad for me and my fur….

OK, that’s me for this week. I certainly look forward to sunshine and higher temperatures!

Purrs and greeting     =^.^=


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